Soooo … well, I know there is no reason for me, but I still feel guilty whenever I tell you that it’s gonna be finished at a certain time and then it isn’t.

No way around it, that’s just how my stupid feels work.

So, to avoid feeling bad about something that is completely out of my hand, I decided that I won’t tell any specific dates anymore.

However, I thought of something different. There’s gonna be a note on the right site of my main page as well as on some other pages telling you my current progress. In percent as well as in pages (like: 25% (3 of 12 pages) – or something similar.)

Right now it should state KnW 183: 100% (10 out of 10 pages) as I’m finished with that chapter (you can read it here) and didn’t start with the next one yet.

It will also state an estimated time that I’ll need to finish the current chapter. Please notice: that time doesn’t equal real life time, as I’m not working on KnW 24/7. However, you can use that time to guess when I’ll be done.

I’m not responsible for your estimation being slightly off.


20 thoughts on “Changes.

      1. Well, I’ve never paid a ton of attention to release dates so no need to feel guilty about pushing those dates back. I’m just glad it’s being translated no matter what the speed. Thanks for doing this. 🙂

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    1. Best way to start is with food, nothing goes wrong with that.

      I like to bake cakes and other desserts but most preferably cakes.
      But I’m not a baker. I’m Asian fried cook.

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        1. I’m not a cook nor a baker, but I mainly make Thai instant noodles at home …….. ok. Well, my “diet” is unhealthy XDD

          But sure, I like food. There’s even this common phrase here: “Love evolves through your tummy” …. well, doesn’t sound right in english.


  1. Nice idea, but you have to prepare yourself against people who will start pestering why the update bar doesn’t update when you are busy IRL, is way more annoying than a guilty conscience, but I suppose that the majority of the people reading your translation will defend you so keep it up.


  2. When I see people complain I always think why don’t YOU go learn the language if you have that much free time? Any1 that complains about chapter releases are personally degenerated humans. Sounds harsh I know but I’m personally taking a part time Japanese course 1 day a week along side my Job since I can’t stand waiting I’ll just have to do something about it lol. Wish I had someone to consult about learning aids I could use at home. After Japanese I’ll probably pick up Korean since Legendary Moonlight Sculptors translation pace is going to take a few years.

    Considering Rosetta Stone but I’ve heard a mix of good and bad reviews and since it’s such a high price I’ve been browsing over it for months never to make a decision.

    PS: I say don’t give yourself deadlines that way you can weed out the negative readers while the ones who support you and frequently check the site without having a date for release will be the 1st to read your updates.

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    1. Yeah, sorry. Right now my teachers think they have to test me daily …… and I sure don’t want to fail these tests.
      I’d really like to keep the pace up, but ATM it’s almost midnight when I’m done with everything I need the next day T-T

      Well, just some more days ……..


      1. Late reply, I hadn’t checked your page recently.
        You don’t have to faithfully respond to the guys complaining about late update because as I said before you as a normal person have a real life which is way more important.


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