Konjiki no Wordmaster 177 … as the longest one ever. Up to now. In my regards.


Phew, this was a hard one. Not only was it 15.6 sites, but also boring as hell at times … never mind. I’m finished now, and the next chapters gonna be far more interesting!

177th Episode – The genuine ace’s real ability

oh….. we’re finished?(Arno)
Aah, the others back there had already finished.(Silva)

 As Silva declared that the second round was already settled, not only Arnold, but everyone around had a blank expression.


H-how is that possible! How can it be settled when we all where still fighting?(Arno)
Aah, it is quite obvious.(Silva)
I asked why it is stopped just now!(Arno) ((Lib.))

 Arnold’s shout also was quite understandable. If it was as Silva said, and the match was already decided some time ago, he could have been well without fighting until complete exhaustion.


I can say with confidence that I would have stopped your fight to announce the outcome, but my attempt was restricted by that person.(Silva)
W-who is it?(Arno)

 As Silva made a reassuring smile –

Of course it is the one who won.(Silva)
I-i know! Just show me that winner!(Arno) ((Lib.))

 The eyes of the four people were fixed on Silva’s mouth in unison.

Well, it’s obvious if you look at that direction.(Silva)

 And really, as they looked at the direction he suggested, there was a large iceberg that didn’t exist before.


Eh…… oh…… an iceberg?(Arno)
W-was there an iceberg in this spot before?(Muir) ((Stupid question is stupid.))

 Following Arnold, Muir also raised er voice in surprise. Earlier she was near loosing consciousness, but after the shocking information she woke up to her senses.


I-i didn’t notice it…… when did that kind of iceberg………(Herb)
Io also just noticed now.(Io)

 As Herbreed and Ionis were also fighting like crazy, they probably didn’t notice it either.

Well, please take a look at its center.(Silva)

 As Silva says, everyone closely stares at it with utmost concentration.


……Nh? Someone is inside of the ice…… ?(Arno)

 After hearing Arnold’s words, Herbreed and Ionis stopped staring at the iceberg and ran to it.


ah, hey!(Arno)

 As Silva looks at the remaining two persons –


Well then, we should also move on.(Silva)

 But he was taken aback when the two of them tried to move their body to follow the ones who went ahead as they instantly reached their limit, just being too exhausted.


Mumu, it can’t be helped.(Silva)

 Thus Silva makes a gesture towards the ground. A black, smoke-like object manifested, gradually forming a shape.


 From the looks one would think of a car trailer.((Lib.)) And then, putting one person into it at one time, ignoring the two gaping at his magic –

Come on, should we go?(Silva)

 he said as they returned to the iceberg’s origin.


「「Shublarz-sama!?」」 (Ionis|Herbreed)

 Herbreed and Ionis screamed in astonishment as they looked at the iceberg. Because inside of it there was Shublarz, having her movement completely sealed.

 As Arnold and co. arrived they hardened and even forgot to blink.


Well then, report on your excellent status now, my foolish disciples.(Rara) ((Lib. – I’m quite unsure about this one …))

 An unexpected ill-humored voice came flying against two of the people. As they looked at the face the voice originated from, they saw a bored Rarashik drinking out of her bottle.



 Arnold’s voice became surprised as his eyes hit Rarashik, being mentally overawed by her presence.


….. Well, but as you didn’t know of our win, couldn’t you fight far better? Haa?

 Apparently displeasured, Rarashik was demanding to know why he wasn’t able to pull off a better fight.


Why were you two even allowed to participate? In the end you joint forced, but you should’ve done so far earlier! Because you guys don’t have overwhelming combat experience, I taught you to compensate by cooperating from the start!

 Muir and Arnold couldn’t object to Rarashik’s sudden preaching as they felt despondent. Because what she said was definitely correct. Especially Muir, as she had thought she had to fight alone, not even considering he possibility of merging until Arnold came.

 As a result, she was saved by Arnold as the situation became dangerous. And if they had fought together earlier they should have been able to increase the width of their ways to fight.


 Her desire to take out Ionis alone was a mistake. Even if Arnold came earlier, she had been able to fight one on one for a while. ((Lib.))


