Konjiki no Wordmaster 183 …. as the hero’s failure.

I delayed it far enough, so without further words:

183rd Episode – The puppet Taishi

((it’s funny, as I didn’t know it was Taishi’s name my first trans was “The puppet’s ambition”…))

Kehaha! That’s right, I’m Kokurou! Kehaha!(Kuro)

 Sticking out his tongue like a complete fool the man turned around, now facing them.

…..is that the reason for you to be here? If you only do such things, how dare you came back that nonchalantly!(Branza)
I thought I said it already? I’m working!(Kuro)
……if dead father saw you now, he certainly would be grieving because of you.(Bran)
Ke, don’t tell me stories about a father that was killed long ago. Does murder make you nervous?(Kuro)

 The unthinkable amount of he blood lust in the air was almost stirring. However, as one could think that most of the blood lust settled down for an instant –

Well yes, I nearly planned on killing you a moment ago, but you don’t need to show resentment to that degree. Where is……..(Kuro) ((Lib.))
…….my husband, you mean?(Bran)
Kehaha…… I’ll definitely kill that guy without fail as soon as I spot him.~」(Kuro)
If that’s the case, why didn’t you come to kill my husband then? Even more, shouldn’t even someone like you be afraid of my husband and the three beast warriors?(Bran) ((Lib.))
Who would be scared by those people! The plan is the plan! Just now I’m under that guy, carrying out his scheme, meanwhile having this convenient time~」(Kuro)
……. that’s a surprise. That a person like you would take orders from someone else…(Bran)
Did you misunderstand me? It’s just by chance that I follow his orders, as our interests match, and moving is the last resort. Of course I’d only work for myself~」(Kuro)
You’re still the same self-centered thinking Kokurou.(Bran)
Ha, I thought that’s the proper behavior for Gabranth~」(Kuro)

 As they mutually stared at each other, Kokurou suddenly noticed something as his eyes narrowed and a smile floated across his face.

It seems like the job was perfectly done.(Kuro)

 Hearing his words, Branza looked were Kokurou’s line of sigh was previously directed at. There was the pride of Passion, the Tree of BeginningAragorn. But in the next moment –

 Shuuuuuuuuuuu…………… (SFX)

 Suddenly a lot of the overgrown green of Aragornwithers, taking the shape of a dead tree in winter.

W-what the-!?(Branza)

 Her cry was involuntary. It was due to Aragornbeing a big tree covered with fresh green leaves all year round. The leaves hadn’t withered even once until now.

 For this reason of course she became increasingly confused as the situation occurred now.

Kehaha, the honored me is going home now~」(Kuro)

 Before they became aware of it, Kokurou already jumped upon a branch above, but hearing his vice she came to her senses, sharply looking at him –

W-what the heck did you do, Kokurou!(Branza)


 Before Kokurou had met with Branza, the person with the square on their back that came to Passionalong with Kokurou was heading towards a building, lurking in the shadows, concealing himself, whilst Kokurou was wandering around, destroying one building after another, keeping the citizens’ attention with his behavior. ((That’s a long sentence… hope I didn’t forget anything.))

 While skillfully concealing himself, he reaches his destination – the Tree of the beginning – Aragorn. Screams were to be heard from around. Probably Kokurou had claimed peoples’ lives mercilessly.

 But now he himself couldn’t help but do it even as he wasn’t in high spirits. He couldn’t afford to neglect it. Really, he couldn’t afford to fail.

 Then, as he arrived at the foot of Aragorn, there stood a little boy nearby. His Kemonomimi were twitching lovely.

 Thus, as the boy looked into his direction –

Hey hey, did something happen?(Boy)

 Seemingly he wasn’t aware of what was happening in the country yet. And as he didn’t get an answer –

Tee-hee, whatever. Hey hey, do you know? This large tree, it is our guardian deity.(boy)
Soeveryone loves this tree(boy)

 Then suddenly there was a explosion to be heard in the vicinity and a building began burning. Hearing the explosion, the boy flinches.

………….get away from here.(Square)

 Having told him that much, the person takes a dagger out from under his robe. From the dagger a sinister-looking dark red aura radiates. Seeing the dagger, the boys expression shivers.

 He turns the dagger towards Aragornand prepares to stab the tree.

Eh…… w-what are you doing?(Boy)

 Of course the boy raises his voice in question against the square-marked person. Its eyes are shaking in uneasiness. But the man just gnashes his teeth –

………… I’m sorry.(Square)

 And with this he strongly pierces the dagger into Aragorn.


 Hearing the boy’s scream, he motionlessly stares just as before as the dark-red aura dwells in the dagger and continues to move as if injected into Aragorn.

W-why did you do thaaat!? Hey, I asked you somethiiiiing!(boy)

 The boy grasped his robe and shook it, but he just continued to ignore him. After some time, the appearance of Aragornchanged.

