Gomen, minna.

… Just wanted to say that — as someone else started translating this — I’m gonna stop for now. His … style, as well as language arts; they wouldn’t be considered the finest. To be honest, I’ve noticed that I probably view myself as superior, but being deattached to my feelings … is part of my personality as well.

Here you go: RIP — btw I think this name kinda fits the mood. If it comes down to it, I’ll probably just stop, stop reading KnW, stop sharing it, stop blogging. It has been a fun time, but as I’m not able to deliver two per week anymore — HA! I won’t even manage 2 a month! — and as one thing after the other shows up — you know, my tomcat nearly died the other day, because he got in between a fight of two dogs of mine; Caused by the one being in heat and nearly mating, whilst the other being the “head wife” — and studies … you know. I’ll still answer questions and (interesting) comments, but.

Kay, but as I’m further than newbie — A N00b calls someone newb, lewd.

As I am further, you can have it. Also, Check the right upper corner of this site. Right, the progress. Do yourself a favor and make XCrossJ take over. Do me a favor. Do it.

Or just … leave it be. You know, I’m beginning to ‘not care about it’ — and that’s the beginning. Of the end, that is.

But how do they say — every ending is a beginning, every closed door opens a new.

Ahh, I said you can have it. The (unfinished) chapter 191, that is. It’s my farewell present, at least for now, and it is like me: imperfect. Uncompleted. Doesn’t matter. I’m just a little dark right now. Don’t worry, I’m still privileged, ain’t I …

Here you go.

See you around.

It’s a shame, isn’t it? I thought I’d manage at least until the next arc, or at least until 200, or … at least. Just soooo like me, leaving in the middle … not even the final part is complete.

Merry Christmas ^-^

So, officially now. Just wanted to say that chapter 190 is done — for everyone who didn’t notice, because I have the faint feeling that you don’t get a message when I add a new page, only when I post.

On a side note; My grandparents are gonna visit us today, and I really hope some of my problems (i.e. monetary ones) are gone after their visit. As I successfully completed that scientific report as well that would leave me with just one problem left: final exams. They begin in 22 days ^-^

But between learning and being tested I’m gonna find some time for translating. At least that’s what I hope …

And as I have holidays right now I’ll probably evade anything that even faintly smells of “duty” anyways, so there might be some time on hand even though I really should learn my phrases for that theater play that’s gonna be marked the day after holidays end, or revise my old physic folder in order to manage well in that exam I have just in the second week of January … welp.

It’s not like I’m lazy. Not at all … I’m worse.

“I am alive” – post

Ah, I did it. Started translating again, that is. At least some of my troubles are done for now, and I even tidied up my room (took me three damn days!), and my internet is too bad to play Monster Hunter Online, and I’ve lost the track of my progress with Witcher 3 — probably natural, after that forced break — So I stopped procrastinating and just started again.

And I noticed that I had a few questions when I stopped translating … phrases marked in red, things I was unsure about. So I decided it was about time for me to start blogging again.

So, let’s get things done chronologically.

First thing marked with red is the word “Avorus”. It is supposedly the name of Eveam’s brother, the previos Maou. I think I was unsure whether the others translated it this way or another.

Oh, and by the way. I’ve been using “Maou” instead of “Demon Lord/King” — just a personal preference, but I never knew whether you guys liked it this way rather the other as well or not. I think it’s more precise than any title given in english, but … what do I know …

Kay, next thing is 《爆熱転化》 … it should be one of Leowald’s skills. I’m unfamiliar with his Status right now, and even though I’d have a translation of my own, I’m quite sure it should’ve been translated already previously. I think his Status was first displayed when the Humas king was still alive and Hiiro teleported to the conference in midst of the war? The skill’s name should be something alonge the lines of “temperature burst conversion”.

Ah, talking of conversion. Or was it inversion? That’s the problem. I just can’t get around those two words; what’s the difference? I’m afraid I used them quite interchangable previously.

The next question is something for those who undestand a bit of japanese. There is a thing called すいぎょうしゅ — supposedly it is something like a water orb of some sort. It is written as “Water Orb”, but spoken as above. I could just leave it as Water Orb, but I wanna know what it should mean nevertheless.

Speaking of special readings. I decided I’d try to do the same as Guro when he translates Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken. So from now on I’m trying to give you both the written and the spoken version of special words or phrases.

And my last question is just alike. Matter of concern is that sword Marione summoned in the first round. It’s name is supposed to be イルヤドゥール (“illuyadouur”?). I think that should be an english name, but I just can’t get around it. Translating japanese english has always been hard for me, but that one is particularly grotty.