 But he came after fighting for a time, as he noticed a sudden reason for why Rarashik told them to fight together, and rushed to Muir’s position in a hurry.


….. Huh, maybe you should have studied a little more beforehand? Especially Muir, you have to analyze your opponent, in order to exactly understand your situation. However, if you just ordinary rush straight forward, that’s gonna be the end of your growth.
I…. Yes. I-i’m sorry……..

 Clearly feeling down, her shoulders dropped.


And Arnold, you too. From what I’ve seen through Yuki-chan, you need to learn to move your body far more flexible instead of only using brute force. You have to watch his slightest movements, predicting his next steps precisely.

 Also being scolded harshly, Arnold leaks an involuntary sigh.


That aside, Rarashik-dono, shouldn’t you already release her?(Silva)

 Hearing Silvas words, Rarashik became taken aback –


Is that so. Well, if you’d declare my victory then?
Oh, that’s right. ………Ahem, then,

 As Silva took a big breath –


Second Round! It’s the Gabranth‘s victory!(Silva) ((0:2 then …))

 Hearing the declaration, Rarashik snapped her finger.


 Gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo! (SFX)

 Suddenly cracks ran through the iceberg, breaking at the top.



 As the iceberg broke down, the one held inside of it was released and fell to the ground. Firmly, Herbreed catches her, confirming her safety.


 Even if her body was wrapped up in ice until a moment ago she mysteriously didn’t lose heat. As he touches her body, there is certainly a normal body temperature coming through.



 It wasn’t known if hearing Herbreed’s words was the trigger to wake her up, but Shublarz slowly opened her eyes.


 And then she raised her upper body, checking on her ambient conditions. And then, lightly sighing –


….. I’ve lost…….(Shu)
Your body….. is it alright?(Io)
…… ah, Ionis? Where is your eye-mask?(Shu)
Un, there were various accidents.(Io)
…… seems so, but first let me say something.(Shu)

 Shublarz lowered her head to the two people in front of her.


I beg your pardon for not being able to get victory.(Shu)
D-don’t say such words! Please raise your head!(Herb)
Un-un(Io) ((Double nodding))

 As their boss apologized that suddenly, they were puzzled and reacted bewildered.


Nay, I fought desperately and became this worn-out, yet I couldn’t get no victory. So really, I’m terribly sorry.(Shu)
Then……. we are also sorry for not rushing to your aid.(Herb)
I’m sorry.

 Shublarz shook her head and smiled lightly.


Nay, but it was my fault that we were defeated. So please accept my apologies. And more, isn’t it embarrassing?(Shu)
………….Un(Io) ((nodding))

 The two of them nodded in affirmation.


B-by the way Shublarz-sama, what the heck happened to you? You certainly were brought down so much faster…..(Herb)

 Moreover, Rarashik was surely the most intact and unwounded one. Although they lost, one would have thought that it would be a far closer decision, but it felt rather one-sided.


….. Oh well, I didn’t know of the Gabranth‘s ace beforehand.(Shu) ((Lib.))

 While saying it she stared at Rarashik. As she noticed the stare Rarashik she laughed with a knitted face and approached.


Right, the opponent was bad if they considered giving up. The top Gabranthparticipating here are all my disciples, so I can’t really afford to lose easily.(Rara) ((sarcasm?))


 Rarashik was taken aback by Shublarz Dance Magic, as all the scratches she received so far disappeared, but after a short while she calmly analyzes her opponent while she moderately attacks.

 But at this moment, as she had continued to dance while once again avoiding Rarashik’s attack, Shublarz suddenly disappeared.


 Thus Shublarz appeared behind her.


 If you look at her hands, the nails had been extended to a horrible degree. She swung her arm down in order to rip Rarashik apart.


 Bushu (SFX)

 The brilliant nails were able to attack Rarashik’s back –




 Shublarz, in response to her own attack, frowns as it doesn’t give the approximated sensation of human skin being ripped apart.

What a shame!(Rara)

 This time Rarashik attacked, attempting to kick her opponent, but Shublarz avoided it by instantly moving her body away from there.

