Konjiki no Wordmaster 190 — Merry Christmas!

Before starting the chapter, the author apologized for the last seven chapters and wished us a Happy New Year. Didn’t want to translate everything of it, but you do get the gist.

Okay, the thing with ruby characters — I mean, giving you both the writing and the reading of special phrases — didn’t work as I would have liked it to do. meh.

190th episode – That thing she held in her hand

Father, are you safe!(Regulus)
Yeah, fortunately that extreme magic was closely avoided.(Leowald)((極大 means “maximum”/ “extremely large”. Duh.))
Extreme magic…… was it?(Reggy)
Yeah, it is without doubt what is referred to as ancient magic, dark sorcery to be used by nobody but the Maou only.(Leo) (( Don’t wanna translate it as magic twice in a row …))
That’s what that just now was?(Reggy)
Yeah, that aria you heard gave me the creeps. There’s no way that youth has actually mastered it.(Leo) ((Lit.: “the aria […] froze my entrails”))
It is assured that it is that strong?(Reggy)
I once saw the previous Maou using it.(Leo)
What kind of magic was it?(Reggy)
…… a spontaneous discharge.(Leo)
…… wha-?(Reggy)
It ended with a spontaneous discharge as the previous Maou’s power was cut off. The result it brought forth………. is this crater.(Leo) ((whoops.))

 After hearing the unexpected information Regulus was at a loss of words.

Nay, rather than saying there was a spontaneous discharge, it’s probably no exaggeration to say that fellow allowed it to spontaneously misfire. Although there was originally a town right here, it was annihilated in an instant.(Leo) ((Whooops.))

 A gulping sound was to be heard from Regulus’ throat.

Th-that’s the first time I hear this kind of story. I only knew about rumors claiming a meteorite had fallen down here……(Reggy)
Right. That isn’t entirely a mistake. A gigantic pitch-black meteorite fell right here. However, it was the deed of previous Maou Avorus. You are my successor, so I would have told you once you replaced me.(Leo)
I-is that so…… S-so the Maou really attempted to use that magic right now?(Reggy)

 Hearing the story, fear ran down his spine. Leowald was also wearing a grave expression.

No, her version of the aria differed from his in various parts, so as it wasn’t really the same, but something of similar might and strength…… probably.(Leo)
…… so she isn’t able to do it.(Reggy)

 As Regulus recognized the significance of this, he wept the sweat from his forehead and glared at Eveam.

Yeah, even if the opponent uses the ancient dark magic against me, I honestly tell you to catch victory then. But still, as one would expect from the current Maou.(Leo)
When the prior Maou used the aria, his face was distorted by pain, and in contrary, that person was quite peaceful during her recitation. Prodigy …… is what one would call such a person.

 And in accord with his bad habit, a strong joy could be seen on Leowald’s face as he noticed his opponent’s true strength.

Listen, Regulus, we have to make sure that she is absolutely never allowed to complete that aria, do you understand me?(Leo)

Your Majesty, are You safe?(Mari)
Y-yeah, Marione, I’m sorry. Your chance failed because of me……(Eve)

 She gritted her teeth in regret.

Nay, I was unable to completely stop that guy as well.(Mari)

 Apparently Marione was accusing himself for his mortifying weakness as well.

I nearly completed it…… but just like in the previous generation’s fight it was stopped by the Beast King.(Eve)((naturally, she is referring to her brother.))
Well, I was surprised when they chose this place as the duel’s location, but there might be a reason why it is exactly here.(Mari)
Yeah, there is no doubt my predecessor’s doings are the Evila‘s stain. In order not to forget the tragedy, I thought it was a good idea to choose this place as the location.(Eve)
Sin remains sin. Therefore, instead of forgetting the sin, it is absolutely necessary that we put every last effort into building up peace again while carrying that burden on our shoulders.(Eve)
Your Majesty……(Mari)
We absolutely cannot afford to lose here, Marione! Whether we were burdened with this sin because of ourselves or not, we ought to shoulder it and make our way to the other side!(Eve) ((Lib.:  私たちは背負われる存在では無く、背負う存在になり、罪に向かい合わねばならないんだ!))
…………… As you wish. (Mari)

 After Marione politely bowed his head, he once again lifted his face to stare at the enemy.

I will prepare a chance for the magic for sure this time. Your Majesty, please focus on completing the spell.(Mari)((once again, no difference between magic/spell))
…… I entrust it to you, Marione.(Eve)

 Both sides begun clashing into each other again. Leowald used Wildfire Conversionas his full-body conversion, apparently eager to end the duel at once. But Marione as well, now fortunately well-informed about the opponent’s scope of power, moved as he saw the disadvantage of Leowald closing the gap between their distant positions.

Dammit! As I thought, you behave just like the first time we fought, Marione!(Leo)

 Nevertheless, a delightful smile floated across his face as he shouted.

Now that’s what you said! Black Ash!(Mari)
I’ll never ever be hit by that again!(Leo)

 Although he swiftly evaded on the spot, thick black fog chased after him nevertheless. Thereafter a mass of water aiming at the fog came flying. And then, as the water approached the front of the mist, it suddenly started to change its form.

