Konjiki no Wordmaster 175 … read ahead at own risk.

Sooooo, it is here: my third translaion so far ^-^
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On a side note, I’ll say this again: This site is for reading ahead, I don’t guarantee for quality nor for correctness.
Let’s get started then …

175th Episode – 2 vs 2

UhI’ve used it…… But this way I probably will suffer damage……) (Muir)


 Muir considered the risk of her technique, bitterly staring at Ionis, who was sent flying away. At the same time, it seemed like she was regretting that she couldn’t also use something that dealt great damage. ((Liberal Trans. In regard of the following sentence I think it means she regrets that she couldn’t hurt Ionis some more before she jumped away. → ch. 174))


 By all rights, at the time she invoked Thunderclap conversionany person nearby would fell victim to the electrical discharge, but Ionis certainly seemed to have some oversensitive sense of danger, so she immediately had distanced herself from that situation.

 Although some electrical energy of the impact flowed through her body, she got almost no damage from it. Her use of conversionwasn’t about to expire yet and she planned to defeat her opponent in that time, but that speculation ended as Muir was quite perplexed.

It’s…… Conversion?(Io)

 The question was asked by Ionis.

Yeah, even if it wasn’t successfully useful yet I decided to give my best!

 Apparently, she wasn’t able to perform a full-body Conversionsuch as Leowald did. As she couldn’t successfully use it, one could guess that she wasn’t able to use that sort of Conversion. ((TL: I had to research レオウード (reouhdo) – Leowald – and thus I’ve come to notice that ch. 192 is called Hiiro vs. Leowald …))

…. I’m also serious here.(Io)

 The atmosphere of Ionis changed completely as her body tells her opponent to come at her. And then, before anyone noticed, she appeared before Muir’s chest. ((TL: first sentence involves something like “performing a 180” and “driving out your opponent” – I changed it a bit.))

 Her fist pierced Muir’s belly. Surprisingly, she literally perforated the body. Although screams were heard from the beast-kin’s side watching the fight –

…. Hu?!(Io)

 The first one to have her face distorted in utmost surprise was Ionis.

 You couldn’t see anything like blood from the belly that should have been thoroughly pierced, and apart from that Ionis clearly didn’t feel any resistance.

 Bachibachi……. (SFX)


 Some time ago the left shoulder seemed to have transformed into thunder due to Conversion, but this time it was the attacked belly that changed.


 Ionis immediately tried to leave, but –


 Ionis’ arm was firmly caught with both hands and she couldn’t remove it from Muir’s body.


I won’t let you escape!(Muir)

 If she escaped now, Muir felt that Io wouldn’t be caught again. That’s why she grabbed her arm with both hands, transforming them into thunder, as she didn’t want her to shed her magnetism.

Heeeeeeere~!」 (Muir) ((Here! – but extremely prolonged. Could change it into sth like “Take this”, but …))

 High Voltage was spurting from Muir’s body. ((Well, instead of “high voltage” it would rather be “extreme discharge”, or “tremendous discharge”, but I’ve used that combination far too often up to now. It’s the authors fault for repeating the same wording again and again.))


 Ionis cries out in pain as severe pain runs through her body.

 Muir strongly closed her eyes, desperately summoning up all of her strength. As it is, Ionis would be unable to fight any more, so she tightly clenches her teeth.




 Suddenly the Phantombumped into Muir’s arm that was grabbing her. Thus Ionis got free from her restraint and instantly distanced herself with all her might.


Haa haa haa……(Io)

 While Ionis falls to her knees, catching her breath, Muir grimaces in pain because of her arm. The wings on her head also transformed, returning to the original kemonomimi. ((TL: Kemonomimi = Beast ears. Like nekomimi, but without the specific race. (neko as in “cat”) … google it.))

I-is that so……. by magnetizing my arm you made that weapon to hurl at me…..(Muir)

 The Phantomthat fell onto the ground had been attracted to Muir’s arm using Magnetic Magic. Having her movement sealed, Ionis somehow managed to counterattack using this method.


