Konjiki no Wordmaster 173 … kinda.

173th Episode – Each one’s Ability

Translated by Itisn1tmyname, yeay. My first translation ever… I’m a n00b and not skilled at japanese, sooo…

The surface of the world was covered with spreading ice. Though it looked like a different world only here. But that was definitely to be expected in the Valaaru Wilderness, in which the crater was.

Although the ice hadn’t spread through the dry earth, the surrounding air temperature was reduced enough to freeze the breath.

 And on the frozen ground there was the wounded Shublarz, frustrated staring at her opponent, Rarashik, who gave birth to this situation.

I wonder who the heck you are? I’ve never seen you among the strongest beast-men who participated in the war so far.

 You can easily judge Rarashik as a strong Beast-men, so Shublarz thought that she participated in the war until now. But she couldn’t remember to have ever seen a matching person.

Well, that’s probably true – since this is the first time for me to ever join this war.

…… seriously?(Shu)

Yeah, I hate war.(Rara)

I wonder … why did you participate this time?

Nahaha! Isn’t it a underling-class only technique to try and prolong my story to recover your strength?

 And the moment she said so countless ice needles were emerging from the ground.

Enough! Forgive me for talking to much(Shu)

 Shublarz desperately was trying to avoid the attack, but the needles of ice produced many fine scratches on her body.

Phew, I wonder what happens if you left a wound on my body?(Shu)

In my words, you want me to skewer this mysterious pie?(Rara)

 Rarashik clicked her tongue and pointed at the chest of Shublarz, who imagined Rara’s words to happen and went pale at her creepy face.

Can’t you afford to be a li-little bit more peacefully?

Peaceful ….. and let you go, ha!

Something feels nuancely different – I wonder if I have to worry!((TL: ?! wtf … it’s strange.))

 The ice needles hit again. Shublarz somehow avoided them, and stared at Rarashik while catching her breath.

 Even Hiiro didn’t expect this fight to turn out this way. Rarashik didn’t seem too strong by her looks, but including her power she was a tremendous being.

 Although Leowald had been fighting with his Trick Artin the previous battle Hiiro felt a completely different strong force from Rarashik.

 It couldn’t really be said like that, as it felt like the partners were certainly in a good condition and furthermore one got the impression that the persons appointment to each other was similar to themselves. ((TL: ?!! Wtf ))

 It felt like the very nature of reason was shaking. Beast-king Leowald was the strongest, but everyone – even Hiiro – thought that Rarashik was the better one in the side battle of using the Trick Art– thing.

Try avoiding this, boring idiot! Ice Fang!((TL: Rarashik – roughly translated ^ ^;))

 For some reason several objects formed like scalpels used in surgical operations flew at her, and those scalpel’s ice was overturned and changed into a huge one that attacked Shublarz.

Ho! You can even do such a thing!?(Shu)

 Shublarz was frightened as it solidified, the attack hit and Rarashik gloated. However…..

 Su-u….. (SFX)

 Suddenly one side of the ice world in the scene went back to dead earth in an instant.

What now?!(Rara)

 Rarashik also didn’t know what happened and unintentionally stood with an open mouth. It was supposed to be impossible to eliminate the ice in a moment by your own by dismantling the power.

 And yet the huge female and the surrounding ice returned to the state just before starting the fight.

 Rarashik was looking around somehow restlessly to find the source but wasn’t able to see anything. Only as her gaze met Shublarz she noticed that her opponent didn’t panic in this situation.

 She was laughing. And surprisingly, the cuts carved into her body were all gone.

….. what did you do?(Rara)

Fufufu, I thought you even teach it?(Shu)

 She keenly made an winners smile, provokingly glaring at Rarashik. ((TL: freely translated))

 Shublarz did something right after that. She clearly understood what to do if you have no idea what is happening.

 After all she just simply had to avoid Rarashiks attack.

 Watching Rarashiks fight, Hiiro also wore a blank expression.

what… she suddenly lost her ice?(Hiiro)

 Probably Shublarz did something, however Hiiro, watching from above, wasn’t able to understand just what was going on.

 She was the one to defend against Rarashiks attack. Even as she got fine scratches on her body, as thousands of ice needles emerged from the ground, she splendidly avoided them, taking the least possible damage.

 I thought… there was nothing unnatural. It just came to one’s mind that while she avoided it there was magic energy released from her body.

…… no way, that’s the big breasted woman’s magic?(Hiiro)

 I think so, but as a last resort I’ll have to prove it by looking at her statusby using Pry.

