Sooooo … well, I was asked about the possibility of donations, and I was like: WTF?! – because I never expected it, but as the result I’ve decided to add this site. I’m researching about good ways to receive money right now, and every time I find something I’m probably gonna add it here.

The first tags are – quite to be expected – from paypal. As I don’t reside in the US I decided to add several links for several types of money. The first two are gonna be US-Dollar and Euro, but I’ll think of others, too. Maybe Rubel? For the russians … but well, as of now there aren’t that many russians here. Let’s see … later.

Paypal – EUR

Paypal – USD

there aren’t any buttons as I’m kinda unable to integrate them here – wordpress changes them into images.

So, well, if anyone has suggestions about other ways – comment!
I’ve also read about Razoo and FundRazr – gonna check them out next ^-^

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