Konjiki no Wordmaster 178 … featuring Hiiro.

I finished this chapter in one day – as I only started today. Yesterday was … stressful. I left my home at 7am, coming back at 8pm, and afterwards I just fell into my bed and slept.

178th episode – I consider you a friend

((TL: title could also mean “the companions mind(s)” – as it isn’t a whole sentence I’m not sure…))

Well, this rounds fight is over. Nya, I’ll go home.(Rara) ((instead of “round” she says level, but I changed it.))

 Thus, without saying a word to the loser Shublarz, she went away.


Fufu, Indeed, even if she looks like a little girl in a researcher’s clothes, she truly behaves like a natural-born warrior. I’m surprised~」(Shu)


 Shublarz shrugged her shoulders as she watched Rarashik walking away.


Well then, we should also go. I have the intention to report to Her Majesty~」

 As they had completely lost, Shublarz’ facial expression gets cloudy as she thinks of meeting her face to face.


Oh, ple-please wait a minute!(Muir)


 Muir calls out to Shublarz and co. who were attempting to leave.


Is there something else?(Shu)
Ah, that….. thing of Io-chan……What I wanted to say…….(Muir)
Eh? Ionis?(Shu)

 In response to Muir’s words, Shublarz turns her line of sight towards Ionis.

Oh, so she could be cured. Well…… is it possible that you’re the boss of that child?(Arno)

 Arnold also joined the conversation.

Eh, ehh, you’re right, but is something up~?」


 Arnold told her that Hiiro could heal Ionis’ burn marks.

Eh? Hiiro-kun can also cure old scars?(Shu)

 As Shublarz had seen the cure of demon lord Eveam she knew that he could use something similar to healing magic, but she thought he just was able to close wounds currently received.

 So as for wounds received in the past, commonly referred to as lifetime scars or similar injuries, she thought that there wouldn’t be any effect.


Well….. I think he is probably able to pull it off? In practice, we’ll know whether he can do it when he tells us about it.
….oh, I already listened to Her Majesty, but you guys seem to be extremely confident in his abilities as well~」

 Her eyes glittered as she got the feeling that she found something particular interesting.

Y-you might say so. His nature aside, I trust his strength, or rather, I believe in it…..(Arno)

 As he says so, Arnolds face gets slightly cramped. Certainly Hiiro’s power, experienced already, had to be given credit……. but he still was an existence outside of every standards.


Fufufu, but I wonder if he really is able to heal Ionis?(Shu)
I can’t say it for sure, but –
Mh? Owaaaa! Hiiroooooooooo!?(Arno)

 Arnolds surprise wasn’t unreasonable. After all, he was here, the mentioned Hiiro guy.


W-w-why did you appear so suddenly?
Huh? And I even came because I heard you guys calling?
Mh? I feel…….

 Thereupon Arnold’s eyes met with Silva standing behind Hiiro and smiling faintly, and as he understood the intention –

Oh, yes! So what! I actually have a favor to ask of you!
A request? At this place and such a time?

 Hiiro is doubtingly staring at Arnold, having fold his arms.



 Thus, Muir came to call out to him.


Nh? What’s up, chibi? May this be related to you by any means?(Hiiro)
Eh, ah, that….. (Muir)

 As Hiiro’s eyes met her, she suddenly blushed a little and looked down without reason. And then she bashfully raised her head as she suddenly made up her mind –

P-please cure Io-chan’s face!(Muir)

 As he didn’t know anyone called Io-chan, Hiiro scowled. As he asks for more information and listens to the story he learns about her wish to have the burn marks carved into both eyes of Ionis healed.


I see, that’s why I’ve been called.
S-so….. will you heal her?
Even although there is no obligation for me to do it?

 As she thought, the answer she received was just as she had expected again, and she leaked an involuntary sigh.


Hey Hiiro, couldn’t you act out of mercy and without equal compensation once in a while…..
Shut up half-dead, you know I’m not that kind of person.
(Hiiro) ((Lib.))
Yeah….., I already understood that……. Hey, who is half-dead!

 Ignoring Arnold’s shouts, Hiiro stared at Muir.


Oi Chibi, I thought the Yo-yo over there is your enemy?
Eh? Yo-yo?


 It wasn’t just Muir, but Ionis was also puzzled as she was called Yo-yo. And thus, although he thought of it as troublesome, Hiiro taught them about how he knew the Phantomas a toy called Yo-yo and how gave her the nickname accordingly.



 Ionis made a small mutter as she stared at the Phantomin her hands.

Well, let’s leave the toy story apart. Answer me, Chibi, wasn’t that person your enemy?
Oh, yes…… however, now she is my friend.(Muir)

 Ionis was expressionless, but nevertheless deeply moved. Quietly she murmured Muir’s name.




 As usual she thought this fellow was naive. But looking at her face she understood that it was said with true feelings. Clear eyes without a single trace of lies or falsehoods were looking at her.


 Without change, Hiiro’s face turned toward Ionis. As he steadily looked at her face, she became shy, hiding her eyes while touching her hair.

Fuun, there is nothing you have to worry about.(Hiiro)

 Those words, said in such a casual way by Hiiro, truly grabbed Ionis’ heart.

Well, just don’t mind such things as that girl.((or woman. Both legit))

 Turning his face away from Ionis, he once again looked in Muir’s direction.

As there is no dept nor personal interest, you want me to help her just because she’s a friend?

 While looking at her with strong eyes, he lightly sighs and scratches his head. And then, crossing his arms again –

However, even if I’m a guy who won’t move unless there is a personal interest or a dept of gratitude, isn’t it just natural and understandable?
Eh, oh, yes…..

