Konjiki no Wordmaster 189 – showdown time?

189th episode – Freely wielding the mutual war potential

Hiiro was staring in astonishment at the high-level duel unfolding before his eyes.

Hou, and I even questioned that lass.(Lily) ((小娘 also “young girl”, adolescent female in general. But as it is Lily talking … I needed something more insulting. Just sayin’, as it is used repeatedly here.))

Even Lilyin seemed to be rejudging Eveam after she showed power far beyond her expectations.

Well, even if just temporarily, she is the Maou. I guess that much is naturally.(Hiiro)
Kukuku, and I was imagining the figure of that lass to be trampled down by the Beast King, but in the contrary, she really surprised me with even being able to use combined magic.

He was indifferent as she said such scary words, but the phrase combined magic burdened his mind.

Don’t you know? Just some time ago that lass was bound to bed after combining fire and wind magic.(Lilyin)
Hou, so that’s combined magic.(Hiiro)
In order to successfully cast combined magic, you have to equally control both magic’s power. Moreover, to sufficiently control the fusion and compatibility of magic, you’d have to pursue considerably precise control over your magic power.(Lilyin)
I see, and I also observed the power level raising to a remarkable different height.(Hiiro)
Yeah, in case of success it will probably be several times as powerful. But in the case of a failure, you get a spontaneous outburst. Using it in the opening, she must have quite some confidence in her magic power control.(Lilyin)
Even though I read in a book that the definition of ‘Maou’ is originally ‘the Evilas King’, in reality it should additionally also include the strength of one named King. (Hiiro)

 Agreeing, they nodded several times.

The young girl as well, but that Gabranth prince is also to be considered.(Mikazuki)
Yeah, there is no wastefulness in his use of the Binding. Well done, I guess.(Shamoe)
However, the Beast King’s utilization of his Bindingis as brutal as ever, especially if you see that prince’s struggle in the fight over there. Is it just me…… Or is the Prince somewhat weak in the presence of the Beast King’s strength?(Mika)
Seems so.(Shammy)

Here, in Nikki’s eyes the shape of nearby Mikazuki was reflected. Whilst Nikki’s eyes were fixated on the fight and she even forgot to blink, Mikazuki was chatting with Shamoe as if the duel held no interest for her.

It was obvious from her demeanor that Nikki was itching to fight herself. Even though she was definitely a human being, she seemed to have an interest in belligerent, or should I say, strong persons.

Besides, she was raised by monsters. That she might behave differently if raised in a human environment might be a good example.

Thereupon, he shifted his gaze towards the crater again. He had already checked the Statusof Marione and Leowald. Using Pry, he confirmed the other two’s strength as well. 覗 

Eveam Gran Early Evening

Lv 104

HP 4750/4750
MP 6000/6500

EXP 820989
NEXT 41111

ATX 840(1040)
DEF 850(1050)
AGL 825(900)
HIT 819(919)
INT 1087(1287)

Magic AttributesFire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Thunder, Darkness
Magic Brave FlameFire, Attack)
Death HeatFire, Attack
Aqua JetWater, Attack
Cool PainWater, Attack
Air SpiralWind, Attack
God PressWind, Attack
Ground DasherEarth, Attack
Astral RainEarth, Attack
Icicle StormIce, Attack
Innocent SaberIce, Attack ((Saber is anything but innocent …))
      Lightning Force(Electricity, Attack
      Bomb Bolt(Electricity, Attack ((could be “vault” as well.))
      Imperial ZeroDarkness, Attack ((Lelouch?))
Phantom MeteorDarkness, Attack
Abyss BladeDarkness, Attack ((アヴィス, “Avici” as well. Meaning doesn’t change …))
      Cosmos EndDarkness, Attack

Titles Maou
————–Elemental Lady
————–Highest-class Evila
————–Book-lover ((oh?))
————–Monster Slayer
————–Going her own path
————–Incompetent Woman
————–Unbelievable Child
————–Unique Slayer
————–Behaving like a spoiled Child
————–Lonely Person
————–Frightened One
————–Miss Perfect
————–As green as grass 
(頭がお花畑 – literally means “has her head full of alpine flowers” -> means “naive, someone who believes the world to be a kind place full of good people where nothing bad can ever happen, therefore having an excessively merry disposition and being very easy to fool”.)
————–Maou (Lawl)
————–Dream-chasing Girl
————–Selfish Princess
————–Maiden in love
————–Person who carried to the extremes

