Merry Christmas ^-^

So, officially now. Just wanted to say that chapter 190 is done — for everyone who didn’t notice, because I have the faint feeling that you don’t get a message when I add a new page, only when I post.

On a side note; My grandparents are gonna visit us today, and I really hope some of my problems (i.e. monetary ones) are gone after their visit. As I successfully completed that scientific report as well that would leave me with just one problem left: final exams. They begin in 22 days ^-^

But between learning and being tested I’m gonna find some time for translating. At least that’s what I hope …

And as I have holidays right now I’ll probably evade anything that even faintly smells of “duty” anyways, so there might be some time on hand even though I really should learn my phrases for that theater play that’s gonna be marked the day after holidays end, or revise my old physic folder in order to manage well in that exam I have just in the second week of January … welp.

It’s not like I’m lazy. Not at all … I’m worse.

35 thoughts on “Merry Christmas ^-^

  1. Not lazy, but a procrastinator like me, postponing school projects till the very last bit, panicking, working on the projects throughout the night (then falling asleep and missing school).
    Then you repeat the process (at the last moment)

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  2. “for everyone who didn’t notice, because I have the faint feeling that you don’t get a message when I add a new page, only when I post.”

    That would be correct. I only know when there is a new chapter when you post something about it.


  3. “for everyone who didn’t notice, because I have the faint feeling that you don’t get a message when I add a new page, only when I post.”

    Same here. i only get messages when you post.

    Thanks for the chapters!~


  4. we have same fate my friend, heavy exam on 2nd week of january.
    really, what exam is for at this age where information is just a finger away? we don’t need those scary things like physic or math to be examined, if we don’t know something internet is there to help.


    1. I recently had a thought. Would it be cheating if I tattoo’ed all the formulae onto my body? Because, they can’t really remove it just for the exam, and banning someone for life from accomplishing the allowance to study just because of tattoos … nah … they’d never do that, would they? Just played Tomb Raider the other day, and this nerd guy — Mark, was it? — had a really fancy chemical formula on his neck, that got me the idea. Was more thinking of physic, but …

      … well, I don’t have the money anyway.


        1. I’m pretty sure we’re speaking about the same one … the survival one where we see how Lara encounters the supernatural for the first time, thus regaining trust into her father, which leads her to the idea of finding him in the first way, and how a survivor is born … but I’m pretty sure it was 2013 …


  5. Hey first of all thanks for translating with so much care. You make it easy to understand and enable us to picture the situation in our head like reading a manga :).

    Now secondly i want to say that if you want to invest more time but also gain more money through translation that is quite easy. You could make a donation system like on wuxiaworld where you demand a certain price per chapter. I am certain that i´m not the only one who would willingly pay some money if it meant to get more chapters. And if your channel is not famous enough why not ask to join wuxiaworld but even without that i noticed that the more you translate the more famous you become the more money you get.

    And if you feel bad for getting money for it… well don´t !! Because we want more chapters and we want to give you money the more chapters we get it is our selfishness!!
    Take Thyaeria from wuxiaworld for example since 07/08/15 he translated 1 chapter per day and made about ~200$ a week in November. In December he translated 2 chapters a day and last week he got ~1000$. At that point he couldn´t keep up with translation anymore and had to close donations. If you ask me, there is a huge amount of money lying around for translators to pick up 🙂

    Ok Sorry for the long post and whatever you decide thanks for the Translation up till now and the ones to come 🙂 A little wordmaster is better than none after all 🙂


    1. Well, I already have a donation system, completely based on good will though. I don’t want to force anyone to pay me for my newfound hobby — even more as I certainly percieve my abilities as far from perfect — but if you want to give me money, why not. I appreciate it, really.
      However, the main purpose of this page is being a playground for me. It isn’t intended to drop any monetary gain, but if it does — even better. Moreover, recieving more money — which would probably be achievable just as you said, with said methods — would not exactly mean that I would translate any faster, as translating isn’t a “job”, but a “hobby” to me, thus it is one the latter side of my priorities. In fact, forcing my audience to pay for my “services” would probably turn some of them against me, which would show 1) in a decrease of watchers and 2) in an increase of negative responces. I’d still get more money, but as I said, that’s not my current goal.

      Oh, and don’t be afraid of long comments, I actually read all responses I get, and it’s more likely I’ll answer them if they pique my interest, thus the longer they are, the greater is the probability of my reacting to it.

      Anyways, thanks for the appreciation and the thoughts, and a happy new year — even though it started already 😛


  6. Hey, any chance for a new chapter this week or so? I’ve started reading this WN since last week, and I’ve been enjoying it, sorry if this message annoys you, I’ve just not seen any update or so. Thank you for these translations 🙂


    1. Maybe during next week. My first exams are over now, so I’m bound to have some spare time (at least I hope that) — but this weekend I’mn gonna get wasted, so I’m probably not going to translate. Had 5 hours of mathematics straight today, so even as I’m better at maths than others, I’m not gonna do anything but enjoy myself for the rest of the week ^-^

      Also, if you really read all the previous chapters within one week (as I did as I started reading the series) — you may want to prepare yourself for some hard waiting time. It’s getting better right now, but I must say that I update this projet far less than it deserves. Welp, had no time last weeks, and Now that I have time, translating isn’t quite the first thing on my mind …


  7. First time commenting on any blog, so excuse me for double posts/mistakes.

    I’ve started reading this since last week, and I’ve really been enjoying it, so thanks for spending the time to translate them.

    There’s not been an update on your blog for a while, so I’ve been wondering if we’ll be having a new chapter in a week or so (Been on 20% for the last few days I checked), I’m sorry if these kinds of messages bother you, I just wanted to know since I’m hyped for the next chapter


    1. Well, posting your question once usually is enough, afterwards it gets approved by me, and I’ll probably answer. But as it is your first time I don’t particularly care about your double-posting ^-^


      1. Ah, I’m, sorry, comment didn’t post even after checking 20 mins after so, I thought I fucked something up, sorry for the bother ^^


        1. Nah, it’s nothing.
          That happens to everyone when they comment for the first time on any wordpress blog, the author first has to “authorize” them to post comments on his blog once, then their comments will show up. It’s a security thing, avoiding spam and the like … but once I approved of one of your comments, you can comment without me having to double-check every time. It’s an one time only thing. Welp, I’m still reading every single comment, regardless of whether or not I already approved anyone — that’s the meaning behind the comment function, after all.


  8. I hope everything going better for you. Slightly selfishly cus I want more chapters but I do remember being in a similar way to where you are right now.


  9. i just completed reading the latest chapter and i seriously hope that i could at least read untill the end of the battle between the main character and the beast king…..gannbatte kudasai !!!


  10. voted for knw and Fuyuu Gakuen no Alice and Shirley ( really hoop some one picks this one up, it stop rigth before a big fight/ cliffhanger)
    ps. nice that your still here 😀


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