Explanation, the second.

Yeay, family. Well, Progress=75% and time=1 hour until we are visiting the sauna. I’ll be back at … 1am, maybe?

Damnit, I love it when my dad gets spontaneous. No irony here, I really love itBut … I’d also love to be right on time once in a while.

That reminds me, holidays are coming. One week left. Well, There are two possibilities: I get a phone call next week telling me that I got that holiday job I applied for – meaning I’ll have to work 9-18 a day for two weeks …… or second possibility: I get a phone call telling me hat I didn’t get the job, meaning I have free-time for two weeks.

Just wanted to mention it.

27 thoughts on “Explanation, the second.

  1. daaaaammmnnn!

    Now im torn between wishing for you to get the job so you can get more moolah and you not getting it so you can release more chapters faster for at least two weeks.

    Hrrrmmmm. Selfish arent i.
    Well what will be, will be


  2. Heres some wishful thinking, i wish you dont get the job, but money falls from the sky into your hands while dancing in the rain on a friday. That way we are are all happy 🙂


    1. Tooo late~

      If you’d told me that before I left … well, no, it doesn’t really matter. cameras as well as smart phones are not allowed in there, so there is no possibility to take photos ^-^


  3. better get the job … and afford better food if possible …
    it seems you easily get tired … I wonder if you should change your fast food diet …


    1. well, I get easily tired because I tend to pull all-nighters just too easyly ……. whatever the reason.
      And of course I should chane my fast food diet. However, that probably won’t happen.


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