It’s done!

Finally, that is. Sorry, guys’n’gals ^_^

Well, have a nice Halloween, minna. I missed the party in order to finish that translation, so at least go and party on my behalf!

Well, I said it at the translated chapter already, but Anon-senpai said he’ll do the follow-ups. I’m not translation-checking them this time — too lazy, and I trust him now. Last time went smoothly, after all. Also, time is an issue. Well, maybe some editing … If I get his permission, I’ll host them here.

And now I’ll get some paint onto my face to scare those minors my imouto-chan invited XDD

Halloween :3

Just 15 minutes left until Halloween. Well, doesn’t matter as it isn’t my party, but my sister’s. I had to take part in tidying the house until now nevertheless. Yep, until now. Our house is big, you know?

Well, the good point: my sister visited. The other one. You know what, to avoid confusion: imouto-san visited. In contrary, it’s my imouto-chan’s party. Japanese sure is handy when it comes to avoid confusion between my younger younger sister and my older younger sister :3

Well, that point beside, I didn’t have any personal time today. And I can’t even blow off some steam with games — my screen still isn’t connected to my graphic card, and it’s just not the same without GC, is it?

Also, my Witcher is still updating. 0.1 MB/sec. What a speed! You can hardly follow with your eyes. Because you can’t see it moving at all, that is.

Maybe I’ll just translate … that’s the intention behind this site, after all. But for now: Good night~

Aw, I did it again.

Over the excitement about that certain new PC I didn’t come to translate at all. Testing its devices, installing new games, filling the memory … took up some time, but it should be just about completely adjusted to my preferences about now.

I won’t know, since I wasn’t at home since 7am. It’s been hard on me I guess … not being able to get home until 9pm … well.

So I guess I’ll start translating now. I thought I’d be done already originally, but I didn’t plan on getting the computer so soon. Still haven’t paid for it though … I’m just glad I have rich friends.

Well, having rich friends is good, having good rich friends is better. That being said, I don’t have any good rich friends … So I’m still in a financial pinch. Well, I’ll worry about that later.

Rather, back to the topic, as of why I didn’t get home until now. Well, I had school until 4, and afterwards sports until 6pm. Then my mom came to pick my little sister up and I tagged along. We stopped at the mall, preparing for Halloween. Not my party … well. That’s actually a different story.

After shopping until 8, we visited my grandma, and thus I was occupied for the whole day. Fall season sure is busy …


Sooo … those two presentations went smoothly. Well, the IT one did. The one in arts …… my teacher is an air-head. I prepared everything, she enters the room, looks at me being ready to start, business as usual, then she suddenly remembers that she forgot to tell me that she changed my dead-line. Two weeks from now on. I’ve spent half a night and a whole headache on nothing.

I know, i know, now it’s done and I haven’t actually wasted my time, but I could have slept!

On a different note, my computer arrived. Actually better than predicted. Solely problem: I didn’t buy a new screen as I thought I could use my dad’s old one. He sold it. Well, now I’m using a 12-year-old screen with 3:4 ratio … together with a Sapphire Nitro R9 380 Radeon Graphic Accelerator and the A88X-G45 Limited edition Gaming motherboard. It’s kinda stupid ….

Also, my internet sucks, up to the point that I can’t load anything even while being perfectly fine connected. That means I have 2 TB space left for various purposes and I simply can’t fill them!

Installed The Witcher 3 for today. Well, in the end I solely got a headache, and I didn’t sleep for some 53 hours. Sooo I’ll just turn out the lights now……………


That wasn’t one presentation until tomorrow, but rather two. Damn, if I knew this (I actually did … I just forgot it.) I would’ve prepared earlier! (Lol no, I wouldn’t.)

But at least I wouldn’t have pulled an all-nighter yesterday. Well, it’ll work out.
Just as that physics test I got back today. The topic was taught in a certain amount of lessons before testing it, and I slept in at least half of them. I’m still not far from the top of the class, so the teacher doesn’t actually mind me snoring off even as I sit (sleep) in the front line.

Well, I guess I’ve gotta hurry now. Why am I posting this? Well, this is a blog after all. And I said my activity rate would increase. And I enjoy blogging. Bare with me ^_^

I totally forgot to mention something.

…… not that it was that important anyways.

Do you remember that part were I mentioned the word “database”? Twice? I totally intended to pull a Log Horizon reference there …

On a side note, I kinda also forgot to sleep during the night. The whole season of Charlotte, half of Umaru-chan and 2 volumes of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei later — off to school!


Monday Morning~

Up early to work.

I’m short on time, so let’s make this quick.

This is probably the last time I’m posting in the next 2 weeks.

Also it kinda looks like the others are picking up the pace. I don’t know anything yet, but they kinda made 3 chapters in the last ……….. what? 5 days? That’s amazing. Well, they aren’t as alone as I am. Never mind, anyways: I’m ‘gone’ now for 2 weeks.

When I’m back and they didn’t drop the pace I might as well consider my job done – as I am just a reader who got bored – and leave it to them ^-^

Just wanted to say it.