Konjiki no Wordmaster 188 – the beginning of the end?

……… well. Here we go again – let me bestow upon you: A chapter full of useless phrases.

188th episode – Forgetting offense and defense for a blink 
((maybe “Forgetting the fight for a moment” or sth. would be nicer, but less accurate, I guess?))

Marione, how’s your body?(Eveam)

 While they’re walking, Eveam asks Marione next to her. Marione also wears a calm attitude, not changing his expression as –

I am greatly obliged by your concern. But you do not have to worry. I shall offer victory next to Her Majesty without fail as it was declared, in order to be able to accomplish your efforts.(Mari)
Is that so, in that case: obtain victory, Marione!(Eve)

 And then they urged their line of sight towards the opponent incoming from the other side. Even though their figures were small as they still were distant, Leowald’s presence was to be felt clearly. As one would expect from the beast king’s nature, her hand began to sweat.

 And thus, the two camps had finally directly met each other. If you look again, Eveam was admiring Leowald’s proportions.

 This great character was directly fought by Marione. He had put on a good fight and was defeated nevertheless. But still, almost able to grasp his skills, it was thanks to Marione’s struggles that they had been able to erect an efficient strategy.

Nofofofofo! Welcome at the fifth round, nice to see you!(Silva)

 Nobody interrupted Silva as he fabricated an atmosphere similar to the opening of a meeting. Although I think he definitely would have got a response of some sort or another if Lilyin were here.

……Ahem, let me confirm. From the Gabranthcamp: Leowald-dono and Regulus-dono, ‘King’ is Regulus-dono. Is this correct?(Silva)

 The two responded with a small nod.

From the Evilacamp: Eveam-dono and Marione-dono, ‘King’ is Eveam-dono. Is this correct?(Silva)

 This side also firmly affirmed.

In that case, both camps: make sure not to have any regrets. You were able to prepare beforehand, do you have any last words?(Silva) ((Lib.: This time it isn’t a question, but I made it into one. The second half of the sentence, 声をおかけ下さいませ, literally means “please sit down your voice”. Tch …))

 As Silva said it and took a step backwards, Leowald was the first to open his mouth.

The person who wins this last fight will be able to obtain everything.(Leo)
Yeah, let me overthrow you with all my might.(Eve)

 As Eveam answered such, Leowald’s face expressed a knitted smile and he stared at Marione.

I think this one will be difficult for you. Even more than the last fight.(Leo) ((Lib.: I’m not exactly sure about the first sentence (悪いとは思わんぞ。) Changed the second one a little bit.))
Naturally. And even more, after I arrived in this place, mercy and the like get useless. I’ll take victory without fail.(Mari)
Gahaha! That’s a good atmosphere. As I thought, you won’t waver once you entered battlegrounds.(Leo)

 It was true ferocity, but his mouth’s corners had risen in happiness nevertheless.

Moreover, Maou.(Leo)
Once I win, let me have Hiiro.(Leo) ((here we go again …))
I am quite pleased with this fellow. I want to make him my daughters’ husband without fail.

 At such a proposal from Leowald, Marione wore a blank look and Regulus dropped his shoulders in disappointment. And, speaking of Eveam –

 Purupurupurupuru…… (SFX) ((sound of shaking?))

 Her shoulders were trembling slightly. And, her head still facing the ground –

…………ver.(Eve) ((She simply said ないnai” = verb-negating suffix. Same ending as ))
Mh? Did you say something, Maou?(Leo)

 As the other people hereupon gazed at Eveam, she suddenly raised her face –

I won’t hand him over!(Eve) ((hence “…ver” above.))

 Even Leowald was amazed by that ambition. ((Lit.: “His eyes were popping”))

Good! Hiiro will absolutely migrate! Hiiro is mine!(Leo)

 Thence followed a flow of silence, as Eveam remembered what she had blurted in a heated moment and instantaneous entered a state similar to a boiling water heater – (( 瞬間湯沸かし器状態になり … like that?))

Ah, uh, n-no, that, i-it’s totally different……(Eve) ((But of course it is.))

