So, according to my timetable…

… it would be best if I finished that chapter now. Well, I’ll probably do it.

I did nearly nothing (beside scanning it) yesterday, because … well. I had to learn history, for the test I had today, and I slept. Well, mainly sleeping – while I should’ve been learning. Never mind.

Speaking of tests, I’ve got English tomorrow and Maths at Friday, that’s why I said I should finish it today, even though I only arrived a home now ( = 6:15pm). Well, it’s not like I’d have to learn for both English and Maths, so ……

… but I only arrived now. And it wasn’t even my fault! I could’ve been at home at 4, but my Imouto-chan … forgot me.

She should’ve told me that I had to catch a bus, as my mom suddenly couldn’t pick us up and told her to tell me, but she didn’t. Even more, instead of attending her piano lessons as usual, she went home early. So I’ve been waiting until 4:45 at school because of her schedule, and afterwards had to somehow manage a way to get home at a time when busses are driving every second hour.

Well, life’s not fair … but forgetting me!

Oh, and by the way: It might happen that I finish it today and can’t post it nevertheless. My internet connection’s horrible again. Duh.

edit: click here.

11 thoughts on “So, according to my timetable…

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