Konjiki no Wordmaster 174 … as a quick fix.

Well, I know I said I’d finish it tomorrow, but I kinda finished it today. Enjoy …. Konjiki no wordmaster chapter 174, translated by Itisn1tmyname!

174th Episode – Muir’s struggle

Haa haa haa…..

 Muir desperately avoids Ionis’ Yo-yo attack from earlier. This way she is made to do nothing but intense moving, exhausting her physical strength.

However, I don’t have any chance to approach at all because of that weapon……(Muir)

 Because of the irregular movements of the Yo-yo, which was equipped with both hands, avoiding or coming closer with all of ones might was unthinkable.

I want to end this as soon as possible. Though I’m not worried in the slightest, the 2vs1 way will also put Shublarz at ease.(Io)

 Apparently wanting to quickly settle the fight with Muir, she resembles the plan of assisting Shublarz. She once again moves her hands, hurling the Yo-yo around.

Even if it’s just me, I can’t be defeated here.(Muir)

 Muir putted her hands into a large bag that was on her lower waist to take something out of it. And then she made a gesture with both of her hands just like holding something aloft and throwing it at Ionis.

Kyiin! (SFX)

 A metallic sound echoes as the Yo-yo is hit by something Muir threw. And after colliding, they returned to below.

……that is your weapon?(Io)

 Ionis is speaking while facing Muir.

 Muir was holding a Chakram in both of her hands, a weapon with blades on the outside and a hole in the middle. ((TL: So basically, depending on the size and number of the blades, it’s something like a razor Frisbee or like a throwing star (like the ones in some early Naruto episode where they were fighting against this guy with the big sword who was accompanied by the boy looking like a girl) – or something between them. Now I kinda hate myself for Naruto-reference T-T))

 She also had some more equipped, but she grabbed the Chakram coming at her rotating in high speed with considerable skill. Judging from the fact that she was dealing with them without any incident it was clearly understandable that this skill was achieved by Muir’s desperate training.

I call it Kōen! Here you go!(Muir) ((TL: Kōen means park, public performance, support, lecture/speech, or flame, depending on the Symbols used to write it. The name is written as 紅円, meaning Crimson Circle (Kurenaiyen), but read as こうえん – Kōen. I would go with Flame as for the meaning, but decided to leave it as Kōen ^-^))

 She suddenly held her breath and threw the two Kōenagain. They really deserved their name, having crimson red decorations on the blades and being a rotating scarlet circle.

 The Kōenirregularly moved towards Ionis. But she just said, moving her Yo-yo towards the ground,


 Suddenly the Kōenfell from the sky to the ground. And it wasn’t directed at Ionis herself, but collided with the Yo-yo.



 Moreover it wasn’t repelled, but stuck to the Yo-yo as if held by birdlime. ((TL: …birdlime – this author definitely has crazy ideas. But I’ve double-checked it, its 鳥モチ (or rather 鳥黐): Birdlime.))


 Muir was confused and couldn’t understand why such a phenomenon occurred.

This weapon, Kōen. It has a good name.(Io)
But, Io’s Phantomis also great.(Io) ((TL: yep, Ionis call’s herself Io. So do I.))

 She threw out her chest puffed with pride. It seemed like her Yo-yo was called Phantom, and if Muir was to come closer, she would have to take desperate consideration of what happens in the midst of her movements. ((TL: Liberal trans.))

Is it a characteristic of that weapon? No, I don’t get that kind of feeling…… maybe it’s magical power…..) (Muir)


 Although thinking she had seen through it, she didn’t have enough information yet. So to first determine if she was correct, Muir threw a small knife that had been attached to her lower waist.

 But Ionis easily avoided it quickly.

What you’re doing is unreasonable again.(Io)

 Then the buzzing Phantombegan to rotate like a lasso.

Your weapons are done for!(Io)

 Even as it was turning, the Kōenclung to the Phantom, then suddenly broke apart and flew at Muir.

That’s a bad move!(Muir)

 Muir slightly slackened her cheeks, narrowing her eyes, preparing herself. Thus, she skillfully grabbed the two Kōen. In the moment when Muir thought she got her weapons back, she was surprised at Ionis’ following move.