Regulus King

Lv 83

HP 2870/3100
MP 380/455

EXP 652910
NEXT 12319

ATX 675(825)
DEF 622(672)
AGL 700(770)
HIT 442(502)
INT 312(315)

Binding Characteristic》 Water
Binding Techniques》 Water Fang
———————————Jewel-shaped Water
———————————Water-style Conversion
———————————Purple Water Flash

Titles Friend of the Water
————–Desires Family
————–Worldly-wise man
————–Next Beast King
————–Blade of the Wilds
————–Monster Slayer
————–Human Slayer
————–Unique Slayer
————–Fighting Beast
————–General of the Water

Eveam’s MP were indeed befitting her. She could be proud of its considerably height. And then this amount of attributes. Certainly, normally it was one attribute per person, it was even rare to have two or three. ((And the heroes, having four, are considered “legendary class” XD))

 Notwithstanding that, she was at a completely different level. She carried all seven attributes other than light within the ability categorization. Moreover, as she even used combined magic, he could probably expect some more tricks from her.

It’s a good thing she is able to increase the width of fighting ways to that extent.(Hiiro)

The opponent being compatible, it would be disadvantageous to use your only and hardly effective attribute. But as she was holding that many attributes, she was at the advantage as she could choose her attribute in accordance to the opponent’s attacks.

That Beanpole Prince seems to be hiding his true strength as well. ((ヒョロッ – “thin and tall” – hence beanpole.))

 He thought what he saw was Regulus starting to use Conversion. By the way, as Regulus appearance was thin and tall in person, he named him Beanpole Prince.

Now that the mutual opening phase ended, this is going to get intense…… No, it’s clearly visible that the Maou and her mongrel are going to be at disadvantage if this is prolonged unnecessarily.((he doesn’t say “mongrel”, but I’m getting creative with the suffix “-tachi”.))

Marione had recovered at first glance, but not considering his fatigue would be a mistake. Naturally, they would be at disadvantage when the match was prolonged any more. For this reason, the Maou and her companion had to settle this in a brief but decisive battle.

Who will launch first now……)(Hiiro)

Hiiro awaited the four people’s near future with great interest.


Marione suddenly spread his wings and ascended into the sky. Thereafter, in order to join him, black wings emerged from Eveam’s back as she soared into the sky as well.

Wary of the two people, Leowald and Regulus followed them with their eyes, putting themselves on guard.

Eveam suddenly stopped in mid-air, losing her eyes as she clapped her hands.

Mh? I don’t know what you’re planning, but moving first won’t help you!(Leo)

Leowald jumped upwards into Eveam’s direction. But in front of him, Marione blocked his way.

Out of my way, Marione!(Leo)
You’ll have to pass me if you want to proceed!(Mari)

As Marione waved the mantle he was wearing –

Black Ash!(Mari)

A black mist thing was erupting from Marione’s body, dyeing the environment with darkness in the blink of an eye.

That sort of thing!(Leo)

Although he tried to remove it with his hand’s momentum –

Whoa!? What’s that?! It wraps around my body!?(Leo)

Really, the fog covered around the fist he wielded as if it was alive. Then, suddenly a voice was heard out of nowhere.

I am the very darkness itself. As soon as you enter this world of darkness, your movements are sealed!(Mari)

He didn’t feel any pain from the darkness wrapped around his body, but a feeling of gradually becoming heavier run though his body. And as Regulus was worried as Leowald, grasped by the darkness, didn’t fall down but remained in the air, he tried to hit it with Water Fang, but it was completely repelled.

Thus in Eveam came into his field of view, releasing terrific amounts of concentrated magical power from her body.

Oh Darkness that dwells in the Abyss of the Beginning……(Eve)

The red gems fitted into the earrings and bracelets Eveam was wearing were emitting a suspicious light. Apparently they responded to Eveam’s aria.

Oh God of Death, Bringer of Chaos in Dark Hours, Destroyer of the All-creation, I summon thy fragment of power upon me……(Eve) ((changed it a little bit. Damn prayer’s hard to translate.))

