Konjiki no Wordmaster 176 … featuring my waifu.

so it’s one hour later than anticipated. It’s Youtube’s fault XDD
Well then, without further delay:

176th Episode – Unyielding spirit

((TL: reminder – last episode ended with multiple weapons flying at A&M from the sky.))

((And, If you hadn’t noticed: “Lib.” means “Liberal Translation” – also used when I’m not sure.))


 Arnold shivered at the sheer amount of weapons. Even if he used a full-body-conversion, the infinite amount of weapons would hit without any resistance. And above all, Muir also was still there.

 And because of her multiple usage of Thunder voidshe was on the verge of running out of power.

Ojisan! It isn’t over yet!
I haven’t used all of my strength yet!(Muir)

 Then Muir’s Kemonomimi once again transformed and took the shape of wings. And then, moving in earth-shattering speed, she suddenly stood next to Arnold.

Damn! I was already separated from you once! It’s also fully open this way!

 The bodies of the two of them discolored, Muir became blue-violet and Arnold was getting pale green.


「《Thunderclap conversiooon~~!」
「《Blast conversioooon~~!」

 Seeing the transformation of them, Herbreed shouted.

Never! Both of them with full conversion!?(Herb)

 He probably guessed they both were unable to perform a whole-body-conversionand thus was wrapped in surprise.


 Seeing this, Muir made her move first.

Please! Hold it out, body! 《Thunder voiiiiiiid~~~!」

 The number of bubbles produced from Muir’s body just couldn’t be compared to before.


 As they somehow decreased the falling weapons’ movement –

It won’t last long, Ojisan! Decide!
Just leave it to me!

 Arnold jumped, beginning to rotate his body in mid-air.

How about this! 《Workman’s Laaaand~~!」 ((TL: written as angry storm of the last day, read as workman’s (or second classes/ reserve troops’/ public characters’) land – as I don’t remember how ‘they’ translated it …))

 With only Arnold as the center, a super-huge tornado-shaped swirl of wind was born, swallowing several of the magic weapons. As it took them in they were pulverized by countless blades of wind.

….. that’s stupid….(Herb)

 While protecting Ionis, he was surprised by the phenomenon that occurred in front of his eyes.

 The tornado disappeared and Arnold fell from the sky. As he hit the ground –

Itatetete……. dammit, as I’ve thought I’m not accustomed to it yet, so my body is quite rattled now…..((Itatetete = Ouch owowow))

 While he catches his breath, nearby Muir also reveals a feeling of fatigue, desperately putting force into her form.

I-it’s all right….. Muir……
U….. Un…… But I’m sorry….. my shape……

 Muir also used up all of her strength and fell to the ground. After a small amount of time Arnold’s face also gets distorted and he falls to his knees. ((Lib. “After a small …” isn’t really right, as the author uses a phrase that would literally mean “a hair’s breadth”, but as we aren’t talking about length of space but length of time, that phrase wouldn’t really fit. As the first symbol can be used for both space and time… you get it.))


….. I honestly was surprised. The potential strength of your side is quite great.(Herb)

 Hearing such a praise from Herbreed –

Heh, we can’t move anymore. But, whatever you do, don’t lay a hand on Muir, or I’ll grill you. Don’t make me do that.(lolicon) ((Lib.))


 Hearing those words, Herbreed puts on a reassuring smile. ((Lib.))

Please don’t underestimate me. The hobby-teasing person not being able to fight anymore here isn’t me.((TL: hobby-teasing as in “my hobby is mocking other people”))


 Even if his magic power was almost empty after his last attack, killing the immobile Arnold would be easy. But as attacking person’s without any combat intention is stupid, Herbreed says:

Besides, I wouldn’t leave Ionis behind either.

 He placed his hand on the shoulder of Ionis, who was still hiding her face. Muir was also worried about her, as she opened her mouth while being near to losing consciousness herself.


W-what’s the matter…… Io-chan?(Muir)

 But she didn’t answer and just repeated Detestable, detestable, detestableover and over again with a small voice.

 Unable to watch any longer, Herbreed answered her question with soft voice.


Ionis’ eyes, there is a big scar on them.(Herb)
What? Scar?(Arno)
Aah, a scar.(H.) ((aah = yeah))

 Did he have to ask that much? Since Arnold looked like he wanted to know, Herbreed answered, wearing a wry smile. ((Lib. The first part, “アノールドはそれだけ?”, would mean “that much Arnold?))

For your side it may be impossible to understand it, but because of the nature of this scar Ionis was easily neglected. Moreover, the one who made it…… no, it would be rude to say any more.

 As Herbreed says so, ending his story –

Stand-offish Io-chan!(Muir) ((TL: 水臭い literally means “watery” → reserved, distant …))

 Suddenly Muir’s shout was heard. And Ionis, trembling and muttering until now, stopped moving.


