That wasn’t one presentation until tomorrow, but rather two. Damn, if I knew this (I actually did … I just forgot it.) I would’ve prepared earlier! (Lol no, I wouldn’t.)

But at least I wouldn’t have pulled an all-nighter yesterday. Well, it’ll work out.
Just as that physics test I got back today. The topic was taught in a certain amount of lessons before testing it, and I slept in at least half of them. I’m still not far from the top of the class, so the teacher doesn’t actually mind me snoring off even as I sit (sleep) in the front line.

Well, I guess I’ve gotta hurry now. Why am I posting this? Well, thisย isย a blog after all. And I said my activity rate would increase. And I enjoy blogging. Bare with me ^_^

14 thoughts on “Oops.

    1. Ha, me too. Math test, and it was a big one. 90 minutes of time, Monday at 8am.
      Me had pulled an all-nighter after waking up on sunday at 7pm.
      Walks into room, sits on my place, oversleeps first 30 minutes.
      Woke up and hurridly answered the questions. Still finished the test 15 minutes early to everyone else, Full score, best grade.

      Being intelligent is great ^_^

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      1. I used to be like that at school, sleeping in class, playing with the phone of the guy/girl next to me (in case the teacher found out, I won’t be the one losing the phone), pulling all nighters playing games instead of studying for the test and have the best grade of school, until I got to university, my grades started failing, I had to actually study and I even have to work now, I don’t know what happened to my brains and luck.


          1. same here, with how i do now its 50/50 for getting enough point to go to the second year ๐Ÿ˜› ( maybe i shoud cut back on anime………………. nop not gona happen)


      1. That’s good to know.. Anyway don’t push yourself too hard ๐Ÿ™‚ you’re busy IRL yet you still manage to translate it.. We don’t want you collapsing due to extreme exhaustion ๐Ÿ˜›


  1. naah.. now i recall that i had experience when i slept in the middle of test, it’s english subject and moreover it’s listening test. in the end my grade become mess up -__-
    now now.. don’t push your self too hard.. s
    still good work for the tease translation.


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