 As she slowly raised her hands towards the skies, as she made a gesture as if to grab something with her hand –

Pierce hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim!(Eve)

From within the fog Leowald, pitch-black dyed, assaulted her. As Eveam caught her breath and hastily evaded to the left in order to avoid his attack –

Bushu! (SFX)

 Blood spurted from her right wing as Leowald hit it. ((So I guess she was disrupted? And I thought he was restricted… “Binding” attack?))


Eveam’s face was distorted in pain as she fell to the ground. Eveam, without doubt going to slam into the ground at this rate, desperately moved her severely hurting wings to prepare her landing.

The black fog that almost stopped Leowald’s movements in the sky left his body. And as it formed a shape, it transformed into Marione. Apparently the fog itself was Marione. ((You don’t say.))

Your Majesty!(Mari)

He returned to his original form in order to immediately rush to Eveam. As Leowald also fell from the sky to the earth again, Regulus turned up nearby.

88 thoughts on “Konjiki no Wordmaster 189 – showdown time?

  1. 「Out of my way, Marione!」(Leo)
    「You’ll have to pass me if you want to proceed!」(Leo)

    i think the 2. should be marione

    btw thanks for the tl 🙂


    1. Me. And Anon-senpai, sometimes. But we don’t really cooperate, he just fills in sometimes when I am ill, and I post his translations here.

      As for translators unrelated to this site – I only know about Blazer, Kiriko (who quitted) and Yorai-kun. Well, their relationship to Yorai seems to be similar to mine with Anon, otherwise they wouldn’t be that slow I guess. For any additional info you’d have to ask Blazer though ^-^

      Oh, nearly forgot it, I’ve also got myself an editor some time ago. We communicate even less than Anon and myself, hence I can only say that there is one. And the editor isn’t really involved in the translation progress, so it doesn’t really relate to your question.


      1. well long time no chat I guesss jhahaha …… Mind if I ask question????
        does the author really like putting question mark on every conversation? coz there are times I think whether it a question or not…..
        we don’t have a problem with it though hahaha
        I’m just curious

        any way thanks


        1. In every conversation … probably not. He just likes to put a question mark to some sentences that aren’t really questions, probably in order to imply that the speaker is unsure about the content ^_^


        2. I noticed the author uses it in the sense of answering questions with questions, which like good itisnltmyname said can be used for expressing confusion/lack of understanding or to just be plain annoying like Person1: “Why did you have to break my last sailor moon figurine you barbarian” D: Person 2 “I didn’t?” or Person3: “Where the hell you put my bunny fur suit” Person4: “I don’t know what you are talking about?”


  2. So what happen to the spell she cast? did it got interrupt and disappear or does she still hold it and can still throw the spell? The battle probably gonna end in draw or got stop halfway though.


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    Lightning Force(Thunder, Attack) ((I object. Thunder isn’t Lightning.)) <- Not so much objection when you take into account that what’s usually translated as “thunder”, even by Japanese people, means in fact “ray” (atmospherical electric discharge phenomenon with a visible component aka “lightning” and an audible component aka “thunder”); when applied to magic or elemental theory, it usually means “electricity” (or “electrical”).

    Abyss Blade(Darkness, Attack) ((アヴィス … seriously, that “English”…)) <- I know that it’s usually romanized as “Abyss” due to Pandora Hearts, but I believe that it may come from “Avici”, which makes more sense due to spelling; the mening is not so different, though, as, same way as Abyss would be the deepest part of Western conception of Hell, Avici is the lowest stratum of Buddhist hell, reserved to the worst criminals (those who have killed a parent or a holy one and those who cause a schism, i.e. kill faith).

    Superlative Evila(最上級魔族) <- “superlative” is a degree of adjectives; here it would be “Highest Evila” (against “High Evila”, “Low Evila”) or “Highest-class Evila” (against “High-class Evila”, “Low-class Evila”).

    Ubermensch (lol) <- it should be Übermensch (superman/superwoman)

    Airhead (頭がお花畑 – literally means “has her head full of alpine flowers”) <- rather than “airhead” (stupid), it would be something like “as green as grass” (naive); it means “someone who is innocent to the extreme” fool, not “plain stupid” fool like “airhead”.