Shublarz Klyucel

Lv 130

HP 6000/6000

MP 5035/5835

EXP 2400111

NEXT 74980

ATX 1100(1150)

DEF 1011(1133)

AGL 1009(1089)

HIT 922(1000)

INT 999(1099)

Magic Attribute none

Magic Dance MagicDance release of Correction | Dance release of the shrine (?) | Dance release of bewitching | Dance release of Time Copy

Titles Dancer | voluptuous woman | High class demon | Drinker | Monster slayer | Ripper | Boobs-anesama | Breast-witch | Sexy pudding | Mistress of attraction | Skilled woman | Shaking and Swinging | Dancing Lady | Cruel | murderer of the unique | Ubermensch ((XD – well, or Superwoman)) | Man-killer | One who wanted to act spoiled ((?)) | Lonely | ……still a virgin? | fighting woman | a determined person

Rarashik Fan’naru

Lv 138

HP 7665/7665

MP 786/786

EXP 3421577

NEXT 87020

ATX 1316(1330)

DEF 1268(1300)

AGL 1194(1200)

HIT 1049(1050)

INT 845(880)

Binding Attribute Ice

BindingIce Fang | Assault of the absolute Ice beast | Ice Transformation | Heavenly Freezing | Ritual of Phenomenon | Last Fang

Titles》 Friend of the ice | Little Girl | Binge Drinker | Wild Blade | Researcher | Monster slayer | A freak born from a freak | Founder of the Binding | Gabranth fighter | One who can hold Phenomenon | Chibi-usagi | One who rose many disciples | A determined person

(《Dance Magic…… I see. It was an unique magic(Hiiro)

 Apparently it seemed as if the Dance Magics main feature was that thing that was done in street dance exhibitions. ((?))

 And the Dance release of Time Copywas worth of worries, even as it takes a lot of magic when dancing this specific dance, it was some unfair magic that seemed to be able to generate a situation that was just as some time ago. ((TL:Like Time traveling without the travel. Bending space-time… need to rephrase this sentence.))

 For example let’s say you’re wounded. Then, after performing the dance, it seemed like your previously unwounded body could be projected onto you.

 But of course it was limited, as the maximum period of return was one hour and the range of projected space was also decided.

 As there was still some ground covered with ice, Hiiro was able to guess that the effective range was about 30 meters wide.

In other words, rather than setting back the time or projecting the past situation on the fly, it’s… still just an unique magic cheat.

 It wasn’t as if the ice disappeared in an instant, rather it returned to the front of space where the earth was frozen. ((?))

Nevertheless, it effects everyone in the Area: as she returns to her own time… so does her enemy; her scratches and fatigue also disappear through this subtle magic.((rough))

 So, as Rarashik had attacked with her Binding, her original HP and MP had to decrease to some extent, but now she was fully recovered. That shows the fact that she was projected to before the fight.

But Shublarz didn’t get her MP back…..

 Only Shublarz’ MP remained decreased. Although this would be a natural risk, as the other party would get a full recovery, it felt like the little percentages didn’t come together. ((?))

Well, it seems like it has as many applications as one could think of, but it’s unexpected disadvantageous in combat.

 Hiiro’s concern was quite plausible. Although magic is normally activated by naming it or repeating it in one’s head, in case of the Dance Magicyou had to perform the dance.

 The amount of effect seems large, but it was quite hard to execute in combat. Shularz probably just pretended to try and avoid her opponents attack as she danced, but the dance was unsuitable for fighting as it consumed both stamina and magic.

Well, chibi-usagi also looks like she’s fine, as the big-breasted woman just used her magic, but that’s until someone makes the first move in this fight, or rather, in this game.

 While I (Hiiro) thought so, he turned and stared at Arnold and Muir. He was going to confirm both their Statusas well.

Arnold Ocean

Lv 81

HP 2430/2960

MP 375/430

EXP 610330

NEXT 439

ATX 674(794)

DEF 599(649)

AGL 528(558)

HIT 312(332)

INT 234()

Binding AttributeWind

Binding Fang of wind | Explosive wind claw | Blast conversion | Workman’s Land (written as angry storm of the last day)

Titles Friend of the wind | Former slave | Cook | Ultra-doting parent | Sultry Man | The man referred to as Hentai | Lolicon | loves tits | Feminist | Wild Father | Wild Blade | Monster slayer | Killer of the unique | Fighting Beast | Expert | One who survived hell

Muir Kastreia

Lv 72

HP 1320/1800

MP 320/380

EXP 400222

NEXT 17843

ATX 504(574)

DEF 427(477)

AGL 412(442)

HIT 340(355)

INT 253()