 The gazes of everyone around somehow felt cold when Eveam squatted, covering her face with both of her hands and — (( しゃがみ込む, Literally crouching with your face between your knees. So it’s more like that?))

Aahhhhhh! I want to return to my castleeeeeee!(Eve) ((intonation slightly off…))

 — and cried preposterous things.

Y-your Majesty……(Mari)

 Marione showed as much compassion as you’d expect, gently calling out to her, then suddenly glaring at Eveam sternly as –

((↓the author really used the sign “=”… -.-))
A-all right! Th-th-that right now was just a fi-figure of speech! As me = Evila, in short my objective is the Evilas aim, therefore I’d never use personal affections as starting point here!(Eve) ((affections is the right word.))
Y-yes, we already knew that because of your resolution, Your Majesty.(Mari)
I-i knew that already!(Eve) ((…))

 Her tone varied as well, so as she was halfway through with recovering from her desperation, Leowald raised his finger with a snap.

I-i will win!(Eve)

 Hearing Eveam’s ninety percent certain energetic declaration, Leowald smiled happily.

Gahaha! I see, as one would expect from Hiiro! He already seized the Maou’s heart as well!

 And in that instant, eyes were narrowed and serious expressions were made.

If that’s the case I’ll use my full strength to snatch him away!(Leo)

 Sparks were flying between the stares of the two of them. They both suddenly averted their glances and mutually left to take their distance from each other.

Preparations complete here.
Here as well.

 Hearing Eveam’s and Leowald’s declarations, Silva coughs lightly and –

Well then, I have the privilege to carry out the starting announcement.(Silva)

 The surrounding air was filled with keen tension at once. Mutually watching each others slightest movements they even forgot to blink.

Fifth round……… Start!

 The curtains of the final round were lifted.


Your Majesty, I’ll restrain the Beast king somehow! Therefore go at that person!(Mari)

 It was no wonder their tactics set attacking First Prince Regulus, the carrier of the ‘King’ role, as first priority. But naturally, the other party held the same thoughts.

 Leowald was standing in front of Regulus, feeling as ambitious as one would expect.

Marione, fly up!(Eve)

 As Eveam put her hands onto the ground –

Ground Dasher!(Eve)

 Along with tremendous earth-shaking, a crack in the ground was advancing upon Leowald and his son. And as the fissure spread wider and wider, it got mixed with blasts of stones and lumps of dirt from within that attacked them as well.

Ungh! Regulus, leap left!(Leo)

 The two of them escaped from the spot in order to avoid Eveam’s attack.

I understand! Eclipse Trident!(Mari)

 Several pitch black tridents were born in Marione’s surroundings. And thus the formation of spears rushed into the sky to attack the enemy.

Father, above!(Reggy)
Don’t ever touch that!(Leo)

 Regulus quickly drew a sword, concentrating his power in its blade. Thereupon water focused on the sword after being born out of the air. Just as it was enough to cover the blade, Regulus directly scythed the sword down just like to shake it off.

「《Water Faaaaaang!(Reggy) ((intonation -.-))

 An edge of water was emitted from the blade, hitting the group of spears. And the instant it touched them, Water Fangbrushed the tridents away easily.

Well done, Regulus!(Leo)

 Although Regulus was praised for skillfully countering the opponents attack –

There is still a trick left!(Eve) ((she used as in “hand”, but supposedly it can be “trick”, “technique” as well.))

 Eveam immediately went into action next. Now she was aiming her opened hands at the two people.

Brave Flame!(Eve)

 A flame erupted from her right hand, and —

Air spiral!(Eve)

 — from her left hand a tornado-shaped wind was emitted. Put together, those two formed a flaming tornado, assaulting Leowald and companion.

 Although Regulus saw it coming and promptly attempted to evade from the spot in shock –

Regulus, just ignore it and brace your legs!(Leo)

 Leowald’s body became red as fire as grimaced at the hot wind flying at him.


 He faced the flaming tornado surprise attack.


 By no means surprised by the mobilization, Leowald suddenly went towards the fire and shoot his own flames with a swing of his strong arm. Then the tornado changed its direction, dispersing into the sky.

