Aw, I did it again.

Over the excitement about that certain new PC I didn’t come to translate at all. Testing its devices, installing new games, filling the memory … took up some time, but it should be just about completely adjusted to my preferences about now.

I won’t know, since I wasn’t at home since 7am. It’s been hard on me I guess … not being able to get home until 9pm … well.

So I guess I’ll start translating now. I thought I’d be done already originally, but I didn’t plan on getting the computer so soon. Still haven’t paid for it though … I’m just glad I have rich friends.

Well, having rich friends is good, having good rich friends is better. That being said, I don’t have any good rich friends … So I’m still in a financial pinch. Well, I’ll worry about that later.

Rather, back to the topic, as of why I didn’t get home until now. Well, I had school until 4, and afterwards sports until 6pm. Then my mom came to pick my little sister up and I tagged along. We stopped at the mall, preparing for Halloween. Not my party … well. That’s actually a different story.

After shopping until 8, we visited my grandma, and thus I was occupied for the whole day. Fall season sure is busy …

25 thoughts on “Aw, I did it again.

    1. mhh … never thought of this, but when it comes to stats vs skills, I’d probably prefer … a mix. They both have their own merits, after all. It also kinda depends on how the game actually uses their individual systems, whether they utilize their potential to the fullest or not.

      Blunt speaking, I don’t prefer either.


      1. i would like that as well but the games that do that are very numbered and dont interest me
        and most games dont utilize either of the stat or skill systems fully anymore they did several years ago but now days they just produce games like a factory machine with no feel to the level system along with the skills and stats and there is also not enough diversity in them with what you can do and them some have to much diversity by alowing you to do everything which in some cases is good but most just bad as i try to get everything 100% so if its like skyrim in this case with there being plenty of different skill systems to use and you can use every one of them it takes me a long ass time to move forward in the games as im a nutcase when it comes to trying to get all skills to their highest and what not.
        but on the other note i want stat system to make a come back so it gives me options to build a character in different ways e.g have a mage who not focuses on mana and mana recovery but instead increases his speed or his health.
        if you can see what i mean i want a games which alows you to create a character thats not a “standard” model that companies use now days


        1. Yeah, I see your point. Well, sure, the skill systems often take up some large amount of time to evolve – but I think that’s fully intended.

          And, in regards to building a mage with speed and health – I did exactly just that in Dragon Age: Origins. Well, I still had to spend points to intelligence in order to cast some magic, but my mage sure was kinda “out of character”.

          Speaking of Origins, I think they did something similar to what I meant as I said I’d prefer a mix of both stat and skill system. You have stats, as usual, and then you have a class – mage, stealth, warrior – and within that class there are 5 (if I’m not mistaken and under the assumption that you don’t use skill mods) skill trees of which you can unlock two.

          Those skills are related to your class, but you still can use them to create characters that are not “standard”. E.g. the mage shapeshifter skill tree. (I’m not sure about the name, but something along these lines.) I.e. “you can transform into animals”. Nothing OOC for mages, but still extraordinary. Combine it with strength stats and some increased health and equip a sword or axe instead of a staff, and you get a battle mage that can easily fight at the front lines, transforming into giant beasts.

          But well, Origins is indeed not one of the newest games … But I still got hopes. I liked the system of Dishonored as well, and I’m loking forward to the sequel. Also, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. And there is that overhaul of Skyrim, Enderal. I kinda long to see how they improved the Skyrim system, and I’ve got quite some hopes …


          1. If you want an even tankier mage, you should get arcane warrior and grab that mage sword(shale’s village I think).


          2. yeah, that’s also a possibility. I actually turned that grey-haired mage you get when you fight off the demons from the tower (sry, I forgot her name) into an arcane warrior, shapeshifter was the ability of Morrigan, and my main char was … blood mage + …. I forgot. It’s been some time …

            Well, the character developement was great in that one — endless possibilities ^_^


  1. Using a blog to… blog, thus blinding me from my original purpose of checking for chapters. You did well, I didn’t remember I was supposed to be checking for chapters until just now. How long ago did your vacation end again?

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    1. Кстати когда ждать перевода новой 184 главы, а то много времени прошло уже.


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