Gomen, minna.

… Just wanted to say that — as someone else started translating this — I’m gonna stop for now. His … style, as well as language arts; they wouldn’t be considered the finest. To be honest, I’ve noticed that I probably view myself as superior, but being deattached to my feelings … is part of my personality as well.

Here you go: RIP — btw I think this name kinda fits the mood. If it comes down to it, I’ll probably just stop, stop reading KnW, stop sharing it, stop blogging. It has been a fun time, but as I’m not able to deliver two per week anymore — HA! I won’t even manage 2 a month! — and as one thing after the other shows up — you know, my tomcat nearly died the other day, because he got in between a fight of two dogs of mine; Caused by the one being in heat and nearly mating, whilst the other being the “head wife” — and studies … you know. I’ll still answer questions and (interesting) comments, but.

Kay, but as I’m further than newbie — A N00b calls someone newb, lewd.

As I am further, you can have it. Also, Check the right upper corner of this site. Right, the progress. Do yourself a favor and make XCrossJ take over. Do me a favor. Do it.

Or just … leave it be. You know, I’m beginning to ‘not care about it’ — and that’s the beginning. Of the end, that is.

But how do they say — every ending is a beginning, every closed door opens a new.

Ahh, I said you can have it. The (unfinished) chapter 191, that is. It’s my farewell present, at least for now, and it is like me: imperfect. Uncompleted. Doesn’t matter. I’m just a little dark right now. Don’t worry, I’m still privileged, ain’t I …

Here you go.

See you around.

It’s a shame, isn’t it? I thought I’d manage at least until the next arc, or at least until 200, or … at least. Just soooo like me, leaving in the middle … not even the final part is complete.