Just a short update on my progress so far –

— being quite near to zero, sorry. Those last two days were difficult for me, school issues and again not sleeping at all – that’s why. I wanted to say this some hours ago, and now it is already 9pm. I came home from school after 4:30pm and fell asleep instantly. Well, going back to sleep now.

Next chapter release: probably Friday. You’ll hear from me ^-^

I hate mondays.

~random Garfield quote. Really random, as there is actually nothing t complain about.
I just wanted to tell you 2 things: 182 progress is at 96%, and I’m gonna get some sleep now. I’ve constantly been awake for almost 30 hours now ………. I guess you understand my reasoning.

But I’m kinda proud of myself, doing 86% of that chapter today ……. whilst watching 4 or 5 hours of YouTube videos and reading some stuff. Told’ya, my YT subscriptions are evil.

Gotta take a nap. Nighty~

Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! …

……… so, a few thoughts on that Web novel, as I’ve been repeatedly asked if I’d want to translate it. I’ve answered the question seperately already, but I’ll say it again: I don’t plan on doing so for now, but I’ve considered it, and maybe I’ll do it later on. First off, someone posted a link to chapter 25 that I’d want to share with you, as the web site seems to be quite unknown among the fans of the series.

Thanks to Sora Translations for bringing us chapter 25 of Isekai Mahou. Well, as far as I’ve seen he seems to be at least as unexperienced as I am (even if he shows it far more easily), so you’ll have to decide wether to trust him or not yourself.
Leaving that aside, it’s also not the whole chapter yet, but rather 60% of it. He seems to have split it up into parts, as I did with one of the longer chapters of KnW.

As of now I have my own hands full with KnW, so I’d want to dodge having to translate two WNs at the same time. That’s why I won’t either collab nor read ahead at own accord in regard to Isekai Mahou as for now, instead waiting for him to release his updates.

Well, waiting patiently is kinda out of character for me, so as time passes I might actually casually drop the series at some point. That would be a shame, but inevitable. After all, I hate waiting, and if I refuse decreasing the amount of waiting time myself, it’s best to forget it.

So once the time has come for me to take on something different than KnW – be it because I decided that I went ahead enough or be it because Rainbow translations picked up the pace again – you are free to remind me of this series.

That being said, I don’t think I’ll drop KnW that soon, as the following chapters are quite interesting. And, at any rate, once it comes down to me changing subjects, It could happen that I decide on another topic after all. Depends. On what you suggest me to do, on what I decide to do … On my mood …
I’m not able at all to tell you what might happen in the future.

Oh, and a short not on my progress: 10% – I started only today, and by “today” I mean the time after waking up. Something after 4pm. As usual.

Weekend stuff.

Well, I’d like to do 182 as soon as possible – and this time it’s just a legit 12 pages long, that’s 75% of 181 – and I’ve already read it, it’s quite … surprising. That’s why I won’t say anything about it. Zipped.

So. I kinda lost the red thread. Uhm. I was about to say … that’s right.
I’d like to do 182 ASAP, but: I’ve got to attend to a birthday party today. One could think I’m like yeay now, but I’m not that social to begin with. And that particular party is gonna be … boring. But well, at least I’m gonna get to feed my body. It did tell me to stop feeding it with instant noodles just yesterday.

So that’s why I can say with confidence that it won’t be released today. But well, it was only yesterday that I gave you 181, sooooooo … that shouldn’t have that much of an impact on you at all. Am I right?

Oh, and by the way – just wanted to add that I really enjoy this weekend as it is free time non-stop. The week was kinda hectic, math exam, language tests, scientific experiments (that got marked) … phew, and whilst sacrificing every single free minute to KnW (<- that’s a lie. I did read Isekai mahou after all.) – whilst sacrificing minutes; I’m still one of the best in my courses.
Sooo: Having weekend is great.

As for the long one.

I’m probably ready to submit 181 today – just some more hours … well, just wanted to say that the end draws near. And even if I’m not feeling that well again (though it’s not an illness this time, just my body protesting against my habit of just feeding it sporadically with junk food) I’m gonna stay this through and continue with 182 afterwards.