 Although it was rather the clothes than the arm itself that had been effected by her magic.

B-but just dealing with it calmly won’t do…..(Muir)

 Since her body supposedly was numb of lightning Ionis wasn’t able to move at that time. That’s why she used that method to make her weapon fly, just to break the impressive status quo.

 Calmly analyzing the situation, Muir was just astonished. And after the Phantomhit her right arm, maybe even damaging the bone, severe pain runs through it every time she moves it even just a bit. For the time of this duel, her right arm would probably be useless in it’s current state.


That….. was….. a stupid…. surprise…(Io)

 Ionis had planned to escape much further, but received the lightning attack directly and suffered significant damage when Muir grabbed her.

However…… with this it is Io’s win!(Io)

 As the Phantomhad fallen to the ground, Muir’s Kōenwent towards Ionis by themselves. Then, as a magnetic field evolved around her, they charged at Muir with terrible speed.

 Muir tried to evade them and ran, but the weapons kept tracking her.


Unreasonable! Magnetized weapons can’t be avoided, even if you use Transformation!(Io)

 Just as she said, the flying weapons kept chasing Muir no matter how much she tried to escape. Then Muir stumbled and fell to the ground.

 Muir clenched her teeth and established a guarding posture by crossing her arms as resolution.

 Kiin! Kiin! Kyiin(SFX)

 Someone appeared in front of Muir’s eyes, snapping away the weapons.

Muir, are you safe?!(Lolicon)
Ojisan!(Muir) ((means uncle. Decided to leave it as it is as it sounds better.))

 Arnold Ocean, Muir’s dependable guardian, appeared. ((A wild Arnold appeared!))


 Being wary of Arnold, who suddenly appeared in the middle of Muir’s crisis, Ionis takes her distance without a moments delay.


…… that person is the one Herbreed has as opponent…(Io)

 As Ionis looks around restlessly, searching for her comrade Herbreed –


I’m sorry, Ionis!(Herbreed)

 Now Herbreed also came over.

…… Herbreed.(Io)
He distracted me with his wind and came this way in the meantime.(Herb)

 Herbreed said so while watching Arnold.


Muir, can you stand?(lolicon)

 Looking at the tattered Muir and the figure of her opponent, Ionis, Arnold realized how hard she was trying to win.

Well, you worked hard. Just leave it to me now…..(Arno)
Uun, I can still fight!(Muir)
….. but you….

 Reading the mood it was obvious that she pushed herself to the limit of her physical strength. Furthermore her right arm received a serious injury, making this situation even more dangerous for her.


 Therefore Arnold indeed wanted to proceed alone by himself, but then Muir’s untrembling eyes hit him.

I was rescued thanks to you, Ojisan. However, just being protected all the time is detestable! So…….(Muir)

 Clenching her teeth she desperately rises, standing next to Arnold.

This time I’ll fight next to Ojisan!(Muir)

 The weak girl of the past that could only watch the backs of Hiiro and Arnold wasn’t here anymore.


 Although supposedly it was painful for her to even stand, a indescribable feeling wells up in Arnold’s chest as he closely looks at Muir. ((TL: Lolicon -.-))


 As he murmurs You really became strongwith a small voice –

Understood! Shishou told us not to give up until we defeated our opponents! Well then, we’ll defeat’em!(Arno) ((TL: Shishou = teacher = Rarashik // Liberal Trans.))
Un!」 (Muir) (( =Nodding))

 The resolution of those two was already decided.


….. I won’t hold back just because you apparently injured her.(Herb)
That was the intention from the beginning.(Io)

 Herbreed’s body stiffens as he feels the preparedness of Muir and co.

Muir, let’s show them our combination!(Arno)
Un! And our last backing of power!(Muir)

 As she says so, Muir just barely endures the involved pain and raises her hands, once again clenching her teeth.


「《Thunder void》!」 (Muir)

 Bubbles are born from her hands, leaving with a Pokopoko (SFX). They went flying towards the enemy, splendidly avoiding Arnold.

