Sooo … those two presentations went smoothly. Well, the IT one did. The one in arts …… my teacher is an air-head. I prepared everything, she enters the room, looks at me being ready to start, business as usual, then she suddenly remembers that she forgot to tell me that she changed my dead-line. Two weeks from now on. I’ve spent half a night and a whole headache on nothing.

I know, i know, now it’s done and I haven’t actually wasted my time, but I could have slept!

On a different note, my computer arrived. Actually better than predicted. Solely problem: I didn’t buy a new screen as I thought I could use my dad’s old one. He sold it. Well, now I’m using a 12-year-old screen with 3:4 ratio … together with a Sapphire Nitro R9 380 Radeon Graphic Accelerator and the A88X-G45 Limited edition Gaming motherboard. It’s kinda stupid ….

Also, my internet sucks, up to the point that I can’t load anything even while being perfectly fine connected. That means I have 2 TB space left for various purposes and I simply can’t fill them!

Installed The Witcher 3 for today. Well, in the end I solely got a headache, and I didn’t sleep for some 53 hours. Sooo I’ll just turn out the lights now……………

22 thoughts on “Disappointments.

  1. I knew that feel, it really suck when you prepare for something but it got change to another day.
    And Congratulation on your new computer 😀


  2. I do not think that you will be getting more sleep time soon for you have installed one of the most immersive and addictive games of 2015. Have fun playing~


      1. I know that feeling. It sucks having to play the game at low resolution and low-medium settings because of the monitor, even though your rig can handle much better.


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