While I was sleeping …

chapter 185 was finished.

Well, it wasn’t like I was really sleeping – I rather played Witcher until 7am and just was about to sleep as I noticed it – but that isn’t really important.

Fact is: Anon-senpai is way faster than I am. Now my laziness demands me to convince him to take over, while my intelligence suggests: that won’t happen. Well. Meanwhile, my sloth is simply looking forward to Hiiro vs Leowald …

Change of topic. I didn’t manage to scare the minors yesterday … those kids are far too tough nowadays. On the other hand, I couldn’t even scare myself if I tried … maybe I’m just not cut out for the case.

Oh, and by the way: has anyone here experience with Fallout 3 crashing due to an 3:4 screen? I’m sure it isn’t the computer, and I’m sure it isn’t the game, so it has to be the screen. Seems legit, it’s 12 years old.

Sure, I could simply google that, but …

22 thoughts on “While I was sleeping …

        1. As soon as my internet capacity allows me to download mods … well. And I’m not gonna stop that soon after starting to mod it … experienced it with Skyrim. Modding until it’s dead and then because it’s dead.


  1. Good luck with fallout! 🙂

    …..damn, the spell didn’t work. And now he’s getting lazy because of Anon. Need to revise my strategy…..

    Commence operation: NO GAME NO LIFE


  2. Fallout 3… well I used to play that way back (about 7-8 years ago?),
    I still use an LG 17″ squared monitor and it works fine thou… until my monitor died on me and had to replace it with a Samsung 21″ LCD monitor…

    I was still using GeForce 9600GT back then and I still able to play Fallout 3 on max graphics. (Upgraded it to GTS640 3 years ago because my GPU’s burned and melted) and now I’m able to play Skyrim (only a few mods used) on high graphic.


    1. yes, I never had those problems with Skyrim, so I didn’t expect them to accure at a Bethesda game. Well, turns out that Fallout is too old — it doesn’t like multi-core proccessing and some other features of my new computer … and my laptop – which I used to play Skyrim, for instance – doesn’t have any more memory available. Welp … I’ll have to mod-fix the game ^-^


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