ourgh, I’m done for.

Well, I didn’t really sleep much this weekend. Matter of my nature. Even more as I had a visitor. Then: 5 hours between sunday and monday, and zero hours between monday and today.

Well, that’s a lie. I did sleep in school, and I slept after returning home, but I went up at 8pm, so it’s kinda useless …

But I felt the urge to start translating now – don’t wanna procrastinate it. Any more, that is.

Soooo I prepared some energy drinks and sweets and a cola – you only live once, after all – and gonna start now :3

Meanwhile, in those sleepless hours, I’ve read the 9th and 10th volume of Rettousei, and my Witcher is now lvl 15. Still have to find the baron’s wife and stuff – in other words, it’s only starting – but I’m advancing.

Speaking of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – does anyone know of translation beyond the 14th volume? I’ve got the impression that the novel continues far further, but there was something with legality and stuff … didn’t really gather information though, so I might suffer from misconception?

And yes, that sentence isn’t really supposed to end with an exclamation mark. You know where I got my influences.

Anyways, if I’m dead by tomorrow because too much of … everything – welp, some things can’t be helped, can they? You’ll need another translator.

Probably won’t die from that much though. I just have to dispose of my health once in a while. Well, what “health” in the first place?

That philosophy test tomorrow’s gonna be hard that way, I guess. Well, if I don’t rise the level of difficulty, I might just snore off. So maybe it’s better that way …

Well, speaking of “you’ll have to find another translator”. I’ve been thinking – just crossed my mind today, as I pondered why I feel that obliged even though I’m that lazy normally – the further I read ahead, the harder it gets to stop.

If I’d stop I had to wait for regular translations after all. No way, they are so far beyond … welp. Not blaming anyone, just pointing out that I won’t be able to stop at some point ‘cuz stopping would cause some serios back-lash effect. On my mind, that is.

On the other hand, joining the main branch also gets harder. Because I’d have to redo what I already did … and with every additional chapter the load of work I’d get increases. Nope, not gonna happen.

At this point I’d also like to say – in case it wasn’t as obvious as I thought – I’m publishing under no license nor copyright whatsoever. Everyone is free to take my work and use it.

That being said, I hereby invite anyone to take my work to improve their own speed. (Cough.) References help, don’t they? Well, there’s the thing about pride – I’m not the one to talk in that regard – but there is a fine difference between doing everything yourself and not taking advantages of other’s work. Just sayin’.

Well, the first magical potion (aka Energy drink) is empty by now, so I might as well stop writing a blog post …

35 thoughts on “ourgh, I’m done for.

      1. Seriously though. Thank you for all your hard work. Made me die a bit inside when pretty much everyone else quit after I decided to read so far ahead and see so much awesome.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. N…. n… not today?
    just kidding your health is more important

    because if you are not alive we will have to wait month until next chapters ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  2. Please stay alive we are rooting for you 🙂

    ….nothing to worry about. I will make sure he stays alive. None of my subjects have died without my permission before. But in the worst case scenario, I will be sure to squeeze out a couple hundred more chapters before he gives out…..


    1. I don’t mean to be selfish, but please get some more chapters done. I don’t like when my other half comes out, he’s scary. 😦

      Seriously though, take care of yourself man.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, they’re kinda overflowing right now … but they have to appear in the header (as I post them as pages, not posts), nothing to do about it. Better way: just use the custom menue on the right or visit the parent page (chapters’n’stuff) ^-^


  3. Sorry to say this but Yen Press decided to license the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel series. You can perhaps google and find a translation for that vol. some where on the web. The first vol. was suppose to publish here in the USA in Sept. but they decided to push it back into Feb. I believe. But keep looking I am sure you can find the next vol. your looking for some where on the web.


  4. mahouka koukou no rettousei has 16 volumes fully translated and 17 is detailed summary. 18 is a summary with like 10 sentances so that is useless


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