Just a little stupid question……

I just need someone to look at the chapter were the Evila participants left the capital. Their names should be mentioned there at some point. Just make a list of it and post it.

I need it because I’m unsure about the name of one of the characters in the next chapter. He’s not included in Kiriko’s character list, but I’d guess he was mentioned at least once yet, so I’d like to stick to their trans …..

Also, was Rara’s brother spelled “Yuhitto” or rather different?

Awww, it’s great to be able to leave that research work to the readers – I’m just too lazy. Don’t judge me – I’m using the time I get by having you doing that job to translate. Win-win it is; Yoda I am.

A little update on my holiday job: It’s rather likely that I get it by now. Further information: monday.

By the way, has anyone seen my sweets?

46 thoughts on “Just a little stupid question……

  1. Cruel’s 《Rank 1》Aquinas, 《Rank 2》Marione, 《Rank 4》Ornoth, 《Rank 5》Shublarz; the overseer of the country’s army, 《Head Commander of the Demon Army》Rushbelle, 《Demon Army – Captain of the Herbreed Corps》Herbreed, and《Demon Army – Captain of the Eonis Corps》Eonis.


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          1. whoaaa … well, I guess if I spent 12 hours a day translating I’d be able to do that @-@
            That wouldn’t be entertaining anymore, and as soon as my project stops entertaining me I’m outta here XDD

            Any other last wishes?


      1. Wow! Blazing Translations finally start to update again. I really glad when this story get more translator. Do you plan to join force to translate the story faster?

        PS. I don’t mind if it slow as long as there are kind peoples like you to continue the project! ^-^


        1. Thanks for the appreciation.
          I’ve thought of joining forces, I even had the apply-thing on Kiriko’s blog halfway done (it includes a translation ^-^) – but I think I’m not good enough yet.

          Well, no that Kiriko’s gone the application (?) form may be different anyways.

          ((Damnit, sometimes I really notice that english is my second language ^_^;))


    1. that would be nice if I had this much free time per day. That assumes that 25% of my daily time could be used to translate …. Ts.
      Let me tell you a hard truth.

      overall time = 24h (100%)
      sleep = 2-8h (8.33% – 33.33%)
      school = 7-9h (29.16% – 37.5%)
      home work, domestical duties = 0.5-5h (2.08% – 20.83%)

      let’s assume the rest of my time is free time (duh.):
      free time = (24h – (2+7+0.5)h) to (24h – (8+9+5)h)
      = 2-14.5h (8.33% – 60.42%)

      Those 14.5 hours are rather unlikely though – If I had that much free time after just 2 hours of sleep I’d definitely use some of it to get some more sleep. Assuming I had 2 hours of sleep and approximately 14.5 hours of free time, I’d sleep ….. at least 8 hours.
      Let’s correct it:

      free time = 2-6.5h (8.33% – 27.08%)

      Now you could say: best case scenario, roughly more than the above mentioned 25% of my daily time. Well, that’s true, but:

      total free time = 100%
      free time spent while having internet connecion = 99.99%
      free time spent with videos or music = 30%
      free time spent with social media = 30%
      free time spent with waiting for Wi-fi signal = 1%
      free time spent with eating = 4%
      free time spent on image boards = 10%
      free time spent on things that remain unmentioned = 10%

      So, concluding, 85% of my free time are spent with other things than translating.
      15% of 2-6.5h = 0.3-0.975h on normal days of the week.

      Sry, dude. Your approximation should rather be 6h x 24 – making it 6 days. Best case scenario assumed.

      Btw, I’ve got attention deficit disorder. Something like ADHD, but without the hyperactivity. So, in fact, concentrating for longer periods of time takes me quite some effort ……. So when I spent 7 hours continously at saturdays – it just shows how much I love it. Just saying ……

      ((and yes, I’m quite the analytical personality. Any questions left? And, just to mention it: this maximum ~1 hour on work days is quite accurate. On weekends though or when I’ve got an easy time at school so I can use additional 4 hours at school solely for translating ….. that’s a different matter.))

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