Soooo … well. I really like the KnW series, and after getting bored I decided to read it again. After that, I read it again. Just the parts involvin Hiiro this time, though.

And after getting bored again I decided to feed my addiction myself rather than waiting for the next chapter to be translated. It took quite some time and effort, as my language level is … low. Lower than one would expect from one trying to translate something. But I finished it, and it satisfied me.

And than I got bored again. So I decided to post it and see what happens, so here I am.

I guess I’m gonna translate and upload some more chapters, just to keep myself entertained and satisfied … however, I do not guarantee for the exactness of my translations. I don’t even guarantee for grammar. Or for anything but for the crazyness of my old P.E. teachers socks.

— By the way, you may encounter me under the nick of Itisn1tmyname on several web pages. Lurking, lurking, it’s never enough …

You can find the donation-section here.

25 thoughts on “About

  1. Ya know we are short on translators even I am a noob at translating, you could ask Blaze about joining us. For us at BlazingTrans most of us are busy with college and highschool and work so we are somewhat slowed down, but most of the editors seem to have a lot more free time then us.
    P.S: I was in the same position as you I was curious and I am self taught on reading Japanese, but I doubt you would be unwelcome.


    1. well, thanks ^-^
      but still, I think I’d like to get some practice in translating first. Even more as english is my second language. But I guess I’ll apply sooner or later – that bonus chapter is already saved on my laptop and I’ve even skimmed it …


      1. lol so your native language is Japanese? well I’ll tell you this it really does not matter if your good at english or not the main objective when translating with us it to be able to identify the plot most of us who do editing have gotten pretty good at figuring things out. Also how good you are at english really makes very little difference to us most of the time its whether or not your trying your best to make sure its understandable quality not quantity with us.

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  2. I didn’t notice the appearance of another messiah, itisn1tmyname until I read some comments at blaze’s site.

    Thanks for the translations though.

    I’m still learning moonspeak so that I could take over when the time comes(I hope not so soon) that you drop this whole thing.



      1. O_O Oh… I’m glad to hear that. I was worried since you said in one of your earlier post that you would “Inevitably” drop it sometime it the future. Or maybe I just misread it. I hope it’s the latter, since I still need more time to practice my jap skills.

        My (Self-estimated) Jap skill lvl = 2.3/10 😦


        1. well, of course its inevitable. Three possibilities: The series ends. Rainbow translations get back to their pace. Or I get bored. Well, third one is probably not gonna happen ^-^
          So, still quite some time until that happens …


        2. pats Revenge on the back it’s alright I am in a similar boat, but too busy to work on improving it……too much work from classes.


  3. hi, first, i want to thank you for translating this, second, i recently started reading this novel and i’m loving it 😀 so i wanted to know if you still are translatin 3 to 4 charapters per week


  4. oh, hope things get better for you. i don’t want to sound insensitive because i’m truly gratefull to you for translating this, but i just want to make sure, even with the current situation you are still translating this?


    1. yeah. My parents won’t give me my laptop (where I am translating) before I tidied up my room, what I haven’t done in years — literally — but I still have my PC left, so I’m currently avoiding my tasks by sleeping all day long, only being up at night and playing Monster Hunter Online. Don’t understand Mandarin, though. Oh, and I still have to finish Witcher 3. And I’m playing Divinity — Original Sin. The Enhanced version. I already had the normal version nearly finished … welp. It got lost.

      As you can see: I’m quite fine right now, troubles far away. Got holidays and stuff — Xmas and so on — so I’ve even got plenty of time.
      The only thing preventing me from translating again is my laziness … But I hope it’s gonna be ready before or at Christmas Eve.

      Oh, and its not like I didn’t do anything about my room. Tidying up progress: 40% 😛


      1. ohhh, ok. i’m glad things got better (recently read the main page) and is nice to hear the project is still going. thank you for your efforts (?


  5. concernig my previous comment i forgot to say that i discovered that almost all translators (aside from you) dropped this project around 3 to 4 minutes before posting it :S . still best regards and hope things get better for you…


    1. I took a look at it, and it seems they only pik up dropped translations. Since I didn’t drop the projet, the only way to get their help would be me officially declaring the project dropped, giving a request about piking it up, and hoping for good results. The rules state that we shouldn’t ask for them picking anything up if we just want a faster release speed, and dropping the projet for real just to hope for someone to pick it up would be rather … drastic, right?

      But, welp, I only translate this because noone else does, if someone were willing to continue (at a faster pace than mine, that is), I’d gladly return to status “reader”. It’s quite a big decision, isn’t it? Well, however I will decide, I’ll fully translate 191 first. Maybe even complete the arc? Idk.
      Well, and if I decide to seriously consider giving up, I’d first make an official announcement, informing my readers about the vote, thus increasing the chances of KnW being piked up by them guys. In case of me dropping it, I might as well suggest helping them in one way or another … the project has quite a place in my heart after all this time I spent with it, after all.


      1. Nonono you misunderstood something because you didn’t check the page. I am asking you to pickup another novel which I requested in the pickup request.There are two translators for that novel but there is no harm in more….


        1. well, I did read the page, but thought you meant the web site as a whole … well. Anyways, myself picking up something else would probably have to wait until I am at least able to handle this project, wouldn’t it?


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