 The beforehand brilliantly green leaves began to change in color, getting burned brown like a withering leaf. Having seen the changes, the child stiffly stood there with open mouth and eyes, unable to do any more.

 Thick branches that once were full of vigor now would seemingly break like small pieces of wood once you applied some force upon them.

Hey! What does that mean!?(Boy)

 Of course he’d ask the reasons why the person had created this situation. However, the person solely was entrusted with doing his job and didn’t know why he had to produce this situation.

 With this he surely had accomplished his task and felt relief, but at the same time seeing the child’s sorrowful face hurt his heart.

But if I hadn’t done it……..(square)

 He shakes his fist while gritting his teeth within the hood.

 Thereupon somebody descended from above.

Apparently the newcomer has finished his job(Kuro)

 It was the man called Kokurou.

Hey hey, Onii-chan! Those people there were bullied!(Boy)

 Kokurou was showing his face. And as he had Kemonomimi on his head as well, the boy relied on him. But that was a mistake.

Aaah? Shuddup, brat(Kuro)

 Baki! (SFX)

 Without pardon he raised a kick against the boy.

Stop it!(Square)

 Involuntarily the square-signed man shouted towards Kokurou, catching the boy as he fell from the sky.

Are you okay?(Square)

 The person turns towards Kokurou.

Huh? What do I see here? Good then, you’re just a piece to be thrown away anyway. Discardable pieces should stay silent and do their work until I throw them away!(Kuro)((Lib))

 This time the other guy was kicked by Kokurou.


 He fell down on the ground holding the boy. At this moment his hood came off and hi face was openly visible.

Just realize your own position already. Naah, Hero-sama?(Kuro)

 Really, the person wearing the robe marked with a square picture was Aoyama Taishi, the hero summoned to this world. ((Surprise, surprise.))


 More and more citizens gathered there.

Hey, a Humas!(Person A)
It’s true!(Person B)
You don’t say, this is the work of the Humas!(Person S) ((← intentional.))

 Seeing the figure of Taishi, they began to flutter about it one by one. Taishi hastily fixed his hood.

Kehaha! Uh oh, now they’ve seen your true character~」(Kuro)

 Kokurou speaks with joy.

Isn’t our work already finished? In that case we should leave quickly…….(Tai)
Ah, you can go ahead. I’ll return after I enjoyed myself a little more.(Kuro)

 He feels a shiver running down his spine as the guy licks his lips with his tongue.

I-I think it is good already! You don’t need to kill any more…….(Tai)
Shut uuup(Kuro)

 Having his neck grabbed firmly, he isn’t able to breathe anymore.

Who gives the orders, huh?(Kuro)

 He couldn’t afford to loosen his own grip as he was still holding the child. As Kokurou throws Taishi to the ground –

I say it the second time. Leave quickly.(Kuro)

 Taishi softly lays the boy he held in his arms to the ground even as he himself coughs violently.


 His gaze meets the boy’s.

………I’m sorry. But……….(Tai)

 Taking in the mortifying words, he silently starts to walk away. As soldiers try to chase him –

Whoops~、Let me entertain myself with that scum! Kehahahahaha!(Kuro)


Haah, haah, haah……

 Straight after Taishi left the region, his knees bend as he feebly leans on a tree.

Damniiit…… I’m sorry …… I’m sorry …….(guy)

 He repeats the words of apology many times as he holds his head.

I’m not doing these things because I like it! I…… I…….!

 He hits his head on the wood.

…………Chika……. ((btw her name can be read as Kazuyo, Chika or as Chiyo… says my names dictionary. However, I guess she was given special readings in one of the first chapters.))

 As he listened to the explosions and screams to be heard from the city, he muttered a word while looking up at the sky with an empty look on his face.

… well … he kinda fucked up. Am I right?
But that doesn’t really matter, Hiiro can fix it in no time. Solely question left: Compensation?

66 thoughts on “Konjiki no Wordmaster 183 …. as the hero’s failure.

  1. Damn the hero so weak. Still haven’t got slammed by hiiro hard cold truth like shuri does so he still haven’t grasped reality. Pity that fool who got played ever since he arrived. From being a sacrificial minion of the ex-human king into ex-demon king puppet. Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It seems he already grasped reality. He knows he’s weak and the only reason he’s doing this is probably because Chika is a hostage. Dude is still trying to be a hero but a reasonable hero. He protected the boy but if it was the past he would have argued over and over about stabbing the tree. Dude has grown. The two girls got face with reality verbally by Hiiro but he got faced it physically from the ex-Demon King.

      Liked by 4 people

        1. Hiiro cheat also considered limit break since he can make himself immortal thoutgh wirte immortal or evolution, i believe when he reach lvl 300 when he have 5 or 6 word he can insta kill all things like death死 target 目標 and then name( most jap have 2 or 3 words) so you know what next


          1. but since the rebound for Sleep (remember that red boar?) was already at the level that he could hardly write, imagine the rebound for Death.
            And that’s the reason he decided not to touch matters of life and death, immortality and stuff.


