As for the long one.

I’m probably ready to submit 181 today – just some more hours … well, just wanted to say that the end draws near. And even if I’m not feeling that well again (though it’s not an illness this time, just my body protesting against my habit of just feeding it sporadically with junk food) I’m gonna stay this through and continue with 182 afterwards.

Well, and even though I already wrote that I’ve got an editor on a previous post, he never actually showed up. But now it happened, and I’m announcing again: N00btranslations now has editors ^-^

Aditionally, a word about Isekai Mahou: I’m at ch.19 right now. (Not reading as fast as usual as I’m translating KnW meanwhile). And I have to say, I really like the MC. I also noticed a certain affinity with ELYSION … he kinda resembles what I think of myself. Even though I don’t show it that freely. And, even though the latter translations – after he stopped – are indeed of better grammar, I like his more.

They are way more personal, and even if the other one uses greater words – sometimes it really gives me an headache … and it’s kinda proven that it’s better the simpler the used language is.

Just my personal opinion, sooooo pls everyone who doesn’t like him – as I’ve heard he’s a hater’s magnet – don’t blame me.

Well, and that’s all that is about it. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

edit: now I’ve heard of him charging money or stuff, and I kinda feel bad for feeling that much affinity … well, we do have some things in common. But I wouldn’t ever charge you.
That is, as long as my mother doesn’t get cancer and I have to pay for the treatment or some similar stuff. Just an example, I don’t expect it to happen at all, but … well, never mind me. My inner voices just told me not to say “never” that easily.

… Kay, you can officially ignore me now.

49 thoughts on “As for the long one.

    1. well, he is badass, but not as OP as Hiiro is. But I’ve heard the translation stops right where we would come to see his “true strength” … gotta read the remaining 6 chapters first, though. Yes, this WN really seems to be small as of now. I’ve checked the raws, and my occasional skimming said there are about 40-60 original chapters rigt now, updated frequently. I didn’t count them, tough – that’s just a rough estimation ^-^

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      1. Lol I was about to tell you guys that there was a manga (sadly only one chapter translated) of Isekai Mahou but turns out it’s actually Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu and WAY different setting. Strangely enough, the MC looks like he might be OP in the future if it ever gets another chapter

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          He mentioned magicians use a “mana furnace” which concidently he hasn’t used yet. People keep asking him if he’s alright after using many spells and he shrugs it off. From what I can gather he’s not even using his own mana yet and is gathering it while invoking the spells. Apart from the 1st sentence the rest is speculation however he’s defiantly holding back because of the “mana furnace”


          1. … and there was this one spell as well, in his fight against the kings mage: I’d guess it was intended to gather mana from the surroundings. And that draining spell could also be used to get more …


          2. Actually thinking back didn’t he say he would use his full strength during that fight? During the fight the kings mage also evaluated the MC as being above the demon lord. He can defiantly defeat the general when you think of it that way. These simple fireballs he’s been using when compared to the barrier magic before… Well let’s just say I can’t wait until they find out the demon lords general was killed as well as the army.


          3. but hmm i wonder why his fire Magic was weaker against the demons compared to others… is it because the demons have a great resistance against Magic not from their world? though that sounds like a rather strange resistance i cant help to think that this is the case


          4. maybe they have greater magic resistance in general? Would seem legit as they’re “magic creatures”. It’s even written as this, but commonly translated as demons …

            But: I haven’t read that part yet XDD


  1. I haven’t really been able to get into Isekai mahou.

    Partly because of the extremely long descriptions on the magic system, the other part being all the Elysion drama.
    -Setting up a chapter sponsor system, and taking the money without delivering.
    -Charging $200 per chapter (or chapter part I forget which).
    -Skipping sentences and summarizing paragraphs for sponsored chapters.

    It was an excessive scam scene. If it was that he was translating shortened parts without charging for it and asking for help on parts he didn’t know, then it wouldn’t be such a huge problem. I’m fine with learning as a translator, but cheating a bunch of people is a major issue for me.

