Holidays are over T-T

…. not that I’m that sad about it ^-^

After all, they were quite straining for myself. And, as it’s been a long time (at least it feels like that) I have a lot to tell you.
I just hope that I won’t forget anything ……… there were quite some topics in my mind.

First things first: Work is over, school starts tomorrow. Even if it sounds contradictory, now that my holidays are over my activity rate will hopefully increase again.

On that note: I’m totally exhausted, so I won’t lift a finger today anymore.
And that was obviously a lie as I’m still typing.
However, I’m just glad we hadn’t had homework for tomorrow – it’s for Tuesday instead. A presentation.

I don’t know what the standards are where you live, but here it’s something like: speak freely for about one hour, if you use power point, an average of 50 pages is advised. Welp. Needless to say, I haven’t done anything yet.

Back to talking about work – as you can see I’m quite unorganized. Well, long story short, I worked and worked and worked, always keeping it up with that 1000 in my mind, and in the end … I didn’t even get half of it. I got 457, to be precise.

I’m quite disappointed, as I wanted to spend 900 on a new computer. Hrmpf. On the good side: I won’t make that mistake (as in: holiday jobbing) again. On the bad side: The parts for that computer were already ordered. Life isn’t easy, is it?

Speaking of delays due to homework – back to skipping between topics. I already mentioned that presentation, but it isn’t that big of a deal. Really, just some 3 or 4 hours of extra work. But: there’s a bigger one.

I’ll have to write some 40 pages of scientific work in the next 38 days. Surprised? Well …. originally I had some 18 month of time for it – plenty, so to say – but I didn’t even start up to now. I’m lazy, after all.

As I already mentioned my laziness: I probably won’t do anything until the deadline draws near, so rest assured. It’s probably just gonna be some 3 or 4 days of me pulling all-nighters, nothing to concern yourself with. Probably.

And, well, I did say I haven’t done anything for those 40 pages up to now, that was a lie. I’ve actually already done all the connected practical tests and the writing of those protocols, so at least half of the work is already done. Kinda. I may be lazy, but I’m not stupid, after all.

I am fully aware of my weaknesses – as I’m quite analytical – but lack the resolve of changing anything. The laziness strikes again.

As we are speaking about me being analytical already: I involved that “continue reading”-link in order to keep track of the amount of people reading this specific post. That wouldn’t be possible if you could read the entire post on the main page.

Why did I do that? Well, I’m talking about some topics here that may arouse questions in the future. I just want to be able to predict how many of my viewers didn’t read about those topics and are ignorant to the fact that possible questions were already answered.

Back to the money-topic – and to the answer to a question that has been asked quite often already. As of “do you plan on joining NetBlazer/Rainbow Translations”.

I’m currently in a pinch. Not about the money, I’m quite confident in my skills to solve that. But a moral one.

Let me explain further. This site isn’t actually serving the translation purpose, but the reading ahead one. (Why is it called “n00btranslations” then? Well, did you ever consider the stupidity of a site called “A n00b is reading ahead”? The underlying URL put on a completely different note, that’s just awful.)

I don’t actually mind my work being shared or linked on other sites or databases. But it certainly does have actual errors, as I am not skilled enough to rule them out. That being said, isn’t it better if the higher quality gets the spot in those databases?

Also, one could actually accuse me of cutting off their traffic. Now, you do remember that one of Blazer’s sources of money is adware, do you? So, what does cutting off their traffic mean? They get less money. Which they could use to increase their speed.

So, even if I’m concerned about whether I am skilled enough to join the team, it would be the “right” thing for me to do to apply there. Well.

I am egoistic. I don’t really consider this a flaw of mine, but rather a requirement in order to survive in this world, but I am aware of it. That being said, dropping this project and joining the main team would be rather counterproductive right now.

If everything went as assumed and I got those ~1200 I predicted on my own before applying for that job, that wouldn’t be a problem whatsoever. However, they didn’t tell me what I’d get until the very end, and I ended up miscalculating it.

That being said, money isn’t the main reason for me to uphold this project. Donations aside – and I am very grateful to those – I don’t get any money out of it. Rather than that, I’m still continuing simply because the project still interests me.

