Well, I’m bored, so take the first 3 pages of chapter 174 ^-^

174th Episode – Muir’s struggle

Haa haa haa…..

 Muir desperately avoids Ionis’ Yo-yo attack from earlier. This way she is made to do nothing but intense moving, exhausting her physical strength.

However, I don’t have any chance to approach at all because of that weapon……(Muir)

 Because of the irregular movements of the Yo-yo, which was equipped with both hands, avoiding or coming closer with all of ones might was unthinkable.

I want to end this as soon as possible. Though I’m not worried in the slightest, the 2vs1 way will also put Shublarz at ease.(Io)

 Apparently wanting to quickly settle the fight with Muir, she resembles the plan of assisting Shublarz. She once again moves her hands, hurling the Yo-yo around.

Even if it’s just me, I can’t be defeated here.(Muir)

 Muir putted her hands into a large bag that was on her lower waist to take something out of it. And then she made a gesture with both of her hands just like holding something aloft and throwing it at Ionis.

Kyiin! (SFX)

 A metallic sound echoes as the Yo-yo is hit by something Muir threw. And after colliding, they returned to below.

……that is your weapon?(Io)

 Ionis is speaking while facing Muir.

 Muir was holding a Chakram in both of her hands, a weapon with blades on the outside and a hole in the middle. ((TL: So basically, depending on the size and number of the blades, it’s something like a razor frisbee or like a throwing star (like the ones in some early Naruto episode where they were fighting against this guy with the big sword who was accompanied by the boy looking like a girl) – or something between them.))


 She also had some more equipped, but she grabbed the Chakram coming at her rotating in high speed with considerable skill. Judging from the fact that she was dealing with them without any incident it was clearly understandable that this skill was achieved by Muir’s desperate training.

I call it Kōen! Here you go!(Muir) ((TL: Kōen means park, public performance, support, lecture/speech, or flame, depending on the Symbols used to write it. The name is written as 紅円, meaning Crimson Circle (Kurenaiyen), but read as こうえん – Kōen. I would go with Flame as for the meaning, but decided to leave it as Kōen ^-^))

 She suddenly held her breath and threw the two Kōenagain. They really deserved their name, having crimson red decorations on the blades and being a rotating scarlet circle.

 The Kōenirregularly moved towards Ionis. But she just said, moving her Yo-yo towards the ground,


 Suddenly the Kōenfell from the sky to the ground. And it wasn’t directed at Ionis herself, but collided with the Yo-yo.



 Moreover it wasn’t repelled, but stuck to the Yo-yo as if held by birdlime. ((TL: …birdlime – this author definetely has crazy ideas. But I’ve double-checked it, its 鳥モチ (or rather 鳥黐): Birdlime.))


 Muir was confused and couldn’t understand why such a phenomenon occured.

This weapon, Kōen. It has a good name.(Io)
But, Io’s Phantomis also great.(Io) ((TL: yep, Ionis call’s herself Io. So do I.))

… and as it is a teaser, this part stops here. I’ve translated some more already, but as my translating style isn’t linear but rather chaotic this is all you can get without adding gaps of untranslated text ^-^

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