 And, taking her distance, she confirmed Rarashik’s transfiguration. Her body emitted cool air and also changed its colour as if it were made of ice.


……Conversion, huh.(Shu)

 Apparently the sound her attack emitted that time was the sound of breaking ice.

Well then, your magic apparently is an unique one.(Rara)
Does it matter?(Shu)


 They were smiling, staring at each other.

Kukuku, you dared and used your magic attribute.(Rara)
My special skill is analysis, once I grasp a rough glance at ones magic I can understand it. Probably your magic activates….. once you dance some special steps, the kind you can’t trigger by will?(Rara) ((Lib.))

 Shublarz smiled in silence, but in her mind cold sweat broke out as Rarashik’s analysis was right on target.


First, the ice spread through the whole area around us disappeared at once. No, it didn’t disappear….. the time moved back…..?(Rara)
Well, this was easy to guess. That time my magic also returned to its original state, and if I threw a little bit more scalpels and managed to hit your large chest, it just would have returned to its original form.(Rara)
…… I’ll do it.
So, do you admit it?(Rara)
Yeah, no big deal if I’ve been analyzed up to that point.(Shu)
Well wait, second is that attack from awhile ago. Your sudden gain in speed was extremely dramatic. It was like the speed of a different person. You probably were dancing again while splendidly avoiding my attacks. This time your magic doubled your speed…… no, rather, the effect was several times larger…. ?
……hey, really scary. I wonder who the hell you are?(Shu)


 The terribly accurate analytic skills made her click her tongue. She hadn’t thought seeing through her magic after just seeing its specifics two times was even possible.

 In fact, her first usage of magic didn’t really return the time but rather just projected the state of the surroundings ten minutes ago, but Rarashik’s idea wasn’t completely off.


 Moreover her attack with risen speed was clearly the product of her Dance magics Enchanting dance.

 There were the five parameter forces STR, DEF, AGL, HIT and INT, and this magic allowed her to concentrate the force on one of those parameters.

 Taking her use of it as an example, one could halve the other four parameters, adding these points got by halving to the AGL stats.


 So for example if each parameter had 10 points, it would result in an AGL stat of 30. The other ones would become 5 in the meanwhile.


 So Shublarz attacked by using her newly gained quickness, but Rarashik felt the killing intention and avoided a fatal wound with Conversion.


I’ve got you to let me freely analyze yourself. Apart from that, I only want to watch my disciples growing slowly, so as I finished my analysis around here, won’t you accept me getting reinforcements?(Rara)
My desire, based on the ancient times spun in my blood, now is the time for thou to manifest.

 Rarashik rashly moved her mouth to murmur a spell.


Come on, isn’t it your turn now, Yuki-chan?(Rara)

 Nevertheless, there wasn’t any change in Rarashik. The moment she thought it was just words and deeds, beginning to wonder about it, she suddenly felt a trembling in her rear and immediately turned around. There was…….


…. a snow rabbit?(Shu)

 Really, it was just a small rabbit made of snow sitting on the ground.

That bunny is Yukiouza. Well, feel free to call it Yuki-chan. However, isn’t it nice to be frozen right there for eternity? This bunny….. it doesn’t scare you?

 Yukiouza’s eyes shined in bright red, and as it trembled once again, beginning to run, Shublarz got cold feet and jumped up into the sky in confusion.


 But as she turned her line of sight to the ground where she expected Yukiouza, she couldn’t find anything there.



 Chokon…… (SFX)

 Suddenly she felt something sitting on her head. It was a small object that felt cool. She wouldn’t have ever thought it to happen, but really, on top of her head she felt Yukiouza’s presence.

T-to that extend?! When did it -!?(Shu)

 Naturally she tried to raise her hands to remove Yukiouza, but in this moment……



 You’d think Yukiouza had burst as an huge iceberg was finished in an instant. And thus Shublarz was locked up in Time.


I appreciate your efforts, Yuki-chan.(Rara)

 Thus Silva went closer to Rarashik in order to confirm the status quo.


