I kinda forgot to tell you –

— mainly because I forgot about it myself until I actually had to move —

I kinda forgot to mention that my whole family, except me, was abroad between last friday and today.

I didn’t sleep at home in that time. To be exact, I just arrived at home after ages and well … Naturally, my PC was left at home, while I took my laptop with me. That old thing that caused me to buy this PC.

First day: My laptop breaks. Yeay!

I kinda had no internet at all in those days. Well except for my phone … which is even older than that laptop.

Really, it’s too old to have a colored display.

Anyways, even if I had internet it’s not like I’d have had the time to translate. Christmas is drawing near (lol.) and it’s the big time of concerts. If you’ve never been in any band or choir or orchestra, you probably wouldn’t know, but —

— advent time is hell. Well, my schedule is actually better than my sister’s this year ’round — she has 10 planned events in the next 4 weeks — but still, practice is a need. Stood on stage yesterday.

Welp, how can I help it? It’s been a part of my life for 14 years now. Playing the violin, that is. I wouldn’t really call it one of my main hobbies, nor is it due to my parents being rich — lol, they aren’t — but … well, it’s kinda a long story.

Doesn’t really matter. I’m back home now, have finally got my internet back, and can finally start translating again. Duh, it’s not like my rate dropped due to that anyways. You got your chapter last week, after all.

And my rate is: one or two per week. Wait, did you really just get one last week? Welp, time flies like an arrow. And I’ve never been good when it comes down to remembering trivial stuff.

There’s a reason I call myself an airhead, after all. Whoops, shouldn’t use that anymore. The meaning changed, after all … wait, it didn’t. I just thought (and still think, sometimes) that it was slightly different.

But the fault lies not just with me, but also with anime. I don’t really want to blame my fellow translators — would never even think about it — but … it gave me the wrong impression.

Take Sheele from Akame ga kill for example. Well, I’m slightly better than her, as her condition is close to autism, while I was told mine was similar to ADD (that’s ADHD without the “H” XD), but that doesn’t matter.

She might be … easily distracted and therefore sometimes seems to be clumsy, but she isn’t stupid, is she?

Kay, maybe not the best example. Welp, gonna give up explaining it, just one last word: I don’t really believe in that doctor’s words who told me I had ADD. I mean, seriously …

Never mind. My point was that I might forget what I actually wanted to say, and I’m not that good at remembering boring stuff (such as a person’s name or that I actually even know them), but … but … wait, what did I …?

Aww, forget it already. I’m gonna enjoy my computer’s presence now, and afterwards I’m gonna start translating, at last. Did take me some time, huh?

25 thoughts on “I kinda forgot to tell you –

  1. Wow, I think my condition is similar to yours. I forget names all the time and if I don’t see someone for a while, I can forget they even exist, even if they were my best friend or family. And I’m super forgetful. But it is not quite ADD. Though I almost wouldn’t mind if it was because that way I’d have an excuse and wouldn’t get in as much trouble. Well, hope to see the next chapter soon.

    …..airhead……AIRHEAD?…..if you are not a hot/cute girl in real life or in anime than this is unforgivable…….


  2. Hm, what to say? Go take your time. Go do what you want, play your Violin or something.
    Uhm yea, I don’t know what else to say really..
    Good luck for whatever you’re going to do I guess! 8^)


      1. the feels aside, the anime almost perfectly reconstructed the fear and challenges a musician faces in their life, showing here and there the undying passion we all have towards improving oneself;
        it is an anime that is really spot-on regarding a parent’s love, it is really well-executed, not rushed at all, it’s music and ambiance and the entirety of the plot and the whole thing in general is amazing.

        I mean, Nodame Cantabile aside, Your Lie in April is one of my best-of-all-times anime which forte lies in music and drama, and is just all-around amazing. The visuals are aesthetic enough that it pleases the eye, the plot-writing and the pacing is not the best, but is so smooth and coherent (with a twist here and there) that it is rare to hear people going “it felt rushed” or “it could’ve been better” over it; the music is so detailed and just fits in perfectly and I know I’ve talked about the music aspect of the anime but I’m talking about it again on purpose because it’s just THAT amazing.

        It feels like my ears are constantly orga*ming every time a scene came out and the OST plays.

        Sure, it has it flaws if we were to look closer, but in general, I don’t think a normal audience would find it bad; and most avid anime lovers with an eye for quality, too, unless they’re a real hater, wouldn’t really find something wrong with the anime. And even then it’s hard to say it’s bad, because overall, it’s really amazing.

        That’s my biased opinion of it.
        I mean really. Everything about it is just so good.

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  3. Violinist, huh? That’s cool. I used to be in a couple choirs, a long time back, but we only had a couple big shows during the season. As far as I remember. Which isn’t far. Hmm…
    Anyhow. Thanks for your hard work.


  4. PHEW
    thank god i thought we had lost another translator for KnW that would have been catastrophic.
    but glad your not abandoning us
    and yes i know whats its like to be in a band, choir or orchestra altho its been a long time since i was in one but yes its hard around christmas time


    1. I use to be in a school band to before. I first I was trumpet and then teacher move on to the baritone. After two years I decided to quit and move on to singing and the drama classes.


          1. Yeah, compared to being a freelancer like myself, being completely self-responsible for my time-management … but at the other hand, I’m glad to be able to be flexible with my time ^_^


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