 Completely knocking off the tornado in a style simply out of standards, Leowald stunned even his own son Regulus.

Don’t be careless, Regulus!(Leo)

 Behind Regulus, Marione had taken position before anyone became aware of it.

We’ll get to finish this early, boy!(Mari)

 In his hand, he held the trident from before.

 Bushu! (SFX)

 The trident broke through Regulus’ chest, displaying a cruel appearance towards Leowald. But Leowald only looked a little bit surprised, not showing any sign of advancing towards Marione.

 Although he didn’t know why, it became clear in the following instant.

 Pashaa! (SFX)

 In front of his eyes, Regulus’ body suddenly fell to the ground, bursting into a liquid form.


 And as he felt blood-thirst from behind, he turned around and saw the mass of water jumping at him there.


 Evading from the spot, he flew into the air with open wings. As he confirmed the position from where the mass of water had been fired, he saw the figure of Regulus standing.

…… Youngster, you deceived me well.(Mari) ((一杯喰わされたか))

 Apparently his previous attack was only able to strike a water offspring.

Mastering the Bindingand handling it like magic…… I guess I’ll have to alter my evaluation of you. As one would expect from the Beast King’s descendant.(Mari)

 Surely he had considered him a spare, still able to attend the match, but in contrary he completely underestimated him. Moreover, judging from the fact that he handled his Bindingthat well, he probably had undergone intense training.

You are indeed worthy of being chosen as the Beast King’s partner.(Mari) ((btw what is Leo doing? Messing around in the background I guess …))

 He slowly descends near Eveam.

Your Majesty, apparently this youngster isn’t just for show.(Mari) ((You don’t say…))
It seems so. He is King Leowald’s successor. I already knew from our investigation that he achieved both wisdom and knowledge about the art of war, so probably that’s why he can use his Bindingthat skillfully. Thus he can clearly show himself in battle.(Eve)

 Thereupon Leowald also smiles delightful and walked to Regulus’ side.

What’s up, Maou Eveam and Marione! Did you really take a King that lightly?(Leo)
…… Oh, I am fully aware. However, knocking off my magic, just what kind of body structure do you have?(Eve)
Gahaha! Did you forget? That I’m holding a fire Binding?(Leo)

 Thereupon Eveam’s throat made a gulping sound. Even with fire resistance, only Leowald could truly pull off that move.

But I was surprised as well. I knew Marione’s abilities due to our previous battle, but for the Maou to have such strong magic…… and even handling multiple attributes. Moreover, fusing two magic attributes in that attack, I’m filled with awe.(Leo)
Don’t mock me. I may not look it, but I’m the Maou!(Eve)

 Eveam’s sharp gaze hit him with utmost certainty.

There is also the thing about Marione’s physical condition, so I planned to immediately end this, and am in contrary not able to enjoy myself here.(Eve)

 Her Ferocious thirst for blood almost electrically shook the atmosphere. If they were half-hearted people, probably even just thinking about continuing the battle would get impossible under the breathtaking pressure of that presence.

Marione, your condition……… Nay, the answer remains the same.(Eve)
That’s right, answering it is just as useless as asking it.(Mari)
If that’s the case, entrust your life to me!(Eve)
Your Pleasure!(Mari)

If we had the pleasure of Hiiro’s sarcastic comments … not gonna happen, is it?

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  1. so these bindings the gabranth use..is it the same as hiiro’s lightning conversion? more like..this is just me thinking aloud but I think hiiro got the idea of that lightning skill of his by understanding the concept behind what binding is.


    1. It isn’t exactly the same (of course it isn’t), but yes, as far as I can remamber he thought of that idea after he saw Muir’s lightning. I don’t know whether or not he had to understand Binding first – probably more like: he had to understand the principles of Conversion first.
      ‘Cause he can, after all, not just converse himself, but the earth’s surface as well, and probably most everything around him.


  2. 悪いとは思わんぞ(warui to ha omowanzo) i believe this means “don’t think badly of me” or “don’t hate me for this”.

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  3. I finally caught up to the latest chapter after 2 full months of reading this since chapter 1. Thanks for the chapter and keep up the great work! c;


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