…..Hmm, it seems the battle was decided. Then,

 as he tries to declare her victory –

Wait a second.
…… what now?
I’d like to wait a little bit.
Mumumu, but isn’t this state also dangerous for her? Even if it’s a dead-or-alive duel, it’s my policy to help the participants to survive. Even more as your opponent is such a beauty. Nofofofofo!

 He believed that Rarashik apparently had some ulterior motives, but in the end he opened his mouth and sighed.


Don’t worry. Yuki-chan’s ice just freezes the time. So the body won’t get cold, thus she wouldn’t die.(Rara)
I see, If that’s the case, isn’t it alright to let Yuki remove her ice?
Aah, but even if the battle was decided, I want to fool my disciples to see their growth, so I don’t want the duel to stop yet.
Fumufumu, but isn’t there also a possibility that Arnold-dono and co. would be killed by their respectable opponents?
Fufun, if they where to die in a place like this they would just be idiots.(Rara)

 Although Silva stared at Rarashik’s face for a while, suddenly his cheeks loosened and –


Certainly. I’ll take care of it.(Silva)
Thank you. Yuki-chan will also go there, and I’m gonna wait here.(Rara)

 Being able to see through Yukiouza, Rarashik was also able to keep track of the battle.


Understood. Then I think I’d like to return to my original position.


 And thus Silva left to do as he said. Being alone, Rarashik muttered a single sentence.

Well, if they were such weak and badly trained people they wouldn’t survive anyway.((Lib.))

 While saying it she reached into her pocket, taking out several bottles of alcohol.

… well, I guess most of you already read 2 thirds of it. Kinda. My fault. Just don’t mention it ^-^

21 thoughts on “Konjiki no Wordmaster 177 … as the longest one ever. Up to now. In my regards.

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter it’s great, but still, i think this chapter a little bit anti climatic, but still it’s good..
    i’m goin 4 the next chapter


  2. he said as they returned to the iceberg’s origin. <- “no moto he” con be either “to the origin of”, “towards the” (as an alternative to “no hou he”) or “to the base of” (like in “to the base of the mountain”). In this case, if what it said was something on the lines of “AISUBERUGU no moto he modotta”, it would be “they procceeded towards the iceberg”.

    「I wonder about that?」(Shu) ((that’s no question, so don’t use a question mark -.- That author …)) <- haven’t you seen (or heard) the line “I wonder?”, which emphatizes the doubt in the sentence by adding a question mark/tone? This one is the same (more like, it’s the same line but with additional wording for it to become proper Japanese as spoken by Shublarz).

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      1. (lol I’m doing a list again. Nvm) Thanks, I’m gonna add this to my portfolio. Alternative meaning ….

      2. Well, of course I’ve heard about “I wonder” – I wouldn’t use it otherwise ^-^
        But the way it was done in the original … well, could be on my behalf being a n00b, but it didn’t seem like a question. I added the “I wonder” exactly because of the question mark, as it would sound crazy without … maybe it just was the “additional wording” that confused me. I’ve got close to zero skills in actual conversation.


      1. Checked with the raws.

        It follows the same template as 何のことはない (it’s not much, not enough to cause a problem), but adds the かしら particle that means incertainty about what has been stated, either as an “I wonder” or as a mean to sound cute and girly, plus the ね ending for agreement. The sentence means something inbetween “Does it matter?”, “Are you sure?” and “What are you talking about? [in the sense of trying to fool someone when they get something right]”, so I’d suggest an “Is it?” as the closest possible way of conveying its meaning.

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          1. That was not a suggestion, but an explanation of part of the meaning; the two right after that are also parts of the meaning. Hence whi I ended up choosing “Is it?” and “Is it, now?” as suggestions. Not like it matters.


    1. Because there is that thing called “king” – you cold view it as the team leader. One group wins as soon as the other group’s team leader is defeated. The Evila’s “king” was Shublarz. The only fight that mattered was Rara vs. Shu – the others were just guards. However, if someone really won their fight – e.g. if Io-chan had defeated Muir – then they would’ve been able to do a two on one, like Shu&Io vs. Rara. That’s why every person matters in a 3 vs 3, even if you only need to defeat the “king” to win the round ^-^


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