Oh, and is the sword supposed to be  a “Spirit Blade” or the like? I can’t remember that particularly phrase … need it, though.


What a load of questions, huh? Now, if you’d kindly answer at least some of them … thanks :3

I’m done with RL

I’d like to quit it. Real life, not the series. I’d wanna be an AI or some sort of transcendental internet being … that would be great.

Slowing down a little bit.

First, I’m sorry that I’m that late. I absolutely didn’t anticipate that, but I obviously have (quite some) reasons.

I meantioned in some previous post that my father earns more than average. Well, my mother misuses most of it, so we are in constant need of money nevertheless, but we manage.

Correct that, we managed.

Got a letter from some state office — they claim we didn’t pay enough taxes, an therefore want some 4000 more: 2000 for last year, 2000 for this year. The sooner, the better. And we have to pay first, even if they are wrong; in that case we’ll get the money back later. But we have to pay.

Our house is owned by the bank, and we’re paying it by installments, and we’ve missed to pay the second one in succession now. If we fail to pay the 520, our house is gonna be sold.

Oh, and it may sound like small fry in face of those, but my boss also didn’t pay me yet and I am unable to pay those 900 for my PC right now.

Oh, and then there’s Christmas. Did I tell you about the circumstances of musicians during Christmas time? I’m sure I did.

And I still have to write that scientific report stuff — those 40 pages, remember? 22 days left. And it needs to be printed – trice. So I can’t just start writing in 21 days, and guess who’s paying for printing them …

I started translating chapter 190, and soon after our internet provider cut the connection. Only access possibility left to me: phone. It broke.

And just in that moment I somehow lost half of 189. No problem, normally, but: I couldn’t use the uploaded version and I needed it for reference.

Furthermore, I completely lost interest into KnW for a time; gotta be honest here. I even thought about skipping the next few chapters until it gets (more or less) interesting again, just giving you the gist of the skipped chapters.

Can’t really do that, can I? My mentality doesn’t allow it, even if the majority of you were OK with it.

But I started translating again. Just today … Bear with me. Or rather: if you don’t, you’ll surely learn that karma is a bitch.

I kinda forgot to tell you –

— mainly because I forgot about it myself until I actually had to move —

I kinda forgot to mention that my whole family, except me, was abroad between last friday and today.

I didn’t sleep at home in that time. To be exact, I just arrived at home after ages and well … Naturally, my PC was left at home, while I took my laptop with me. That old thing that caused me to buy this PC.

First day: My laptop breaks. Yeay!

I kinda had no internet at all in those days. Well except for my phone … which is even older than that laptop.

Really, it’s too old to have a colored display.

Anyways, even if I had internet it’s not like I’d have had the time to translate. Christmas is drawing near (lol.) and it’s the big time of concerts. If you’ve never been in any band or choir or orchestra, you probably wouldn’t know, but —

— advent time is hell. Well, my schedule is actually better than my sister’s this year ’round — she has 10 planned events in the next 4 weeks — but still, practice is a need. Stood on stage yesterday.

Welp, how can I help it? It’s been a part of my life for 14 years now. Playing the violin, that is. I wouldn’t really call it one of my main hobbies, nor is it due to my parents being rich — lol, they aren’t — but … well, it’s kinda a long story.

Doesn’t really matter. I’m back home now, have finally got my internet back, and can finally start translating again. Duh, it’s not like my rate dropped due to that anyways. You got your chapter last week, after all.

And my rate is: one or two per week. Wait, did you really just get one last week? Welp, time flies like an arrow. And I’ve never been good when it comes down to remembering trivial stuff.

There’s a reason I call myself an airhead, after all. Whoops, shouldn’t use that anymore. The meaning changed, after all … wait, it didn’t. I just thought (and still think, sometimes) that it was slightly different.

But the fault lies not just with me, but also with anime. I don’t really want to blame my fellow translators — would never even think about it — but … it gave me the wrong impression.

Take Sheele from Akame ga kill for example. Well, I’m slightly better than her, as her condition is close to autism, while I was told mine was similar to ADD (that’s ADHD without the “H” XD), but that doesn’t matter.

She might be … easily distracted and therefore sometimes seems to be clumsy, but she isn’t stupid, is she?

Kay, maybe not the best example. Welp, gonna give up explaining it, just one last word: I don’t really believe in that doctor’s words who told me I had ADD. I mean, seriously …

Never mind. My point was that I might forget what I actually wanted to say, and I’m not that good at remembering boring stuff (such as a person’s name or that I actually even know them), but … but … wait, what did I …?

Aww, forget it already. I’m gonna enjoy my computer’s presence now, and afterwards I’m gonna start translating, at last. Did take me some time, huh?