    「Out of my way, Marione!」(Leo)
    「You’ll have to pass me if you want to proceed!」(Leo)<- I gather the second one would be “Marione” (also I’ve yet to see you use “extra”, “troupe” or “entourage” for the “-tachi”)


    1. 1st. Aw, I didn’t know that. Was taught to me as mere “thunder”, therefore … well. But as far as my memory serves me right, the other translators didn’t know as well ^-^

      2nd. Well, I didn’t know that part about pandora – judged it to be “Abyss” out of intuition – and the internet only suggested “Avis”, sooo … well. Furthermore, I didn’t know “Avici” was pronounced that way, and I was oblivious to the actual meaning behind the word. I’ve learned something today, huh.

      3rd. I didn’t think of the term “highest-class”, and “highest” itself implies that there is only one carrier of that title. I’d doubt that. Meanwhile, it’s true that “superlative” is a degree of adjectives, however, as far as I know it can be used as an adjective itself. Could be my (poor, yet better than average) latin skills showing themselves again though.

      4th. I know the word is directly rooted in Germany, and I knew of the “ü”. However, like with “kindergarten”, there is an “english version” (would be “kindergarden” here). Well, I could have used the “Superwoman”, even more as german readers might be offended by a term originating from Nazis, but I judged it more fitting. Additionally, the “Übermensch” version would imply that it is written in German (as the term “König” in a previous chapter was) – I’m troubled what to do :3

      5th. Whew, looks like I had a misconception about the term airhead. I know similar phrases in other languages where the meaning differs from what you told me about the english version. I thought it simply means something along the lines “she is easily distracted and appears naive”, not stupid as in “her head is empty enough for wind blowing through it”. The idiom “As green as grass” is new to me, thanks for improving my inventory.

      6th. Whoops, seems like I was typing too fast. Rarely happens ^-^
      And well, I might have used “extra” somewhere by my own, but thanks for the “troupe” and “entourage” ones – they surely wouldn’t cross my mind otherwise.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No prob.
        About the first, is a common misconception (even among Japanese when speaking English), probably rooted in the fact that common English speakers that either have no studies or just didn’t pay attention ion class tend to make the same mistake. And about the 3rd, you have to take into account that words change meanings, even if just slightly, when crossing languages; afaik “superlative” as an adjective is used (often as an exaggeration) with abstract concepts (and if that’s really the case, then it shouldn’t be used regarding to people directly).

        Confirmed by the examples here:
        (it’s a good place to check meanings, and it even has a thesaurus for synonyms).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think abyss was a good choice.
        I believe previous translators took the Ubermensch title as Superhuman (imprecise for Evila but probably still a better choice overall).
        Rather than As green as grass, perhaps Greenhorn would be better (I realise the meanings are highly similar yet I feel the former lacks, elegance?)
        Thanks for your hard work 🙂


          1. my teacher once said to me the appropriate term to describe it in english would be “grammar school”, but that was in 5th grade … I’m afraid that’s outdated. High school, I guess?


        1. I think u should use clueless not green horn coz It have different meaning some time’s well I’m giving some advise here so don’t take it seriously


        2. “Greenhorn” means “a person who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity”; the Japanese expression “a head full of flowers” means “naive, someone who believes the world to be a kind place full of good people where nothing bad can ever happen, therefore having an excessively merry disposition and being very easy to fool”.


          1. I’m gonna put that description behind the title. In order to avoid further confusion … really, that flower incident gave me an headache, and I still think there should be a better way to translate it, but it seems like there just isn’t a hundred per cent fitting english phrase.


          2. well translating isn’t easy to begin with so it’s ok to make mistakes coz everyone in does.. well I’m just thankful that some1 is translating this


          3. It’s okay to make mistakes, no one has said the opposite. I’m just trying to give a hand to the translators with those places they seem to have problems with.


      1. Not really. “Purgatory” is where light sinners expy for their sins before following the path of non-sinners (also the place they believed some time ago unbaptized children went, as they were also “light sinners” in the sense they bore no sin other than the original). Either “Abyss” or “Avici” is the place where the worst sinners are condemned to suffer for eternity, with no chance of salvation.