 In front of her eyes the Phantomcame flying. Probably it was thrown after flinging the Kōen.



 As she didn’t want to get hit, Muir promptly jumped away. However,

Dogo! (SFX)

E-eek!」 (Muir) ((TL: Maybe screaming in surprise?))

 Suddenly the Phantomis strangely bent in a right angle and came toward her. Muir tried to defend using her Kōen, but the conditions were unstable, so it was blown away.

 But Muir saw it. The Phantomwas still touching her Kōen. And even if it was naturally not amusing it stuck to it just like before, as if being held by birdlime.


…. so I was right…. the knife a little while ago……) (Muir)

 As she thought of something, the Phantomfinally was going to be separated from Ionis. ((?)) While showing little facial expression, Muir was taking action to obtain conviction.


Phew………… I noticed it.(Muir)
Ah, your magic……. isn’t it something that lets you magnetize everything once you touch it?
((TL: “Ah” as in “Yeah”))

 Being seen through so easily, Ionis flinches

w-w-w-what are you possibly talking about? Io doesn’t u-understand you…(Ionis)

((TL: Liberal Trans. Heck, her way of speaking is annoying when she gets flustered -.-))

 As one could see, she was clearly upset. Muir could also just too easily understand her change. Although slightly dumbfounded, Ionis continued talking,

Y-you shouldn’t know about my magnetism. Io is absolutely not a Magnetic magicuser.
((TL: ok, she isn’t stuttering, but her way of speaking is damned from now on. That’s why.))

 Sweating on her forehead, she totally fell for Muir’s talking.

That you show this much confusion means that my conclusion was right on the spot…(Muir)
uh……u-uh…..(Io) ((Its a sigh… kinda.))

 Displaying a displeased expression she sighed and shyly asked,


….. how did you know?(Io)
The knife.(Muir)
Yes. When I threw Kōento protect myself, it was attracted by your weapon. Next I threw my knife and it was avoided.
…… ah.

 Ionis felt dizzy and stood with an opened mouth.

And now in your last attack, no matter how much time passed, my Kōendidn’t separate from your weapon, I thought it was strange. And before, weapons I should have been able to avoid were unnaturally turning in the air as if chasing me. As if the Kōenwere drawn by some kind of force…… like magnetism.
…… just from that?((TL: she’s asking if Muir was truly able to determine her power from scratch with just those pieces of information.))
Actually, our teacher told us about possible participant, and there was an user of this kind of magic in the past. That’s why I was able to come to an answer that quickly.」 

 Muir’s splendid knowledge strength even overtopped Hiiro, who had been reading a lot of books in the last six months. And he didn’t know that their master Rarashik actively investigated her opponents.


…… amazing. You impressed me.(Io)

 Ionis innocently began clapping with both of her hands. ((TL: Standing ovations!))

I never would have thought that I would be seen through completely.(Io)
So unfortunately it’s better for me of I don’t use my Kōen.(Muir)

 She gently puts them on the ground while saying so. Because holding onto them would make it possible for Io to make use of them. ((TL: Liberal Trans. And: so when they are laying on the ground Io can’t manipulate them? Throw’em away, dammit!))

If that’s the case I wish I had magnetized them right away with the first attack.(Io)
Ah, as I thought you hadn’t shed your magic at that time yet. If you had, I wouldn’t have been able to avoid your attacks until now.
Un, because I honestly thought defeating you would be easy.(Io) ((TL: Un = nodding))
I-Is that so……(Muir)

((TL: they are probably talking about the time in ch. 172 when Io just “played” with her… so the Chakram are just pieces of metal after all, being attracted to the Yo-yo being a magnet. And if Io had used her magic directly at Muir as they still stood close to each other, they would be magnets themselves, influencing metal instead of just being influenced.))


 Muir was shocked that she obviously hadn’t been taken seriously.