「《Water Orb! Container Form!(Reggy)

 And really, the water orb emitted by Regulus changed its form, shaping a bag as it proceeded to cover the fog.

Well done, Regulus! I’ll handle the Maou now!(Leo)

 As he wanted to finish Eveam while Regulus was restraining Marione, he couldn’t see her figure no matter where he looked.

Whoa…… where did she go?(Leo)

 He couldn’t even find her as he checked the skies. If he didn’t find her quickly, she surely would be able to finish the aria for her ancient dark magic soon.

 As he panicked and looked around hastily, he was able to find her figure behind Regulus.

When did she-!? I-is it that, from the outset she aimed to strike him unnoticed while we were on the lookout for her magic!(Leo)

 If he didn’t stop her immediately, they probably would be beaten. Regulus was not aware of his back as he concentrated on his Binding Technique.

Regulus! Behind you!(Leo)

 After hearing Leowald’s cry, he noticed Eveam approaching from behind. She held a sword in her hands. At this rate, he would receive a direct hit.

I-i cannot afford to let you do this! Water-style Conversiioon!(Reggy)

 He therefore interrupted his use of Water Orbin order to focus on Conversion.

Don’t think this sword is just an ordinary blade!(Eve)

 Eveam pulled the sword overhead, directly using it in order to rip the watery blue colored Regulus apart. Being literally split in half, an enormous moan was to be heard from Regulus.


 As Leowald tried to assault Eveam, she instantly spread her wings and fled into the sky. But as she did, her spoiled wing began to gradually bring her down again.

 Seeing her struggle, it was Marione, now freed from the Water Orb, that came to her aid.

Your Majesty!(Mari)
I-I’m fine……(Eve)

 Meanwhile on the ground, Leowald rushed to Regulus’ side, confirming his safety. As the ripped body part returned to its original form, Leowald growled as he saw Regulus distorting his face in agony.

That wasn’t just an ordinary physical attack. That sword……(Leo)

 Thereupon, as he closely observed the sword carried by Eveam, he noticed a familiarity in the fine blade.

As I thought, it’s similar to the sword Marione created that time.

 Really, the sword held by Eveam was just like the Earth-governing Épéethat Marione drew from the earth. ((épée is supposed to be french for “sword”… meant here is a particularly fine and small blade. And french seems to suit the Mustache Baron …))

 That sword was made of magic itself, being a Spirit Bladeit was able to deal damage even to Conversion.

Regulus, show that you’re a man. This doesn’t end here.(Leo)
Stu……pid………. I-i know that!(Reggy) ((Baka!)) ((no, he doesn’t use that.))

 Even though blood was dropping from his forehead, it didn’t seem like he was unable to continue fighting yet.

It seems like you’re still able to do it.(Mari)
Yeah, but that Conversionbrought naught but trouble. Now we have to play for time and use the aria.(Eve)
Yes, and if the Beast King tries to intervene, I will stop him. Even in exchange for my life.
……no, I won’t allow you to lose your life. However, I expect you to give your best until the very end.(Eve)
…… as you wish. I’d guess that youngster won’t be able to move. By any means I will lay victory into Your Majesty’s hands!(Mari)

 As they were flying into high skies once more, she begun clapping her hands in rhythm again.

Not good………(Leo)

 Seeing Eveam’s actions, Leowald understood that he had to move as well.

What to do…… use the Phenomenon Ceremonyto end it at once? Nay, if it fails she will be able to complete her ancient magic. But still, the only way to stop her would be the Phenomenon Ceremonyafter all…… now that’s really a disadvantageous position……)(Leo)

 Finishing his trouble in deciding the next move, Leowald —

Well! At any rate we’ll take down Marione with a swift attack first! And without a moment’s delay the Maou is gonna be next!(Leo)

 Leowald’s body was flaring up with flames.

Regulus, just protect your body!(Leo)

 Leaving him with just those words, Leowald jumped up high again. Being in a faint state, the mouth only a straight line, the teeth clenched, only a faint Yeswas to be heard from Regulus as he stared at his father leaving him.


I’ll stop you here by all possible means, Beast King!(Mari)((I’m thinking… “Shishiou” sounds better than “Beast King, doesn’t it?))
Passing through!(Leo)

 Once again Marione’s body was covered by thick black fog.

I’ll pour all my magical energy into you this time!(Mari)

 Experiencing Marione’s determination, a smile was floating on Leowald’s face even in his tough situation.

As one would expect…… from Marione…… but I’m not called Beast King for nothing as well!

 Leowald’s body became increasingly seething hot, burning even.


 Both of them mutually put all their effort into breaking the other one’s spirit.

 Seeing such resolution in Marione, Eveam decided to behave likewise. Thus she was absolutely determined to chant the aria without fail this time.

My Darkness that dwells in the Abyss of the Beginning, God of Death, Bringer of Chaos in Dark Hours, Forebringer of the renewal of the All-creation, I summon thy fragment of power upon me……(Eve) ((A note: last time I wrote “Destruction of the all-creation” … it’s both correct. This is the E.N.D. (hint, hint.) – and the beginning. Meant is the new start of a cyclical process involving the death and the birth of … everything.))

