Weekend’s gone … kinda.

Well, I mentioned that a friend of mine was visiting this weekend, and he actually just left now – Sunday, 8pm – so, as it was kinda not predicted that he’d stay that long I ended up spending all my weekend with real life.

Damn, I’m showing withdrawal symptoms. No Anime, No Internet (well, most of the time that is), No Games, No Rettousei Volumes and No Translating.

Good thing is: My thumb is actually better now, so I can type normally again.

I just kinda wanted to drop that my weekend was shorter than I’d have thought on friday, and as it was filled with RL I don’t even have anything new to blog about.

So I decided to proclaim something again. Yep, again. Anyone who lurks for a while already can stop reading now, I’ve already said this multiple times.

But as my watcher count went up again – seemingly Blazer linked me? (Thanks, I guess?) – there are probably some of you who don’t know it anyway.

Even though I’m linked on several pages – Blazer, Baka-tsuki, Novelupdates, WLNupdates, Reddit – I’m actually not an official translator of this series. My occupation is reading ahead, my skills are inferior. So even though I’ve got some fame now (I guess?), this isn’t the “real shit” – if you know what I mean.

Nevertheless, I don’t mind being linked. It increases my views. I don’t particularly care. But that indirectly increases the amount of comments. I don’t particularly care.

However, that directly increases the amount of interesting comments as well – and those I like. They entertain me, and my life is centered around my entertainment.

Done talking now. There is no particular intention, just wanted to say it. Again.

23 thoughts on “Weekend’s gone … kinda.

  1. You want to hear something interesting???…………..ok then. Once there was a little child that wished he could fly………..So obviously he drank a red bull…Then he went to a swimming pool, got on the diving board in his clothes and jumped off like a baby bird thats learning how to fly. And he grew wings and flew in the air, free and happy. He found his ultimate happiness. Even candy couldn’t compare to it. Even making sandcastles in the sand couldn’t compare. Every day he flew through the clouds and BAM!!!!! He hit something and died. Was it a bird, an airplane, or superman? We will never know. THE END.


  2. The only downside of being known like the other translators is that people will begin to pressure you to translate as there are people who cant wait. Seen in on other translator pages. Anyways, I’ve always read from Blazer and now I’m migrating to your site. :3


    1. Didn’t happen to me as of now … so I don’t really know how to react. Simply ignore it? Blacklist them? Reply with reason? Depending on my mood, every of those actions would fit my personality. Welp, let’s hope it doesn’t occur ^-^


  3. Hey, even though your skills are inferior, your notes are so awesome that compensates it, no to be honest is way better than the “official”.
    Also, if some of the new readers is going to pressure you, we will bully him until his internet life is dead so don’t worry about anything and just enjoy.


    1. Hey hey hey, don’t go that far dammit. At least leave it at hikikomori level. Losing the internet is like losing a kidney, except you can still function without a kidney.


  4. Well. Freeloaders, like myself, tend to be patient on giving the tl time to tl.

    But key things test patience,
    -tl holding translation hostage for ego boost
    -days of waiting turns to weeks, than months,
    being the top reasons.


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