Just fooling around

— was all I did today. As chapter 177 is boring as hell, I decided to read ahead even more – and it was a mistake. I won’t repeat it, but it’s effects will last until I translated chapter 185 … quite some time.

What effects? Well, take today as an example. After reading ahead, chaper 177 looked even more boring than before, thus I casually watched 5 hours of anime, read some thousand manga pages and spent quite a lot of time on Youtube and other sites.

So, as every cause (reading ahead) has an effect (being slowed down by unmotivated thoughts of boringness) – I just translated up to 30% of it.

As an excuse, take the first 3.5 pages – out of 16. Ah, did I mention that No. 177 is a little bit larger than all the other chapters I translated up to now? And, did I mention that my translating style isn’t particularly linear? So, thats why you “just” get 3.5 pages even though I said that I did up to 30% ^-^

Here we go:

177th Episode – The genuine ace’s real ability

oh….. we’re finished?(Arno)
Aah, the others back there had already finished.(Silva)

 As Silva declared that the second round was already settled, not only Arnold, but everyone around had a blank expression.


H-how is that possible! How can it be settled when we all where still fighting?(Arno)
Aah, it is quite obvious.(Silva)
I asked why it is stopped just now!(Arno) ((Lib.))

 Arnold’s shout also was quite understandable. If it was as Silva said, and the match was already decided some time ago, he could have been well without fighting until complete exhaustion.


I can say with confidence that I would have stopped your fight to announce the outcome, but my attempt was restricted by that person.(Silva)
W-who is it?(Arno)

 As Silva made a reassuring smile –

Of course it is the one who won.(Silva)
I-i know! Just show me that winner!(Arno) ((Lib.))

 The eyes of the four people were fixed on Silva’s mouth in unison.

Well, it’s obvious if you look at that direction.(Silva)

 And really, as they looked at the direction he suggested, there was a large iceberg that didn’t exist before.


Eh…… oh…… an iceberg?(Arno)
W-as there an iceberg in this spot before?(Muir) ((Stupid question is stupid.))

 Following Arnold, Muir also raised er voice in surprise. Earlier she was near loosing consciousness, but after the shocking information she woke up to her senses.


I-i didn’t notice it…… when did that kind of iceberg………(Herb)
Io also just noticed now.(Io)

 As Herbreed and Ionis were also fighting like crazy, they probably didn’t notice it either.

Well, please take a look at its center.(Silva)

 As Silva says, everyone closely stares at it with utmost concentration.


……Nh? Someone is inside of the ice…… ?(Arno)

 After hearing Arnold’s words, Herbreed and Ionis stopped staring at the iceberg and ran to it.


ah, hey!(Arno)

 As Silva looks at the remaining two persons –


Well then, we should also move on.(Silva)

 But he was taken aback when the two of them tried to move their body to follow the ones who went ahead as they instantly reached their limit, just being too exhausted.


Mumu, it can’t be helped.(Silva)

 Thus Silva makes a gesture towards the ground. A black, smoke-like object manifested, gradually forming a shape.


 From the looks one would think of a car trailer.((Lib.)) And then, putting one person into it at one time, ignoring the two gaping at his magic –

Come on, should we go?(Silva)

 he said as they returned to the iceberg’s origin.


「「Shublarz-sama!?」」 (Ionis|Herbreed)

 Herbreed and Ionis screamed in astonishment as they looked at the iceberg. Because inside of it there was Shublarz, having her movement completely sealed.

 As Arnold and co. arrived they hardened and even forgot to blink.


Well then, report on your excellent status now, my foolish disciples.(Rara) ((Lib. – I’m quite unsure about this one …))

 An unexpected ill-humored voice came flying against two of the people. As they looked at the face the voice originated from, they saw a bored Rarashik drinking out of her bottle.

… a good point to stop, isn’t it?
Following is just a heart-moving series of excuses from Evila to Evila as they lost, and Arno and Muir get scolded.
Then there is a recap of Rara’s fight against Shu, and that’s it.

Not really interesting if you keep in head that 179 is Hiiro’s first fight – and yes, he only needs one chapter, instead of 4 or 5 like those idiots up there – while 178 is about him curing my waifu Io.

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  1. A recap on Rarashik’s fight next page? She just made an ice berg to cool her drink XD thanks for the quick release on chapters and nicely done on translating KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

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