Bad news

So, some of you may already have noticed that it is Saturday and chapter 180 isn’t out nevertheless.
One simple reason: I’m ill. Goddamn headache, a fucking cold and a murderous tummy. So, naturally, as this matter involves pain for every single thought or action and running to the toilet every five minutes – well, you get it.

No more chapters until my health is restored. That’s all for now, sorry.
And, by the way: those few lines took me 2 damn hours to write. And now my head feels like I was binge drinking with god himself yesterday night …

24 thoughts on “Bad news

  1. lolsauce binge drinking with god himself.
    Hope you get well fast. A lot of people around me are sick as well and say its hell and they feel pain all the way into their teeth


  2. Completely understandable. Thanks for giving us the news since even getting bad news is better than no news at all. Hope you get better soon.


  3. that seriously is bad news!! get rested! get healed!! and get 180 out!!

    lol any way just take it easy and you’ll be better soon………. get well


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