Believe me, I wouldn’t say anything ill-mannered when I see your scar!(Muir) ((Lib. – sentence ends with “no”, indicating it’s Io speaking, but it doesn’t match…))

 Everyone listened to Muir’s words in silence. ((TL: Told’ya. Doesn’t match if it were Io talking.))


Sure we are mutual enemies, thus I fought, but I had fun! Sure I was desperate, but I’m glad I could fight Io-chan with all my strength!

 Muir’s face is distorted in sadness, but nevertheless she takes a step and approaches Ionis.


Most people would judge other persons by their looks, by things such as damaged Kemonomimi, but we won’t! I mean,didn’t we fight each other with all our strength?

 Muir has been shouting out her thoughts, coming closer until she arrives in front of Ionis.


So don’t decide at your own accord. Even if someone says evil words when looking at Io-chan’s scar I wouldn’t ever believe such a sad thing.(Muir) ((Lib.))
…. but, everyone who sees that eye will detest me.(Io)

 Thus finally Ionis’ voice was heard.

Un, but that doesn’t mean that Io-chan herself is detestable, does it? The detestable ones are those people who don’t know a thing about Io-chan.(Muir) ((TL: instead of the “detestable” in the previous couple of sentences one could also write “difficult”, “evil”, “inferior”, “sinful” or “bad”… you get my problem.))

 Muir fought just like the others, but somehow she understood. That is, the fact that her heart was beautiful and very pure. ((TL: It isn’t quite clear, who is understanding whom – “she understood” could mean both of them, even if Io isn’t directly mentioned.))

Soooo….? You want to try showing it?(Muir)
…. no! It’s eerie, after all!」 
……….. That’s okay.

 Muir’s voice was as gentle as possible.

But, even though we are mutual enemies, I like Io-chan!

 Receiving such words Ionis’ body flutters.

Io-chan…… I wonder…… don’t you ever like someone? Or is it because our race differs and we’re enemies that you can’t be my friend?(Muir) ((Lib.))
…… Friends?(Io)
Un, Friends.((Un = nodding. As you should know.))
…… Ok? Wasn’t Muir hurt by Io?
I think this way we came to understand each other?
So…… please let me be your friend.

 Ionis removed her trembling hands holding her eyes, slowly raising her head to gaze at Muir.


Look, it is better to look at each other from eye to eye.(Muir)

 Muir smiled all over her face. There was a large burning mark in both eyes of Ionis. Certainly, as a girl, it’s understandable that you’d hesitate to show them to others.


Moreover, you have very beautiful eyes, Io-chan.(Muir)

 There wasn’t any hidden meaning. Io had an eye mask to hide the burns, and it was a story that made your blood boil like fighting. ((Lib.))

 Her pupils had a beautiful jade green, being settled in big eyes. Muir pleasantly smiled with all her body. ((Lib.))

Don’t conceal them, it’s such a waste.(Muir)
U……. Uuu…….Uwaaaaaaaaaah!」 (Io) ((SFX: Cryin’ like a baby <3))

 In this moment Ionis began to cry, hugging Muir, her eyes flowing over with tears. Muir gently patted her head. 

 And after finishing crying Ionis turned away, her cheek dyed in red. Apparently she felt ashamed now that she had cried.

Aha! Io-chan is cute!(Muir) ((TL: yes she is.))
Muu……. Muir is mean.(Io) ((TL: yes she is.))

 Having seen the two of them, Herbreed admired the situation with wide eyes.


Nevertheless, I was surprised. For Ionis to trust someone that easily…(Herb)
It wasn’t easy.(Arno)
She was just able to do it because of Muir.
That daughter of mine is able to feel a persons pain as her own. So her words directly touch the heart.
…… Is that so. I see – Now I’m convinced that it’s you who is a friend of our countries hero.
Hu? Hero?
Aah, Hiiro-dono.((TL: side note & useless knowledge; “Hiiro” isn’t written as usual with “daylight” and “color” – 日色 – here, but as ヒイロ, indicating that he uses the word without knowing it’s meaning – it is also read as “Hiiro”, but would translate into “scarlet red” ^-^))
Buho!  Hi-hiiro is a hero? ((Hero is written in japanese, it isn’t a wordplay.))

 Arnold was involuntarily shouting.

W-What is it? Did I say something strange?
N-no, well, yeah, extremely……((Lib. – added some commas because he’s confused.))

 As he went on a journey with him, Arnold wouldn’t have thought that a person like Hiiro would ever be called something like great hero.

  Hiiro would probably be willing to participate as a hero in war anywhere in the world, as long as they have food and books. Thus, Arnold’s face becomes cramped and stiff.


Ah, and that scar of Ionis…… How was it?((Lit. // “Dakke” – だっけ – means the speaker tries to recall some piece of information …))

 Muir turns around to the sudden voice.

