Casual friday post. Posted on saturday.

Well, actually it isn’t friday anymore. I don’t care. My day doesn’t end until I say otherwise.

I kinda spent too much time calculating percents. A certain someone is invited to feel mentioned.

Okay, it’s saturday. But I started writing at friday, so it does count, doesn’t it?

Cutting to the case: Thanks for whoever added me to novelupdates. I said I wouldn’t do it personally – too lazy – but now it’s done and today (a.k.a. Friday) will be known as the second big boom – the first being Kiriko mentioning me ^-^

Speaking of Kiriko: Sayonara, neko-senpai~

And before I forget to mention this: …………….. I forgot it. Give me some minutes.

(half an hour later): Ahhh, yes. You could have had 184 today (a.k.a. Friday), but I kinda watched Overlord. The whole season. Today. In one go. More than 5 hours ……. well, and I also went to the cinema to celebrate the beginning of our holidays.

Gomen 😛

(not like I regret it though … but it was planned differently.)

Gotta get some sleep now (nearly 1am). And no, I won’t say that there is a probability that I’ll release “it” tomorrow evening. I’d never say such a thing. So, as I _didn’t_ say it, you can’t complain if things go different ^-^

((Is someone able to estimate how often I made a troll face while writing this? Whoever gets it right first gets a (virtual) candy.))

(((Good night.)))

35 thoughts on “Casual friday post. Posted on saturday.

        1. still too high XDD

          Heck, what are you thinking about me – I may be a troll, but I am not that much … Or rather: If I start making a roll face I don’t stop until I’m done trolling. Therefore at least one sentence would need to be serious in order to get me to make a troll face more than once.


  1. found a way to read ahead in my own, convert novels to romaji and since i know japanese as long as it is fonetic i can somehow read it 😀 😀 😀 why didnt i think of this before????? reading kenja no mago rigth now and expecting you to release chapter 184 to try reading 185 that way >:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yeah… the problem is that there are parts where i dont know what the hell is going on since some words are really weird, for example take when they do technical explanations (even more when those are fictional :S) or when someone is explaining a military or political situation im like O.o WTF is going on? ah and numbers above 99 i dont know them very well…. and thats pretty much it, aside from that im pretty much understand anything i came across


      1. not really, just looked a looooooooooot of anime, and played a fare share of visual novels, i heard when you know already 2 languages you are like able to learn a third one much easier, meybie for that? then again i learned english since i was reading the spanish translation of fate/stay nigth and it only covered like 1/2 of saber route by the time, i was like WTFFFFFF nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!, and started to somehow read it with help of google translate (by the time my english was little more than the verb “to be” so… yeah you can imagine) that was the way i learned around 80% of the english i know now (which as you may see is far from perfect


      2. oh, and as i said my mother language is spanish so the romaji (romnized japanese) is praticly done to be read by a sapanish speaker soo… yeah i have an advantage


        1. Im also a native spanish speaker haha im already at 3 languages, i understand Japanese but i cant read it or write it x.x where do you find phonetic raws?


          1. find the normal raws and use this (as is not letting me paste the link ill just say search “convert kanji to romaji” in google)


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