    Rant over. Sorry for that. 😛


    1. well, I didn’t really notice the drama as it’s kinda never even mentioned in the chapters themselves. And I don’t really read comments … heck, if that’s true then half of my affinity with him disappears into nothing. I may like money, but surely I won’t charge you guys. I may split the chapters, but I won’t shorten them.
      And as for the detailed descriptions of magic: that’s one of the things I like about it. Would be rather hard to translate, though … but I enjoy reading stories where the author has a clear, logical, scientific-sounding (as in: represented with structure and examples and stuff) magic system ^-^


      1. About 90% of the debate and reasons were on Reddit, so that’s probably why if you don’t frequently visit it.

        A good description helps with imagery. I just don’t like it when it’s too heavy. I tend to avoid sci-fi series for that reason. But that’s just my taste.

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  2. fuhahahahaha!!! finally!!! in a few more hours i would get to read about the reaction of everyone about hiiro’s battle!!

    srsly tho i really like two things about light novels with op characters in them.
    first is the op battles
    second is the reaction of everyone who saw said battle.
    its like you just get proud for no reason cus of the battle and mostly cus of the reaction from the audience hahaha

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  3. the only i have to say is THANK YOU for translating, im from paraguay and i can hardly speak
    inglish and im learning japonesse only now. So im really thankful for what you are giving me.

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      1. wow that fast progress im extremely bad at everything i need to put more hardwork more than other to reach other lv ahhhhh i wish i have talent at least one things man


          1. Thank you I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese even tried to take a class on it in my high school a few years back, but the class got canceled do to recession and budget cuts. So they automatically put me in Spanish class and I know how important it is to learn Spanish, but I just couldn’t find any interest in it so it was much harder for me to learn. So in the end I barely passed the class and even now it makes me sad thinking about my missed chance.

            But hopefully I can start to learn it myself. So in conclusion to that long story thank you again for the link. 😀


          2. no problem at all – and spanish … my greatest language problem. Well, besides the little russian class I attended some years ago – heck, my Ruski Yasuka is far worse than my lengua espanola


      2. i have been waching anime for like 15 years and in paraguay we got 2 official languages; spanish and guarani. Guarani sounds like its japonesse so the sounds are not something hard for me as for the kanas, i got really good memory so i can remeber how they look and sound easily. I understand most words but the kanji… i dont know even one.

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        1. as for reading them in the web, I’d recommend rikai-kun (as a web application) or hiragana-megane (as a web site) – they both are great help!
          But in real life … well, you’ll need a kanji dictionary.


  4. I’m the one who offering as proofreader …
    but somehow I can’t access wordpress or something …
    can’t you just e-mail me the document translation which I need to work with ?

    I’ll work soon as you sent me …
    (my office don’t use internet, so I only look into it at night, it only need an hour or so tough)


      1. well, you are one of the ones who wanted to proofread. And one of the ohers is not respoonding, nd the third one seems to have managed to access the chapters.

        Now, if I’d sent you the chapters via e-mail, you’d mail your version back to me, and I’d have o upload it. That would take me some time – first, sending the e-mail, second, reading your response, third, uploading and editing (font style and HTML stuff) … so I think I’m gonna skip that offer.

        Sry ^-^


  5. also, tried not to eat Junk Food too often …
    it might cause body feels sluggish, tired more fast, and easily get sick …
    try to eat something more balanced like BLT sandwich …

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    1. you can have 11 pages. The rest … wait another 2 hours at least ^-^

      … well, you could have had 11 pages, but I’ve spend 10 minutes now trying to upload it as pdf to my stash, as to share a link, but my connection failed. Just hoping I won’t get those very same problems when trying to post the whole thing as page …

      edit: and in the very moment I said this, I succeeded. well:


    1. I guess Chou-kun is the other translator? Well, as he doesn’t use TL notes at all (as far as I remember), I could’t really see any of his personality, as I don’t read comments or Reddit or whatsoever posts where I could figure it out … well, legit.


  6. Uhm what do you mean by the end draws near? I do not get it. I hope you will not stop translating. Your translations and speed are ok so I hope you will cobtinue to shower us with more chapters T.T


  7. oh yeah!! btw I created a KnW page on facebook, since it’s thanks to you that I can update the other readers of an early release of each chapter… and I did tell some of them that I hope they won’t press or pressure you on much early releases… thanks again for your hard work :))


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