That being said, my interest rate surely dropped after a forced break of two weeks. It’s not that easy to keep my interest, as well as my patience, over great periods of time. I started reading KnW one day. The day after, I was finished. Next day I learned about the release gaps between chapters, and just two days after I finished reading KnW up to chapter 172 I started reading ahead. I am not patient.

However, I still have some interest in the story, and I’ll continue. Nevertheless, right now I have zero responsibility. I am able to drop it every second. Literary.

Now, if I joined the main team, I’d be bound. Bound by myself telling me: You can’t drop it anymore. I know it’s stupid – quite many members of the main team dropped it already after all – but that’s how my mind works. I know that and want to actually avoid it.

Well, and that’s it, for today. You may post several answers, as I’ve spoken about quite a number of topics. I just hope I didn’t miss anything …

And: 1093 words? Half a chapter, so to say. Do you know my typing speed? It took me an eternity to write this T-T

50 thoughts on “Holidays are over T-T

  1. Welcome back. There is just something unhealthy satisfying about procrastinating right till the verrrrry end of a big project. Perhaps we work better under pressure, who knows? Just make sure that you don’t procrastinate too much.

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      1. How terribly nice of you XDD
        Well, props for 20 in 8, but … I’m not that good with concentrating over a set period of time straight on. It would be quite impossible for me ….

        And as for chapter 200 — the current arc is longer than that, so I’ll keep up even longer. And I’d sure want to read about Winkaa (that blonde girl in some of my pictures on the main page) – and she appears somewhere between chapter 230 and 240 for the first time, if I’m not mistaken.


          1. should still be possible … most of the time. I managed a post every second day as I started, after all. Well, those were the times when I still had nothing mayor to do at all……


          1. mhhh …… well. I only know of her because she is involved in certain pictures in my gallery, not because I read ahead that far on my own. However, I did some kind of quick background checking, so here is what I know:
            She is an advanturer, easy-going, but resourceful (probably means she is able to fight for herself quite well.)
            She is related to an older man with the same last name (Gio/Jio) as her’s.
            She joins Hiiro and companions at their journey, as they piqued her interest.
            Her name is first mentioned in chapter 237 as far as I know, but I’ve just used search engines instead of skimming every chapter by myself, so I might have missed something. That older man however is mentioned earlier already, somewhere araound 230.

            The information says “Hiiro-tachi”, so it doesn’t refer to Hiiro alone. Given her build she might not considered an actual loli, but I guess that depends on the definition.
            Depending on whether she got the title “loli” or not Hiiro’s “God …” skill takes effect. So she might or might not be attracted by him. Probably she is though.

            Winkaa Gio


  2. Well even if you say that Blaze makes money from ads with their speed of releases I’d rather read this with google translate. What I mean is that their speed of releases has already lessened the traffic on their site heavily and considering the amount of people using adblock your site probably wont make too much of a difference to them. It is but my humble advise that you keep going on like this if you want to.

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  3. Ugh my comment which I made with huge effort to sound polite is gone…

    So the shorter version is this. With their speed and the amount of people using adblock you wont make too much of a difference to the money they get from ads. So go onward as far and as fast as you want. Also thank you for your work thus far and to the work you will do.


  4. Welcome back.
    I’m seriously worried about your homework, but not because you were lazy but your country educational system, kids should just play and laze around instead of doing that long homework.
    Be astute and buy your scientific report xD


      1. Sell your computer, I know that’s impossible so I’ll tell you a better plan, asault a delinquent, steal all of his money, items, clothes, even organs if you have some connection to the black market.

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  5. You remind me of someone. Oh yes. That would be me.
    Not doing anything till you have absolutely no choice. I started packing for my first move of my life 3 days before the move. Result? I was sick when I started packing, during the move and now 2 weeks later I’m still sick. The move also costed at least 300$ more than it could have due to moving everything because I hadn’t thrown out much garbage or sold specific furniture I could have.

    But. That’s life. I went through your thought process as well. Very comical.

    My first computer I ended up spending less and spending later tp upgrade stuff such as ram and hard drives to save on upfront costs but still have a computer. Haha.


  6. Go at your own pace. My only complaint to volunteer translators are when they finish a translation and tell everyone it’s done. But refuse to release because profit or ego.

    It’s annoying. I’d rather wait a week because lone translator takes so long to finish. Than wait 5 days because a translator in a team is behind and rest of team refuses to release translated chapters.

