So, well….

I’m better now. Typically, I started being ill at Friday noon and returned at Monday morning. My life as the “good student” really is a blessing, a sucking curse of always being able to attend classes.

Never mind that, First thing I did was merging my version of 180 with Anon-senpai’s. I know, it doesn’t really matter, but my honor demanded me to do it. And if I learned one thing in life – always listen to your honor.

And now I’ve started to do 181 – and it’s damn large … even larger than my so-called “largest chapter ever”. Well, I did add “up to now” & “in my regards”, but … it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Well, fact is: Even if I’m fully recovered, it wont be today.
As it is that large I’m probably gonna go and split it up again as I did with … was it 178? Well, you know what I mean.

So if anyone has complaints about me splitting 181 up into at least three parts – speak up now or be silent forever. Speaking up at own risk.

25 thoughts on “So, well….

    1. Oh, maybe I just have to get rid of my right hand then …. but that would hurt like crazy. Aw, I guess I’m doomed forever …

      And by the way: the author uses the CLIFFHANGER flag just as often as I do XDD


    1. Yeah I can totally understand you. I also went like: “Oh-nooo-pls-stop-not-again-NOOOO!”
      So, anyway – thanks for helping me out and stuff ^-^

      Btw we also could split the chapter between the two of us … just saying.


    1. I’m too lazy to do it, so I’ll just lurk around until something serious happens again, only then I’ll help.

      Sorry, procrastination comes first.


  1. I’m fine with having the chapter split into parts. To me, a little bit of Hiro and friends a day is better than a lot of Hiro and friends a week. And those who’d rather wait…can simply wait till it’s done. BUT if it’s easier for you to just wait till it’s complete before you post it then do that. I wouldn’t want to make you do more work than you have or want to. I believe that is proper etiquette for a freeloader 🙂
    And glad your feeling better


  2. thanks for the chapters. Do what you want to do, we the leeches have no right to demand a thing. all can do is just show our gratitude for the great work you are doing.


  3. Take your time I rather have the split since it will be faster to read then the waiting and the refreshing (quite a few times per day xD) in these open opinion parts make your own choice rather then listen to our comments it will go better in the long run. I’m just grateful someone picking this up with some speed instead of correctness.


    1. Well, I compared the translations to the Rae’s, and he’s about 91% correct. It’s quite a feat if you account for the rate is of release, even though a lot of the KnW chapters are less than 3,500 words.

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