But I failed.(Io)
…… May I ask for your name?(Io)
Ah, yes. I’m Muir. Muir Kastreia.
Muir…… un, I’ll remember it. Io is called Ionis. But I think it’s alright if you just call me Io.((TL: I never said this, but it’s kinda cute how she always talks of herself in 3rd person ^-^))
Eh, ah….. yes. Io…. -san.
Just Io is fine. Just leave the honorific. And I’ll also call you Muir
….. I’ve understood ….. uun, gotcha, Io-chan.((TL: uun: no/ sign of rephrasing. “Gotcha” because she repeats “I’ve undersood”, but less formal.))
……….. Thats the first time…… I was called Io-chan

 For some reason she had a bright red face. She looked at Muir in panic.

((TL: ok, never mind my grudge against her way of speaking after being flustered, she’s just too cute <3))

Oh, hahahaha, I’m sorry! I guess I was too overfamiliar….. was I?(Muir)
Uun! It’s fine. I was just a bit surprised.(Io)
Hahaha…… Good, I’m glad…..((TL: She said “Yokatta” – and it has several meanings. Couldn’t decide between “That’s good” and “I’m (so) glad” – so I picked both.))

 Muir rises her hand to her chest and takes a deep breath. ((TL: Too much laughing hurts -.-))

But Muir, I won’t hold back from now on. I agreed with my companions to do our best.
….. un, I’ll also fight at full power from here on, Io-chan!((TL: Reminder: un = nodding. Don’t confound with uun meaning “no” or shaking ones head in negation.))

 The two of them faced each other.

「《Fang of Thunder》!」

 Muir emitted a column of Thunder.

Not a hit!(Io)

 She easily avoids, sending the Phanomflying.

The present’s most crucial moment!(Muir) ((TL: I’m not quite sure. Another version would be: “It’s a national public performance!” – multiple meanings of the symbols.))

 At this moment multiple things like soap bubbles appear from the hands of Muir.

 The second the Phanomtouched it, the soap bubble gets larger and wraps around the Phantom.


 Inside of the bubble there was a tremendous discharge phenomenon, stopping the movement of the Phantom. ((TL: ever heard of electro-magnetic fields? Electricity and Magnetism are related, they influence each other and are basically unseparable, as long as metal is involved.))

「《Thunder void》!」 (Muir)

 Now the bubbles also went toward Ionis.


Bring it on!(Io) ((TL: she said “やるの!” (Yaruno). The “no” is just her quirly way of speaking, thus can be ignored. Yaru has several meanings, e.g. to do, to give, to kill, to have sex, to send, to dispatch, to do someone in, to bump someone off… it’s a dilemma.))

 Ionis admires Muir’s attack while still brilliantly avoiding it.



 While not leaving a single graze in her avoidance she involuntarily leaks a sigh.

Now I’ll have to pass a magnetic Touch directly!(Io)

 Ionis approached toward the unchanged Muir. She easily let go of her Phantom, and even if this situation was improbable, she didn’t depend on the weapon.

 Beeing calm even after having her weapon snatched away, Ionis truly was a captain that is entrusted with the first team.

 Ionis was fast, and if Muir was still in the state of beginning, she easily had received the kick. But now, as magnetic energy was fowing through her opponents body, she had to avoid it at all costs or she would completely lose the movement of her body.


 But the weapons were already gone. She was moving desperately to avoid the attacks, strictly continuing to evade. And finally, Ionis’ fist tried and hit Muir’s left shoulder.

 In this moment Ionis thought she lastly got the advantage in their struggle –

 Bachi…… (SFX)

 In the second she touched Muir’s body pain as from static electricity struck her, and……

 Bachibachibachiiiiiiii (SFX)

 Suddenly intense discharge occurs around Muir. ((TL: poor Io))

Hu!」 ((it’s like… spoken SFX?))

 Ionis immediately takes distance by jumping back. Feeling numb in some body parts, she is startled after looking at Muir’s eyes.


 In place of her Kemonomimi on top of her head there was a shining pair of wings. And a large amount of lightning is released from her body.

((TL: I know the wings are kinda because she’s a silver dragon, but in my imagination it looks kinda stupid. Wings on her head …))

Ok, ok, I think that I should’ve translated Kōen as “Flame” – because then you’d know when it’s just one and when there are two of them. If you didn’t notice: most of the time there are two.

And, I’ll say it again: Io is mine.

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