Halloween :3

Just 15 minutes left until Halloween. Well, doesn’t matter as it isn’t my party, but my sister’s. I had to take part in tidying the house until now nevertheless. Yep, until now. Our house is big, you know?

Well, the good point: my sister visited. The other one. You know what, to avoid confusion: imouto-san visited. In contrary, it’s my imouto-chan’s party. Japanese sure is handy when it comes to avoid confusion between my younger younger sister and my older younger sister :3

Well, that point beside, I didn’t have any personal time today. And I can’t even blow off some steam with games — my screen still isn’t connected to my graphic card, and it’s just not the same without GC, is it?

Also, my Witcher is still updating. 0.1 MB/sec. What a speed! You can hardly follow with your eyes. Because you can’t see it moving at all, that is.

Maybe I’ll just translate … that’s the intention behind this site, after all. But for now: Good night~

18 thoughts on “Halloween :3

  1. Good Night! 🙂

    …..uses computer hacking to find your location

    uses word magic to teleport to your room while you sleep

    walks over to you and whispers into your ear repeatedly,

    “You will translate more word master, you will translate more word master, you will translate more word master”

    adds more details

    “You will translate word master all day tomorrow and the day after, you will not be distracted by family or friends or schoolwork. Not even by video games!”

    reconsiders because you are a fellow gamer and knows the struggle of install times

    “You may take 2 hour video game breaks a day, but then it’s back to translating!”

    realizes that you may possibly be a PC elitist

    “You will buy an xbox one and PS4!”

    admits to himself that he is secretly very lonely

    “…you will add me as a friend.”

    repeats these sentences for hours. Then goes home. Wakes up the next morning to find out you translated to chapter 192.

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        1. Why do you want to stay awake? Are you afraid of me? Oh….I know what it is….you don’t want to add me as a friend do you o_O??


      1. Oh 192 was just wishful thinking. I get how hard it is to translate, I tried it before and it took me a few hours to do one page.
        Realistically speaking if I made you do all that stuff you’d at most get to 186 maybe?


        1. I can get a chapter done on 8 hours even if it’s a long one, so I guess an experienced translator could do it on 6 hours or less.


      1. This happens when translators take extended breaks. :p

        It takes them a long long time to get back into the groove.

        n00b is showing symptoms of denial here.


          1. I’m not!
            Ok, I admit, the next chapters are gonna be made by Anon-senpai, but … I shall return!
            And, as soon as I’ve read those 5 volumes of Mahou Koukou no Rettousei I’ll have time in school breaks as well! Just you wait and see!


          2. but I don’t have any problems T-T

            Well, beside my laziness, that is.

            And some doctor accused me of split personality syndrome … Not that I would believe him anyways.

            And there is also that horrible day-night rythm of mine. But that is no problem at all!

            And maybe I’m also egoistic and selfish. But that’s an attidtude and no problem.

            Well, ok, perhaps you got a point — not that I’d admit it.


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