Konjiki no Wordmaster 186 – as the end of my break.

Once again a chapter done by Anon-senpai — Original: http://pastebin.com/RGYcdqar

Senpai: The chapter came a bit later ’cause one of the lines has some really obscure kanji, and I’m still not sure about it, so if anyone wants to help with it, here it is: 射殺さんばかりの視線
I’ve also put a note at the line to identify it. Also, I’ve eaten something I’m allergic to, it’s just a light allergy so my nose just burns like hell, but well, can’t help it.

Itisn1t: ((It’s kinda stripped out of the context here … but for now: 射殺 means “shooting (sb.) to death”; then there is さん – with actually a lot of meanings changing on occasion – ばかり – “approximately”, “merely” – 視線 – “one’s eyes”, “line of sight”. With just that I’d say something like “shooting (him?) to death only with his eyes …”))

((Oh, and I hope you are better soon ^-^))

Chapter 186: Winner of the fourth round!

Sweat started dripping in large quantities from his forehead, the sword in his hand was broken in two, right at the middle. The second prince of the 《Beast Kingdom Passion》, Lenion was breathing violently while glaring at the unscathed enemy in front of his eyes.

「It looks like you still can’t use a full-body 《Conversion》.」(Orny)

Hearing the words that the 《Cruel Rank Four》 Ornoth said while folding his arms with a fearless expression, Lenion clicked his tongue.

「Heh, did you get it wrong? The real revenge starts from now on!」(Lenny)

A windstorm formed around Lenion. Ornoth braced his legs in caution. Then, Lenion’s body gradually discolored into a light green color.

「Hou, so you could use a full-body 《Conversion》 huh.」(Ornoth)
「Like I said! It starts from now on!」(Tsun-Lenny)
「So you were just checking until now. You gave quite an allowance, huh.」(Ornoth)
「… Shut up.」(Still Tsun-Lenny)

The truth is that Lenion’s full-body 《Conversion》 has a condition. That is, along with his excitement, his battle condition must be at a certain level. Originally, there would be no such condition, this goes to show that Lenion still lacks experience.

However, this condition also makes it so that, once activated, his 《Conversion》 can be used continually for quite a long time.

「Here I go you dog bastard!」(Lenny)
「Then I’m also going」(Orny)

The two clashed in an instant. Lenion started to throw the broken sword at his hand, and in that same movement threw a kick.

While parrying the sword flying in a straight line, Ornoth tried to grab Lenion’s leg.

「It’s useless 《Explosive Wind Strike》!」(Lenny)

In an instant, Lenion’s body started to burst open, as if exploding.


Starting from Lenion’s body blast, he was sent flying at a tremendous speed, and crashed into a huge rock.

When he thought he was stuck in the rock, like the wind, Lenion suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

「First of all, a thanks for last time!」(Lenny)

He put power on his right fist and thrust it into Ornoth’s stomach.

「Guu!?」(Suffering Orny ;-;)

While destroying the rock, Ornoth who received the attack was blown off. Immediately afterwards, Lenion appeared at his back.


This time, he kicked Ornoth like a soccer ball, who then was sent flying to the skies.

「Take this! One more time! 《Explosive Wind Strike》!」(Lenny)

Rotating his body, he dropped his heel at Ornoth, who was blown to the skies.


Taking the blow, Ornoth fell down to the ground, and a violent impact sound resounded. In the middle of the cloud of dust, Lenion let out a smile after finally having returned the favor.

「So, how is it? This is the power of the great me!」(Lenny)

An almost invisible shadow quietly started rising from the cloud of dust. A sound of stones and pebbles falling from that shadow could be heard.

Immediately after the cloud of dust was cleared, seeing Ornoth standing there, Lenion became frustrated.

「……Impossible…..!?」(Shocked Lenny)

That’s because the wounds, that should have been engraved in Ornoth’s body, started to close quickly.

Bruises and scratches alike, were healing quickly with a ‘shuuu~’ sound. This scene looked exactly like having applied healing magic to himself.