Binding AttributeThunder

Binding Fang of Thunder | Thunder god’s void | Thunderclap conversion | 1000 punches of the silver lightning

Titles Friend of Lightning | Kidnapped | My Angel | Cutie Flower | Patient Girl | Earnest Child | A bothersome person | Skillfully getting by | Hidden Girl | little Girl | Transforming Girl | Biribiri-loli ((Biribiri = sound of electricity. Put in Toaru – reference here …)) | Blade of the wild | Monster Slayer | Killer of the Unique | One who survived hell

 Hiiro was surprised by the amount of growth of the two. They really were working hard in this past half year. Compared to their previous Experience, Arnold got 40 and Muir got 30 more levels than before.

 Of course, it was small compared to his own, but one would normally think a growth to that extend was great. Since Hiiro had his Word Magic, there was a high chance of even being able to win against a much stronger opponent.

 After all, if characters such as Sleepor Restrainhit, you can attack on defenseless opponents. So even if the monster is rank SS or above he could attain victory by hitting them with those characters.

 But as Arnold didn’t have such an useful magic he probably was steadily rising in level.

 And watching the movement it can be seen quite well that he had a lot of combat experience. In particular, Muir’s movements became well enough to not even be comparable with six months ago.

(Still, It’s a fact that she has to fight after this.)

 Even as Muir was in bad situation, she still had to get serious. Hiiro was sure she was going to her best now.

Moreover, the other party also seems to b strong, as their level would be typical for this strange war.

 Thinking so Hiiro also confirmed the opponents strength.

Herbreed Julius

Lv 88

HP 2380/2630

MP 2890/3110

EXP 709657

NEXT 10076

ATX 600()

DEF 500(555)

AGL 666(686)

HIT 560()

INT 412()

Magic Attribute Darkness

Magic》  Shadow BladeDarkness

     Shadow SpearDarkness

     Shadow BowDarkness

     Shadow Axe Darkness

     Shadow LanceDarkness

     Shadow hammerDarkness

     Shadow daggerDarkness

     Shadow Whip Darkness

     Aram StrammDarkness | Attack

Titles Magic Swordsman | Smart ass | Worldly-wise man | High grade Demon | Monster Slayer | Ripper | Beastkin slayer | Expert | Gentle demeanor | Softhearted | Weapon master | Demon Army Leader | Emotional Colleague

Ionis Kit’fal

Lv 84

HP 2160/2190

MP 2880/2880

EXP 650101

NEXT 3786

ATX 550(675)

DEF 437(500)

AGL 770(800)

HIT 440(480)

INT 330(350)

Magic attribute none

Magic Magnetic Magic1st magnetic field release | Quick magnetic release | 2nd magnetic field release)     

Titles Genius | Magnetic Girl | Eye masked Girl | High grade Demon | Monster slayer | Expert | Doing things at her own pace | Ripper | Beastkin slayer | Jiryokuhime (Magnetism princess) | Demon Army Leader | Hidden Idol | One who carries a scar | Reticence | Small Child | Demon Army’s Loli | The strongest flat one | Lightning speed

 Looking at the Statusof the girl named Ionis, Hiiro admired it. Thinking there would be no way for even her to be an unique magic user, he was honestly surprised.

 But he didn’t know the reason for the eye mask. It was possible to investigate in more detail using the words Survey((TL: 『調査』 → 2 words, “Pry” is one word.)), but he stopped because he wasn’t interested.

 And she wasn’t his enemy either, so the information would be separately unnecessary. But as Muir was a thunder girl fighting against Ionis the magnetic girl, he wondered about the chemistry.

 Her Quick magnetic releaseexamined was worrisome, apparently she could shift the magnetic of things she touched. But only one thing at time and only inanimate objects.

 In other words, by passing a magnetic force to the Yo-yo Ionis was equipped with, she couldn’t magnetize Muir herself, but other things such as her clothes.

So once the chibi ((→ Muir)) has received an attack, it’s highly likely that she has charger her with magnetic energy.

 As long as this happens, the future of the fight becomes disadvantageous. It was easily to see and to say that in this case gravitation and repulsion can freely attack oneself.

…. I became aware of the possible turning point of the fight ahead of time, Chibi

 He looked at Muir while analyzing the situation.

((well … as a first attemt … not too bad, is it? And: I just translated, it’s not edited or proof-read. Sooooooooo … ))

((and: my font sucks. damnit, it looked perfectly fine in my writing program, but wordpress doesn’t understand the ways of the MS P明朝 font XD))

((Edit: changed ont style to Colibri. Seems to work …))

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