Well, and even though I already wrote that I’ve got an editor on a previous post, he never actually showed up. But now it happened, and I’m announcing again: N00btranslations now has editors ^-^

Aditionally, a word about Isekai Mahou: I’m at ch.19 right now. (Not reading as fast as usual as I’m translating KnW meanwhile). And I have to say, I really like the MC. I also noticed a certain affinity with ELYSION … he kinda resembles what I think of myself. Even though I don’t show it that freely. And, even though the latter translations – after he stopped – are indeed of better grammar, I like his more.

They are way more personal, and even if the other one uses greater words – sometimes it really gives me an headache … and it’s kinda proven that it’s better the simpler the used language is.

Just my personal opinion, sooooo pls everyone who doesn’t like him – as I’ve heard he’s a hater’s magnet – don’t blame me.

Well, and that’s all that is about it. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

edit: now I’ve heard of him charging money or stuff, and I kinda feel bad for feeling that much affinity … well, we do have some things in common. But I wouldn’t ever charge you.
That is, as long as my mother doesn’t get cancer and I have to pay for the treatment or some similar stuff. Just an example, I don’t expect it to happen at all, but … well, never mind me. My inner voices just told me not to say “never” that easily.

… Kay, you can officially ignore me now.

Just a little update.

First things first: 50% completed. And I decided not to split it up.
That being said it’ll take me some more time until completion.

Second: my stats went boom after Kiriko mentioned me. Wouldn’t expect no less, but – that escalated quickly. I mean, it really went outta hand fast ….

Kay, gotta stop useless quotations. But really, more than half of my followers joined today, and my visitation quota was multiplied. Literally. Well, I don’t particularly care about those numbers, but they also get scarier as they get bigger. I mean, I never expected ……. sorry. Just me losing my head. Over a few numbers. And I even said I didn’t care ………….

Well, thanks to Kiriko. And: everybody please don’t hate me ^-^

On another note: A whole lot of Anime’s gonna be completed like, right now. And as I watch Anime as a whole after they’re completely done, naturally I’d watch about 100 episodes soon… But I decided not to. ‘Cuz right now this is more fun.

And I found something called Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! and it seems pretty interesting. Reminds me: originally I’m a reader, not a contributor. Is anybody reading it? Is it interesting? A chapter every now and then doesn’t hurt …  other than my YT-subscribtions … never mind.

Peace, out. (<- wanted to say it ‘t’least once in my life ^-^)

Also …

Well. Blazing Translations did chapter 174, And I just wanted to say that I’ve compared it with my version. Of course the language is better – how could it be different – but as far as I’ve seen my correctness rate was about ~96% – for any further analyzation I’d need to calculate the concrete percentage.

And furthermore, any mistakes made were just small in amount and seize, and I did get anything important right. So damn proud of myself right now ^-^

edit: WordPress says analyzation – as well as analization – isn’t a word T-T

edit2: soo, I ain’t gonna hide this. According to someone who actually did the calculation instead of just estimating the number as I did, my accuracy rate is rather 91% … well, doesn’t change anything.

So, well….

I’m better now. Typically, I started being ill at Friday noon and returned at Monday morning. My life as the “good student” really is a blessing, a sucking curse of always being able to attend classes.

Never mind that, First thing I did was merging my version of 180 with Anon-senpai’s. I know, it doesn’t really matter, but my honor demanded me to do it. And if I learned one thing in life – always listen to your honor.

And now I’ve started to do 181 – and it’s damn large … even larger than my so-called “largest chapter ever”. Well, I did add “up to now” & “in my regards”, but … it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Well, fact is: Even if I’m fully recovered, it wont be today.
As it is that large I’m probably gonna go and split it up again as I did with … was it 178? Well, you know what I mean.

So if anyone has complaints about me splitting 181 up into at least three parts – speak up now or be silent forever. Speaking up at own risk.