 Dark clouds were formed out of nothingness in the sky over Eveam as she was accumulating her power. She then directed her hands up into the clouds as she made a gesture as if to grab a sword.

Oh power which allows me to overthrow every last One standing in my way……(Eve)
((By the way that “pierce hiiiim!” last time … was probably coming from Leo, and falsely translated.))

 As she faced her hand in the black cloud, turning her head to the skies as it gradually began to transform, she suddenly opened her eyes widely and —

Fang of the Fist Blade, become!(Eve)

 From within the darkness, a large sword was created in her palm.

Damn!? As if it were a crimson Phenomenon Ceremony……

 Leowald was determined to throw himself at Eveam with all of his remaining strength, but in this very moment he saw a figure appearing behind her. In an instant, his eyes flew open with might and main.


 Really, it was Regulus himself. Now, behind Eveam, he approached and restrained the wings on her back.


 Focused only on her aria up to now, Eveam only became aware of Regulus’ existence as he grabbed her. Hearing her scream, Marione raised as well.

Your Majestyyy! The sword has already manifested! Now concentrate, or ……!?

 Taken aback by those words, Eveam looked at the sword in her hands. Thereupon, the sword began to grumble from inside as it began to crumble, and everyone, discovering the possibility of an explosion, grew pale.

Your Majesty! You have to throw that sword away!(Mari)

 Just as Marione told her, she threw it into the skies in a hurry with utmost strength. And the tossed sword creaked as it inflated just as a balloon would.


 A tremendous explosion emitted from the sword.


 Eveam and Regulus, being quite close to the explosions epicenter, were instantly blown away by its tremendous momentum.

 And Even though Marione and Leowald wanted to protect the two of them, they received the blast and were blown off as well.

 Those who were watching the duel from the surroundings also felt the explosion’s might and were at a loss of words. Even though the sword had been thrown up considerably high, the four contestants had been blown away by it as they were still quite close to the detonation itself, and if someone died that could be considered as unfortunate, but not surprising.

A magical explosion …… huh.(Lily)

 Hiiro nods in agreement with Lilyin’s murmured words.

Yeah, and one of significant scale.(Hiiro)
Do you think they’re safe?(Lily)
I think you can entrust that to the old man.(Hiiro)

 As the referee, Silva was in the crater as well, so supposedly was effected by the explosion as well, but he strangely had the feeling that this guy was unhurt.

 Just in case Hiiro checked the surroundings in his view as well. Thereupon he was able to detect Leowald and Marione. Apparently the two of them crashed into the rocks, but they seemed safe from what he saw. Marione was somehow hurt, but there was the damage he received in both his battles to take into consideration, so it was alright for him to walk with a little struggle, and Leowald was walking calmly, even nonchalant, after he got out of his boulder.

But still, that physical durability is just a cheat, isn’t it.

 In utmost amazement he could do nothing but stare at Leowald’s carefully trained body.
(( … Hiiro harem member confirmed.))

 Apparently the two of them were looking for Eveam and Regulus as well. Accordingly, Silva raised his hand to validate their safety. In a haste they went there, where………………

 …………………laid the collapsed body of the unconscious Eveam.

 Thus, as he saw her figure, Marione involuntarily broke to his knees. As it was only to expect. With this, as Eveam, burdened with the ‘King’ role in this fight, laid down, unable to carry on, they were defeated in this duel.

 As Marione went to her side —

I am …… so terribly sorry …… your Majesty ……(Mari)

 Much sound was to be heard as he grinded his teeth and snorted for at least a whole minute. But there —

I see, so the Maou as well lost consciousness.(Leo)

 He heard Leowald’s voice from behind.

Argh…… spare me the sarcasm, Beast King! Now that her majesty is in this …… state …… what did you just say?(Mari)

 Marione slowly turned around, finding Leowald with a solemn but dark expression. Accordingly he was taken aback, his breath taken away. Leowald was carrying Regulus in his arms, who fainted just like Eveam did.

 So that’s why Leowald said the Maou as wella while ago. Because Regulus had lost his consciousness in the explosion as well.

Good grief…… I even told him to just protect his own body and observe.

 So said Leowald as he looked at Regulus in his arms, but expression of his son was somewhat calm. Before his face was dominated with pain when he even tried to move his body, but he acted to stop Eveam nevertheless, an action normally judged to be absurd by Leowald’s standards, but at that time, with a face of inevitable death, Regulus stopped Eveam —

It became a man’s face before I even became a ware of it.(Leo)

 He was glad that he could observe his son’s growth into adulthood in person, but as his previous actions also put him to the edge of death, Leowald also thought about lecturing him later.

Marione, apparently the fifth round is going to be a draw his time.(Leo)
…… so it seems.(Mari)

 Marione somehow showed an expression of relief as he stood up, likewise carrying Eveam. Thus, as the two of them faced Silva, he also shortly nodded and —

The fifth round ends in a draw!(Silva) ((somehow I think it’s supposed to mean “silver”…))

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