「…… Is that all?」(Badass Ornoth)
「…..!?」(Very Shocked Lenny)

Looking at Ornoth who said so with a calm attitude, Lenion clenched his teeth.

「You bastart… Weren’t you supposed to be a 『Demon Beast』? How the hell can you use healing magic!」(Lenion)
「Nn? Ah, this isn’t healing magic.」(Orny)
「… What did you say?」(Lenny)
「Do you know why did I get a position in the 《Cruel》?」(Orny)

Lenion raised his eyebrows.

「Of course it’s also because I surpass all others in term of physical power. But you know, if it was only that, I, a 『Demon Beast』, would be far from being a 《Cruel》. Even with my friend Aquinas’s recommendation, it wouldn’t be so easy.」(Orny)

Interested in Ornoth’s talk, he continued to listen silently.

「However, I had this absurd restoration ability.」(Ornoth)
「Restoration… You say?」(Lenion)
「That’s right. I, since I was born, had this unthinkably high restoration power. Thus I was told by the Maou-sama to use this tough body. To become a shield that protects the Maou-sama as long as I’m alive.」(Tanky Orny)
「I might not be able to use magic, but with my combat ability and this toughness, I was able to become a 《Cruel》. Thus I’ll teach you something.」(Orny)
「……?」(Silent Lenny)
「With attacks of that level, no matter if you do keep it forever, you won’t be able to kill me?」(Badass Orny-sama)(Senpai: I thought it had been too long since the last misplaced question mark, guess I’ve raised a flag…)

Staring daggers filled with killing intent at Ornoth, Lenion immediately tried to thrust at his bosom with 《Explosive Wind Strike》 to blow him away… but, (Senpai: So… this line alone caused the chapter to be released half an hour later than it should)((changed it a bit ^-^))


Suddenly Ornoth fell back a bit and thrust his fist towards the ground. He sank it up to his shoulder. He used his arm as a ledge, in order to not be blown away from the explosion.

Then, the expanded wind returned to its previous form… also known as Lenion. Aiming at this moment, he pulled his arm vigorously and,

「There’s an opening when you change back!」(Orny)

Lenion grasped his stomach with his hands, slowly distorting his face because of the sharp pain, while being blown off backwards.

「Gu… Ga…」(Lenny)

In an instant his breath escaped from his lungs, it was a strike that caused all on his eyes to turn white. There is a state of defenselessness immediately after using 《Explosive Wind Strike》, he became quite tired and received a lot of damage.

However, while being holding his stomach, he started glaring startled.

「What, what does this mean, you bastard…? Wh… y… can you hit me?」(Surprised Lenny)

Indeed, Lenion was using 《Conversion》 right now. This means it would be okay to say he turned into wind itself. If you think a bit, wind can’t be normally hit. To hit it, you either have to use magic, or a weapon loaded with the power of magic. A simple physical attack won’t be able to hit a target using 《Conversion》.

But when he looked at Ornoth’s body, he lost his words. What was standing there was unmistakably Ornoth, but manifesting itself, as if enclosing his body was a red aura.

「Wh… What’s that…?」(Shocked Lenny)

Of course, he understood it was not magic power. Because magic power has a pale blue color. If one were to release magic power while attacking, it’d certainly be able to cause damage even with 《Conversion》, but the efficiency was too bad.

After seeing the force of the received strike right now, and seeing the thing that looks like a red magic power, it certainly isn’t strange to feel puzzled.

「… In case you’re interested, after this duel ends, I’ll teach you when we become comrades.」(badass Ornoth-sama)


「eh?」(Shocked Lenny)

As if teleporting, Ornoth vanished from his vision. Immediately afterwards, he felt a flame-like hot sensation on his right arm. Then, feeling it being grabbed by someone, he turned his attention to it,(Senpai: Late ninja edit here, thanks Pt-Br TL team for pointing it out)

「Let’s end it with this then.」(Badass-as-ever Ornoth-sama)

A beast with an eye-widening ferocity was there.