Herbreed, those bubbles are dangerous when they hit you.(Io)
Understood. Well then, Shadow Bow!(Herbreed)

 Thus Herbreed fires a black arrow at the bubble that comes flying at him. When the arrow hits he bubble, it stops its movements as it is wrapped, and inside yet again a discharge phenomenon occurs.


I see, I shouldn’t come too close to those.(Herb)
I want you to use that.(Io) ((TL: あれ = that. It’s written as アレ here, special intonation))
That? You can certainly attack two people with that, but my magic will become nearly empty?
No problem. It will deal them the finishing blow.(Io)
…… Understood. Then…..

 Herbreed takes a step back and raises his hands high into the heaven. Then a large amount of pale magic ascended to the sky from his body.

What?」 (Arno)

 As he saw Herbreeds action Arnold doubted that it worked correctly, and thinking that this was convenient he was about to appear before Ionis, using the time Herbreed was taking to attack.

Be careful, Ojisan! Her magnetism flows if you even touch her just a little bit!(Muir)
Ok, no connection! I’m gonna kill them at full power!(Arno)

 Arnold swung his big sword around aiming Ionis……. but her body avoided it in it’s own accord, as it crashed into the Phantomthat came back to her feet unnoticed.


The sword will get into touch with my magic soon.(Io) ((Lib.))

 Due to using the sword to repel the weapons as he defended Muir, it probably already was inflicted to her hearts content already.


Tch! If this is iiiiiiit!」 (Arno) ((long “it”))


 Suddenly the wind grew stronger around Arnold.


Funuooooooo!」 (Arno) ((Spoken SFX. Imagine it ^-^))

 This time the Phantomand the sword collided as it rushed down on Ionis. She also caught the hole in the attack, instantly escaping by jumping into the sky.


Setting free! 《Roar of the wind god》!」 (Arno) ((TL: I don’t remember how I named the skill in the previous chapter, and I’m too lazy to look. So I just took the reading of it, ふうじんばくそう, and translated it as good as possible …))

 Countless blades of wind were emitted into the sky.



 Ionis solidified her guard as she received an unexpected attack, but got wounds all over her body nevertheless. And then with a snap one of the wind-blades also cut her eye masks cord.

 As Ionis landed her mask also fell to the ground and revealed her eyes that couldn’t be seen until now. ((Lib.))


 Watching it, Herbreed involuntarily shouted. As Ionis noticed that her eye mask came off –

Iyaaaahhhhh!(Io) (( TL: means “no”. But iyaaaaaaaa sounds better ^-^))

 She abruptly covered both of her eyes with her hands. Seeing her state, Arnold and co. were also taken aback, getting certain about her condition.

 Having seen it, Herbreed spits words in panic.


Damn! There is no other way!(Herbreed)

 A pattern-like huge magic appeared in the sky.


 Herbreed quickly took his hands down that where raised towards the sky.

Aram Shutram!(Herbreed)

 After Herbreed’s words something fell toward the ground from the magic circle. When you take a closer look it was a black sword, a black arrow, a black ax and a variety of weapons such as black spears.


 The uncountable number of weapons fell like rain. No, rather: they fell exactly to the location of Muir and Arnold.

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  1. So Herbreed is actually Gilgamesh?!!!

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    1. Yeah, I also thought of Gilgamesh XDD
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  2. Is this a novel translation or a translator fan fiction? Feels like i’m watching a movie with audio commentary, rather than a movie, and the immersion gets destroyed every 2 steps of the way. Too many TL notes. There is not point in reading a novel when TL notes stonewall the buildup in the writing and story. That’s the problem with TL notes in the middle of everything.


    1. yes, I do use the translation note regularly. One might say I’m using it far too often. But you know, I’m doing the translations because I got bored – and whenever I’m bored I make comments on whatever is nearby. You know why they’re grey? So that you may be able to skip them. Ignore them. Well, anyways – I guess it’s just normal to attract people who don’t like what I’m doing as my popularity increases. And: it increases daily ^-^

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