 As she found the normal negotiations impossible, she turned to Arnold to try and find help, as –

If that’s the case for now, you’ll have to prepare a delicious meal for me.(Hiiro)

 Upon hearing Hiiro’s words she stood there with an opened mouth.


I’ve heard it from Blue Ribbon, but I thought the old man has thought you how to cook?
If that’s the case, make something that satisfies me. That’s the price.


 Muir was taken aback at first, but as her face gradually loosened –


Ye-yes! I’ll do my best to serve you!

 Thus she replied and made a big smile.


Whoa Muir….. will your service be something different……?(Arno) ((Heck no.))

 Arnold’s murmured meddlesome comment was heard by nobody. Thus her delightful smile was aimed at Hiiro, and he even thought it was the law of the nature for a second, but decided to keep this one-shot a secret.


If you’d hurry up now.

 Magic was concentrated in Hiiro’s fingertips. As tremendous magical power was focused, Shublarz and her companions felt it and watched him closely.


 Then he wrote the letters Restoration, approaching Ionis. ((復元))


 Ionis became somewhat afraid and started to back away. But as she touched her shoulder, Muir spoke with a gentle voice.


It’s alright. Believe in Hiiro-san.(Muir)

 But Ionis was still somehow uneasy, as she hated to turn her burned face towards Hiiro, and slightly hung her head in shame.


 Hiiro saw it and faintly sighed –


Hey Yo-yo, come and lend me a hand.
Eh? Oh…….


 She didn’t acknowledge the voice coming out of her mouth and thus was surprised as Hiiro grabbed her hand. Even as he was the hero of her country, she felt embarrassed as it was the first time for her hand to be grabbed by a man.


Don’t be so nervous.(Hiiro)

 Even though Hiiro told her to calm down, her heartbeat fastened. Then, she felt something burning inside of her. ((Lib.))


 Maybe it was due to fighting under cold weather, but she felt a certain warmth in her cold hands spreading throughout her whole body.


……..it’s warm……..(Io)

 Closing her mound, she unintentionally made a sound. She became aware that the fear she felt until a moment ago had disappeared completely.


 Now she felt as if it was a sunny day in springtime. And she came to understand that it was thanks to Hiiro’s magic flowing through his hands into hers.


Why? Why is this person’s magic that warm…… and so very pleasant……..((TL: Dammit Hiiro, you did it again.))

 She wasn’t aware that she had unconsciously raised her face, closing her eyes and tasting the pleasant mood.

 And then she felt something touching her forehead. Thereupon her body became hot. Especially the touched area near her eyebrows…… both of her eyes felt a great heat.


 But the heat wasn’t a bad one. Gradually the cold was taken from the body, warming her. Accordingly, the area around both of her eyes gradually lost their heat.


 She didn’t know how much time had passed. It could be a minute, but miraculously she got the sensation that it was like an hour.


 And then the words reached her ears.


I finished.

 She slowly opened her eyes.

Can’t wait for 180 ^-^

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      1. I know, I just prefer to call it “the one that slays little girls” since “brings down” sounds bad, just a personal preference. I never did say “loli slayer” 😛


  1. Misunderstanding Hiiro smiling at her, Ionis said 「…..be……careful…….」 and turned hot.((TL-Lib.: She says 「……あぅ……なの……」and as the “no” is (still) just her way of speaking, it would be: あぅな – doesn’t have any meaning I know of. However, あうな (difference between ぅand う) can mean something like “Don’t have an accident!” …)) <- not really; it’s あぅ, which is just a shortened あう (perhaps just an interjection she’s let out because her head is spinning and she’s blushing so hot steam comes out of her ears), while なの is just her usual の (let’s explain: most likely her typical ending copula is なの, which is the の feminine ending plus a very interesting variant of だ/です that happens usually before の or when the sentence is subordinated to a substantive, like when it goes after a so-called na-adjective, hence the name); if the sentence ends in a verb other than です, it becomes just の, but if there’s no verb or it isn’t placed at the end, she says なの.

    As she frantically gave off her own feelings of worry, Muir’s heart became warm. ((the author wrote Mimir’s heart became warm, but as it is Mimir who is worried…. and you can easily mix them up)) <- or it may be just differences with the imaging; in English, “lukewarm eyes”, if used, are close to “disapassionate”, but in Japanese it means “looking in a reprobatory manner the antics of someone you either know well or treat like a child”. It may perhaps mean that “while she’s showing her concern” she also “feels relieved” that the harm is not serious. Take into account that it’s more difficult to mix the names up in Japanese (while in English it’s “Muir”/Mímir”, originally it’s MyuA-/MIMIRU, with only the first kana in common; just like mixing up Joe and Jonathan just because both start with “Jo”).

    「「「Ha!」」」 ((I’d guess はっ is a military form of はい, like “Sir, yes sir!”… I left it as “ha!”)) <- it is. it’s also used in rushed situations that require no waste of time, mainly by males, in that case.

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      1. soooo … do I understand you right, it doesn’t have any sense at all? Then I made a mistake because I was looking for reason were no reason was to be found…

      2. first to the mixing up: I took it into account, but I’m not only talking about the reading of the names, but about the writing as well. While it may be inappropriate to compare writing in english with writing in japanese, I’ve come to know that you can easily mix names up even if they don’t even have a single letter in common when you’re writing your own story. Well, of course, I’m not as experienced with writing my own story as the author is, but accidents happen.
        Second to the meaning: …well. What should I say – I didn’t know that ^-^

      3. Glad I was right after all XDD


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