「Uoo~!?」(Shocked Lenny)

When he thought his arm had been hit, his other hand touched Lenion’s abdomen. He didn’t know what he planned, but, he tried to escape using 《Explosive Wind Strike》 and then,

「Too slow!」(Orny-sama)

He felt a scorching heat on his grabbed right arm and his abdomen. Then,

「《Blazing Palm》!」(Orny)

Suddenly a red shock blew through Lenion’s back, at the same time, the back section of his clothes broke off while exploding. Steam started to rise from his back, with this, Lenion’s knees collapsed.

「Gaa……. u….」(Lenny)

He then fell prone to the ground.

「Gu… Cr…ap…」(Lenny)

Lenion frantically tried to move his body, but he could not feel any power, he felt all his power vanishing. Without him having realized, 《Conversion》 also seemed to have stopped, he glared coldly at Ornoth.

「Such power despite being so young, I’m amazed. However, I also cannot afford to lose. I’m sorry.」(Orny)

Feeling the burning heat at his abdomen and back, Lenion clenched his teeth so hard he cut his lips.

「Are you frustrated?」(Orny)

Without any answer, his body started to tremble. And there were certainly tears falling from those eyes. Losing to an opponent similar to himself, he felt frustrated.

And to add to that, being beaten this throughout was the first time since Leowald. Maybe because he was aware that Ornoth had a strength rivaling his own father, jealousy and regret started to swirl deep in his chest.

「Grap… crap crap… craaaaaaap….」(Lenny)

After seeing such reaction from Lenion, Ornoth closed his eyes silently, then,

「You are still young. You still have quite a lot hidden potential to become strong. After having your heart-broken by this fight, to improve or not, it’s up to your decision.」(Ornoth)
「……..」(Depressed Lenny)
「Fuuh, also, I still want to try and fight you once again」(Orny)

Towards these words, Lenion moved his eyebrows just a little.

「However, that will be when you surpass your father. I’ll be happily waiting for you, Lenion.」(Orny)
「…….Chii~」(Depressed Lenny)

Silence took over the field for some time. Then Lenion slowly moved his mouth.

「….. Next time, I’ll surely win.」(Lenny)
「….. Ah.」(Orny)
「….. I’ve lost, huh.」(Lenny)

Thus the winner of the fourth round was decided.

((Btw, lol, WordPress says “defenselessness” isn’t a word — google says otherwise …))

38 thoughts on “Konjiki no Wordmaster 186 – as the end of my break.

        1. I kind of like the brother though he is really funny and uses his wit and items to defend himself it is a refreshing way to fight. Also he has quite the store of knowledge and is really intuitive and has a much better character than I was expecting after reading about his zombie research


  1. If I’m not wrong, 射殺さんばかりの視線をオーノウスにぶつけると means “Staring daggers at Ornoth,” (idiom-to-idiom translation, since literally it would be something like “striking Ornoth with a stare just short of shooting him dead”).

    Thanks for the chapter.


    1. Also “Then, the expanded wind came back to its previous form… also known as Lenion.”
      ^-I’m positive that here the kanji 形 stand for 躰 (same reading), which would mean “body” or, in this context, “individual”, so
      “Then, the repelled wind was sent back to its source… namely, Lenion.”


      1. I’m positive that here the kanji 形 stand for 躰

        well, you’re both right and not right. According to my dictionary (XDD) they share the meaning, but not the reading:
        形 = かたち form; shape; figure; visage;
        躰 = からだ body; health;

        But you’re right about the translation as far as I can judge, so …
        sorry for jumping in on a conversation about a chapter I didn’t even translate, but your language lessons always pique my interest ^-^


  2. Even with my friend Aquinas’s recommendation, it isn’t be so easy.」(Orny)

    I think it should be “it wouldnt be” Thanks for the chapter 😀


    1. This is how my mind works, either I put subtle jokes all around, or the translation time becomes triple the normal amount.

      I actually found it pretty hard to refrain from putting a meme link on the “Are you frustrated?” line.


  3. The english equivalent would be “staring daggers at somebody”. If you want to touch it up in order to retain the intended meaning, you can also add “filled with bloodlust / killing intent” after daggers. If you wanna go full on liberator mode, “imbued” is also a fine choice of words instead of filled.

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