  4. hmm..this fight between king is good and all but I wonder when will it be hiiro’s turn to fight leowald..wanna see some high level fight between these two. wonder what kind of new skills hiiro going to bust out.


    1. 190 is last chapter about this fight, 191 or 192 is probably an interlude (haven’t read them yet though) and the other one will probably be a gag chapter for preparing the fight, but 193 is named “Hiiro VS Leowald” ^-^


      1. yeah and you better enjoy that one because it turns pretty boring afterwards, (at least for me) reading chapter 213 btw, keep going man


        1. wow u actually read those chapters hahaha.. well for me, I was waiting for the LN to catch to the manga version Coz it’s really far away (don’t know if it’s the r8 word to describe).. anyway to me w8ting is good thing 4 training as well……

          P.S if ur going to ask what kind of training I’m talking about, well it’s about the monkey were taking care off, coz that monkey is really messy and really hard to train….coz I only know how to teach cats and dogs..


    2. My money is on hiiro working out how to use combined magic through his word magic. he has already proved he could use elemental magic like them through the word magic befor. so showing he can use combined magic like the queen evila would be impressive. also did NOONE catch….or WANT to comment on one of her titles? MAIDEN IN LOVE? so its OFFICIAL noww right? she can’t deny it any longer XD she has the hots for our hiiro(damn bloody bastard. young girls. young women. he is a slayer of women in general. his conquests just HAPPEN to be ALOT of little girls :C)


    1. well theres no denying it now XD she is officially smitten with hiiro (that damn dense mother f***er and his slayer of little girls((should be changed to slayer of women in general)))


  5. So, who else thinks this will end in a draw? They wouldn’t have explained the draw rule if it weren’t used in the story. My bet is on Hiiro vs Rarashik for the last fight.


          1. Would’t Hiiro destroy him in a 1v1? lol… a little unfair… Maybe Hiiro teleports and brings rank 1(Aquinas i think? lol i forgot) to fight the king?
            And thanks for the translations… i started this 3 day ago and thanks to you i could read up to chapter 189… THANK YOU. 😀

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          2. I’d guess someone who wasn’t part of the tournament until now wouldn’t be allowed to participate in the decisive battle?

            But you’re right, Hiiro would smash Leo in no time …


  6. Hard to say if Hiro can defeat Leo with easily. Since Leo is a Power type character and Hiro is a Speed and Magic type. But if he does fight him the writer will have to make a epic battle between these two. Power vs Magic.


  7. From the point Marione was picked, it was already decided they would lose, once a loser always a loser in fighting contests, there’s no way you’d recover and then the other side would be just fine to beat you up again. I think it’d be more likely that the fight gets interrupted by one of the guys that are plotting for world destruction, so they stop the event rather than tie, or another match or any other absurd ideas of them not losing horribly.


    1. sry. I really would like to have the time — I’d love it — but unfortunately, I’m quite busy right now. I’m glad that I can even check my mailbox every now and then.
      I didn’t watch any videos on YT for several weeks, haven’t seen any anime either, not read any book nor did I eat anything but instant noodles.

      It’s a little bit about setting priorities, ya’know …


      1. maybe tou could release it for new year gift for 1st january, also glad you still respond its meant you still didnt abandon it. BANZAAAAAAI.


        1. Actually, after december 18th, at least some of my current problems should be done for. So afterwards I am hopefully gonna have time to translate again — and right afterwards is Xmas. I don’t particularly care about that “holy”day, but it’s connected with presents and free time, soooo …… I’m positive about it?
          Well, and if I have more free time, that means it is more likely that I have time to translate, isn’t it? Well, I still have to deal with people at Xmas, but … maybe …


    1. Well, I am the “owner” — or rather, Admin — of the site, so my experiences may differ. But as far as it concerns me, I’ve got no problems with the pictures loading except situations in which other sites’ pictures won’t load as well, i.e. bad internet quality. Maybe you should check your connection speed? Some of the resolutions may be quite high. Otherwise, all the pictures uploaded are either .jpg or .png files, so there shouldn’t be any problems on any device as far as I know. Those file types arn’T specialized, but rather seen as standard. And as you’re the only one mentioning difficulties with my pictures, I’d guess it’s rather a personal problem than a general one.


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    I’m getting sick and tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform.
    I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.


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