Merry Christmas ^-^

So, officially now. Just wanted to say that chapter 190 is done — for everyone who didn’t notice, because I have the faint feeling that you don’t get a message when I add a new page, only when I post.

On a side note; My grandparents are gonna visit us today, and I really hope some of my problems (i.e. monetary ones) are gone after their visit. As I successfully completed that scientific report as well that would leave me with just one problem left: final exams. They begin in 22 days ^-^

But between learning and being tested I’m gonna find some time for translating. At least that’s what I hope …

And as I have holidays right now I’ll probably evade anything that even faintly smells of “duty” anyways, so there might be some time on hand even though I really should learn my phrases for that theater play that’s gonna be marked the day after holidays end, or revise my old physic folder in order to manage well in that exam I have just in the second week of January … welp.

It’s not like I’m lazy. Not at all … I’m worse.

“I am alive” – post

Ah, I did it. Started translating again, that is. At least some of my troubles are done for now, and I even tidied up my room (took me three damn days!), and my internet is too bad to play Monster Hunter Online, and I’ve lost the track of my progress with Witcher 3 — probably natural, after that forced break — So I stopped procrastinating and just started again.

And I noticed that I had a few questions when I stopped translating … phrases marked in red, things I was unsure about. So I decided it was about time for me to start blogging again.

So, let’s get things done chronologically.

First thing marked with red is the word “Avorus”. It is supposedly the name of Eveam’s brother, the previos Maou. I think I was unsure whether the others translated it this way or another.

Oh, and by the way. I’ve been using “Maou” instead of “Demon Lord/King” — just a personal preference, but I never knew whether you guys liked it this way rather the other as well or not. I think it’s more precise than any title given in english, but … what do I know …

Kay, next thing is 《爆熱転化》 … it should be one of Leowald’s skills. I’m unfamiliar with his Status right now, and even though I’d have a translation of my own, I’m quite sure it should’ve been translated already previously. I think his Status was first displayed when the Humas king was still alive and Hiiro teleported to the conference in midst of the war? The skill’s name should be something alonge the lines of “temperature burst conversion”.

Ah, talking of conversion. Or was it inversion? That’s the problem. I just can’t get around those two words; what’s the difference? I’m afraid I used them quite interchangable previously.

The next question is something for those who undestand a bit of japanese. There is a thing called すいぎょうしゅ — supposedly it is something like a water orb of some sort. It is written as “Water Orb”, but spoken as above. I could just leave it as Water Orb, but I wanna know what it should mean nevertheless.

Speaking of special readings. I decided I’d try to do the same as Guro when he translates Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken. So from now on I’m trying to give you both the written and the spoken version of special words or phrases.

And my last question is just alike. Matter of concern is that sword Marione summoned in the first round. It’s name is supposed to be イルヤドゥール (“illuyadouur”?). I think that should be an english name, but I just can’t get around it. Translating japanese english has always been hard for me, but that one is particularly grotty.

Oh, and is the sword supposed to be  a “Spirit Blade” or the like? I can’t remember that particularly phrase … need it, though.


What a load of questions, huh? Now, if you’d kindly answer at least some of them … thanks :3