    The delayed chapter us usually filler or unimportant too.

    Sorry for ranting here.

    Keep up the good work.

    p.s. I wait patiently on Re:Monster for this same reason.


    1. yeah, the filler ones take up the most time …… they are so boring, it’s easy to get distracted ^-^
      Well, at least that’s my point of view ^_^

      And this part about team releases …… I know that too. I’m pretty sure chapter 112 and 113 of Slime are already done, but Clown is busy and takes his time with 111, sadly. Well, I’ve just read the first 110 yesterday, so I can wait~

      I haven’t read Re:Monster yet though … only Isekai and Slime, and TSO, and Rettousei …… well, the first 3 1/2 volumes of Rettousei, that is.


  7. Greetings! Wow, I simply can’t understand how ppl can joke about procrastinating… you see, I am the type of anxious person who won’t calm down until everything is said and done (or at least having a good plan about how to proceed).

    I don’t know about your educational system, but here, in our last year of college, we have to prepare and present an original (if possible) thesis related to our studing field. We get one year to get it done. One year! And present it to a group of 3 teachers! Since I just can’t calm down until everything is done, that was truly the worst year of my entire life, by far lol.

    Now about KnW: good to know you will go past chapter 200! NB and his team seem to have left us all, haha, you’re my last hope now! XDDD Just go on your own pace, but please, PLEASE don’t stop!

    Thank you for all the job you have done!

    P.S. Oh right, that’s my very first post on your blog. Hello! XDDDDDDDD


    1. The “hello” thing is actually said at the start, not in the end ……. XDD

      Well, I’m also good on planning ahead, but I’m actually too lazy to put those plans into action. Welp.
      However, I’m also quite good at meeting the deadlines or talk my way out of it … so as I never actually failed because of my procrastinations ……

      Well, the terms “college” and “high school” are quite confusing for me as I don’t know whether my school would count as one or the other … but high school is more likely. Other terms to describe my school are “border school”, “private school” and “grammar school”. In relations, I currently need 5 more months and I’ll enter a university.

      The scientific work I mentioned – those 40 pages – are not included, but something you can choose to do instead of the second oral exam of what would be the A-levels in the US. You have to choose a topic, write ~40 pages, and defend your work ( = oral exam) in roughly 1 hour. It also involves 3 judges, as well as a patrion from your school and one expert one from outside. Those “patrions” are my aid, the scientific work is rated by those three judges from my school as well as from the state.

      The work sheet has to evolve around a thesis or assumption, should be unheard of. Same as yours as it seems.

      I have 18 months of time for the paper work, and some 3 or 4 extra months to prepare the related oral exam. That work involves quite some attention by the state, you have to send in some formulars to even get permission to do that work.

      Of our current student body, roughly 3% choose to do that work. It gets you higher chances for special universities, but you have to be top-notch to even apply.

      It’s a rather specific part of our educational system, it doesn’t concern most of the pupils. I’d guess roughly 50% of them don’t even know anything about it beside the fact that it exists. And, rather than being part of the last year, it’s part of the last two years.


  8. I put things off till I feel like doing them, I do not put a name to it, I think its just more comfortable to say
    I am living my life happily, of course I am not in school anymore, but if I remember correctly, use to do that
    and the grades showed that, ok I will admit I am a little slow in some areas, it all works out in the end,

    Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to translate, I can’t imagine how you get everything done,
    to me, you are sooooooo awesome, getting out oodles of things, and you manage so many things
    if I get more then 3 things going, I kind of like, hmmmmm too much trouble, lol

    You rock!!!

    ps college and University are kind of interchangeable in the US they are both come after graduation 12 grades
    of Senior year of High School, and Universities are larger, and have many degrees to choose from (also you
    can get a Masters degree or doctorate, which colleges can’t offer)
    while most colleges have very few choices, and on the whole, they are smaller schools

    It sounds like you are more advanced then the US, in high school, what you study and what is expected
    of you, it sounds like you are in University already, thats my take on it anyway,


    1. haha no, I’m in 12th grade ^-^
      The US system just sometimes confuses me, but we have 12 grades too. Well, a maximum of 12. One could drop out after … 10, was it? Never concerned me.
      So it’s better to say I’m in last year of High school then ^_^

      And thanks for the appraisal XDD


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