          2. No, that’s only the reason he hasn’t experimented with death spells. He says earlier that the reason he doesn’t try immortality or eternal youth is because he is not ready to stop being human, yet.


  2. The chapter for this idiot have end now right? he’s not gonna have flashback to his useless past right? we need the continuation of Hiiro OP moment, so I hope this side character would just crawl back to the side where he should be.

    Liked by 4 people

          1. ((sry for transforming the former link into a directly embodied picture – couldn’t help myself either ^-^))

            And: Nice, deviantArt – I would follow you, but I kinda stopped using it as it takes hours to load the site for whatever the reason. Take a llama though XDD


  3. oh well this only going to flame a war between Humas and Gabranth, but to bad there a Hirro who can fix it for Food
    Hirro way comparing historical site with Food :v i hope he restored it in his human form so gabranth enmity not really happen and no war between them


    1. I believe he’s currently in his human form as we speak while fighting in the tournament. His identity as a humas has already been revealed to everyone.


      1. yeah that true but other gabranth People who inst participated i Duel would not know about this and perfect reason for them hate Humas and asking the king to waging War, angry mobs is frightening you know


  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    Also, it’s perfectly fine to be busy with RL, most people don’t have that much free time anyways. (Well, some have, but …)
    Anyways, do your best and think about yourself first – both mentally as well as physically – if you don’t feel well or if you’re just fed up with translating sometimes it’s fine to rest …
    Whatever, just: Good luck and have a nice day!

    ((Note: the comment you’re viewing is an edited version as Dark’s raws give me a headache … srsly.))


  5. Even if chika can be read as chiyo I prefer chika. Plus I’d rather not have her associated with chiyo from persona 4. Hate chika, love chiyo!


    1. Well, I really guess her name is assured to be Chika. Normally when a character is introduced for the first time his name is written in Kanji as well as in Hiragana, telling you exactly how to read it. However, as I didn’t read the first 171 chapters in japanese … I just thought it was funny.


  6. man I guessed the wrong hero but still I want at least one of them to die also I can’t wait to see the previous demon king’s reaction to hiiro’s power


    1. Me too. Except, it is pretty obvious what the reaction would be. Well, hopefully he manages to actually get a few attacks in before getting curbstomped.


  7. Sry but I have a question. Is the content of the light novel completely different from the web novel? if so can anyone provide me the link to the light novel because google only shows the translated version of the web novel.Any help will be much appreciated thanks and sry for taking up ur time


    1. Well, I haven’t personally read the Light novel, but I’ve heard it is quite different, yes, but still the same … kinda …. dunno.
      As it is a printed novel instead of one published online I’d guess you’d have to buy it?


        1. No problem.
          By the way, you can buy it here.

          Well, I’d guess that doesn’t really help you though. Just wanted to mention it ^-^

          It’s amazingly cheap by the way, and if you have a Kindle you don’t even have to pay shipping expenses …….. heck, I guess this comment is as unhelpful as it can be.

          ((edit: for translated link, click here.))


  8. Thanks for this translation … made up for the slow releases in other site 🙂
    and compensation?
    Food and Books ofcourse … and you can hold back on the lolis 😛


  9. Thank you for the translations and I hope you get well soon.
    I cant wait for Hiiro kick some sense into the 2 failed heroes, the former devil lord and all his minions.


    1. I’m not ill though?
      Just hard working between 8 and 18 XDD

      And sorry to disappoint you, but chapter 184 is rather ….. boring. Has got nothing to do with Hiiro at all.
      If I didn’t know it better I’d just translate the chapters involving Hiiro ^-^


      1. Ah, my mistake, Ive been working hard lately, so I guess Im overworked and mistakenly said get well to you after reading another story where the translator has been sick.(Im currently reading several to keep me occupied while waiting for translations.) :p Anyway, thank you very much for taking the time to translate this story, I really enjoy it and I hope you have a good time translating it. Also, dont forget to have fun when you work hard, it’s important to enjoy life aswell. 😀


  10. Yaay tyvm for taking this on. Was looking at Blazing for months and no update then someone finally posted a comment and led me here. Ahh 7 chapters to catch up on:P


  11. aa ah, just as I guessed, sigh. It was so freaking obvious it would be one of the heroes. WHY go with all these freaking clichés, make up your own story. Tired of the template of “hero/good guy being held by the balls and doing evil stuff”. At least his personality didn’t get screwed up and he turned into some evil bastard. I guess Chika is different though, she’s probably brainwashed or something. Well, hiiro can probably fix up both the heroes and the tree with his power. Some aqua hound meat would probably be enough.


  12. No Hiiro can’t. As far as i know he doesn’t do resurrections. He may be able to fix the tree but… the fact that Taishi actually believes he will ever get Chika back by cooperating is quite foolish.

    He really doesn’t know what kind of deamon lord he is dealing with. His only future now is as an experiment subject.


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