Damnit, WordPress.

I was done with Chapter 189 1 hour ago. But the character templates … my preformatted setting was useless. Seems like the WordPress editor doesn’t accept Tabulator-done formatting …

Well, I’m done now at any rate. Also, after that formatting war and the 1000 handwritten words for that philosophy test today, my hands hurt as if I did … dunno. They hurt.

Welp, that doesn’t matter. Back to the topic.

Thanks to everyone who answered my questions about MKNR, you really helped me. I could’ve asked google, but I was too lazy.

Well, I’m gonna be reading now. Enjoying my evening. So, enjoy yours as well ^_^

ourgh, I’m done for.

Well, I didn’t really sleep much this weekend. Matter of my nature. Even more as I had a visitor. Then: 5 hours between sunday and monday, and zero hours between monday and today.

Well, that’s a lie. I did sleep in school, and I slept after returning home, but I went up at 8pm, so it’s kinda useless …

But I felt the urge to start translating now – don’t wanna procrastinate it. Any more, that is.

Soooo I prepared some energy drinks and sweets and a cola – you only live once, after all – and gonna start now :3

Meanwhile, in those sleepless hours, I’ve read the 9th and 10th volume of Rettousei, and my Witcher is now lvl 15. Still have to find the baron’s wife and stuff – in other words, it’s only starting – but I’m advancing.

Speaking of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – does anyone know of translation beyond the 14th volume? I’ve got the impression that the novel continues far further, but there was something with legality and stuff … didn’t really gather information though, so I might suffer from misconception?

And yes, that sentence isn’t really supposed to end with an exclamation mark. You know where I got my influences.

Anyways, if I’m dead by tomorrow because too much of … everything – welp, some things can’t be helped, can they? You’ll need another translator.

Probably won’t die from that much though. I just have to dispose of my health once in a while. Well, what “health” in the first place?

That philosophy test tomorrow’s gonna be hard that way, I guess. Well, if I don’t rise the level of difficulty, I might just snore off. So maybe it’s better that way …

Well, speaking of “you’ll have to find another translator”. I’ve been thinking – just crossed my mind today, as I pondered why I feel that obliged even though I’m that lazy normally – the further I read ahead, the harder it gets to stop.

If I’d stop I had to wait for regular translations after all. No way, they are so far beyond … welp. Not blaming anyone, just pointing out that I won’t be able to stop at some point ‘cuz stopping would cause some serios back-lash effect. On my mind, that is.

On the other hand, joining the main branch also gets harder. Because I’d have to redo what I already did … and with every additional chapter the load of work I’d get increases. Nope, not gonna happen.

At this point I’d also like to say – in case it wasn’t as obvious as I thought – I’m publishing under no license nor copyright whatsoever. Everyone is free to take my work and use it.

That being said, I hereby invite anyone to take my work to improve their own speed. (Cough.) References help, don’t they? Well, there’s the thing about pride – I’m not the one to talk in that regard – but there is a fine difference between doing everything yourself and not taking advantages of other’s work. Just sayin’.

Well, the first magical potion (aka Energy drink) is empty by now, so I might as well stop writing a blog post …

Weekend’s gone … kinda.

Well, I mentioned that a friend of mine was visiting this weekend, and he actually just left now – Sunday, 8pm – so, as it was kinda not predicted that he’d stay that long I ended up spending all my weekend with real life.

Damn, I’m showing withdrawal symptoms. No Anime, No Internet (well, most of the time that is), No Games, No Rettousei Volumes and No Translating.

Good thing is: My thumb is actually better now, so I can type normally again.

I just kinda wanted to drop that my weekend was shorter than I’d have thought on friday, and as it was filled with RL I don’t even have anything new to blog about.

So I decided to proclaim something again. Yep, again. Anyone who lurks for a while already can stop reading now, I’ve already said this multiple times.

But as my watcher count went up again – seemingly Blazer linked me? (Thanks, I guess?) – there are probably some of you who don’t know it anyway.

Even though I’m linked on several pages – Blazer, Baka-tsuki, Novelupdates, WLNupdates, Reddit – I’m actually not an official translator of this series. My occupation is reading ahead, my skills are inferior. So even though I’ve got some fame now (I guess?), this isn’t the “real shit” – if you know what I mean.

Nevertheless, I don’t mind being linked. It increases my views. I don’t particularly care. But that indirectly increases the amount of comments. I don’t particularly care.

However, that directly increases the amount of interesting comments as well – and those I like. They entertain me, and my life is centered around my entertainment.

Done talking now. There is no particular intention, just wanted to say it. Again.