What’s the matter, Ojisan?
It’s unpleasant, that scar, but if it’s him he could fix it, couldn’t he?
…… Ah!?

 Muir is also taken aback as it came into her mind.

That’s right, Io-chan!


 She expresses her joy by taking the hands of Ionis.

If it’s Hiiro-san, he surely could heal that burn!
Eh? Hiiro….. the hero?(Io) ((And again, its no wordplay))
Th-th-that Hero-sama.

 Arnold had to explain further as Muir was puzzled.


If it’s Hiiro, he probably should be able to return it to the original clean face.(Arno)
Un! I’ll raise a request for you!(Muir)
…… It will really heal?(Io)

 She actually already asked some doctors for treatment, but none of them had any effect, so she’d given up.

It’s alright! Because Hiiro-san is awesome!(Muir)
Rather, he’s a monster outside of every standard and norm.(Arno)

 At this moment Arnold thought he felt somebody’s mighty stare, but decided that it was his imagination as a shiver ran down his spine.

So we should ask together, Io-chan!
…… I want it to be cured….. If can be cured after all…(Io) ((Lib.))
….. ah, but I wonder how much compensation we’ll have to prepare….(Muir)

 In this moment a voice was heard from behind Arnold’s back.

If that’s the case, don’t worry about it. Don’t you think Hiiro will surely lend you his power when we serve him delicious cuisine in the next feast?((Lib.))
Uwao!(Arno) ((Spoken SFX))

 Arnold screamed in surprise. And as he turned around to see who surprised him, he saw Silva.


Wh-why are you here?

 Then, Silva answered with a smiling expression –

I’m here to report to you because the second round is over.
….. Huh?

 Without being able to understand the meaning of his words immediately, everyone hardened.

((in most cases here the “Lib.” means that I’m not sure about the correctness. That’s no issue as I’m not guaranteeing any correctness anyway.))

I hope it’s to your liking. There gonna be some more chapters this weekend, stay tuned ^-^

23 thoughts on “Konjiki no Wordmaster 176 … featuring my waifu.

  1. ((Lib. – sentence ends with “no”, indicating it’s Io speaking, but it doesn’t match…)) <- the “no” at the end is a colloquial substitute to “ka” (question-marking particle) used mainly by females (but not exclusively). This means that the sentence must be rephrased into a question (as in “Do you believe that I would say something ill-mannered when I see your scar?”, just to show an example).

    ((TL: side note & useless knowledge; “Hiiro” isn’t written as usual with “daylight” and “color” – 日色 – here, but as ヒイロ, indicating that he uses the word without knowing it’s meaning – it is also read as “Hiiro”, but would translate into “scarlet red” ^-^)) <- it’s not exactly like he doesn’t know its meaning (which he indeed does not), but more like it’s a non-native pronunciation. If you take, let’s say, the name “Joseph” in Spanish, “José”, and you try to write how does an English speaker pronounce it, you get “Hosay”. To English speakers, it sounds the same, but for Spanish speakers (unless their speech has been corrupted by the influence of English), it doesn’t. Since the pronunciation of the name is not totally correct, it’s shown by writing it in katakana.

    Thanks for your work. How do you exactly translate this?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. yeah, i know, but as far as I’ve seen it’s a habit of Ionis – she does it in 90% of her sentences – while Muir doesn’t really use it at all. That’s why I said it indicates that it is Io speaking.

      2. Well, yeah, that would be a correcter way to say it. I#ve noticed it myself just short afterwards, but … well. Should I change the TL-note?

      3. Thanks for the appreciation. And well, besides of my (insufficient) knowledge of japanese language I use rikai-kun as a help, and everything beside that … guessing, luck, knowledge of the series, probability calculation … But just using rikai-kun is sufficient most of the time.


    1. Well, yes. But he did refer as his daughter as well. Example: as he met his sister, he totally introduced her as his daughter. Go look it up ^-^

      And: Blazer has translated chapters up to 177 up to now, so this work of mine is kinda obsolute, anyways. You should read his version instead, it’s of better quality. Mine is just for reading ahead ^-^


  2. Thank you for translating. It was somewhat hard to read, the grammar wasn’t very good and there was a lot of content that was translated in a weird way that didn’t make much sense, like workmans land(you even mentioned that it could be translated as some ultimate wind attack, since he is a wind user, it would obviously be the correct translation), and there was a lot of annoying extra text. Guessing you’re just starting out, so it’s a great job nonetheless, perhaps by now you’re great at translating?(since it’s been more than a year). I’m just happy being able to read this, but I thought I should mention my thoughts even so, I hope you don’t take offense.


    1. Nah, I don’t take any offense. It was my first (published) translation ever so I already guessed it faulty even though nobody else mentioned anything about the grammar that I didn’t fix. Probably. If I didn’t forget to fix it.


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