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181st Episode – If you think about it, she is just a little girl

((Lib. よく考えれば幼女ばかり – one of some possible translations.))

No…… no way……..(Kukklia)

 It was just Kukklia murmuring, but it was like a cry inside the mind of every single one of the Gabranthgroup.

 In addition it was just to be expected. The Three Beast Warriors, the pride and the greatest strength of the Gabranth, were defeated without fighting in a matter of minutes. Moreover, it was done by only one person, a mere juvenile.

 But as it didn’t happen by mere chance, some of them weren’t surprised. Muir and co. knew Hiiro’s extra-ordinariness and the current situation just solidified their opinion.


 Kukklia only shot those words into the air, not even looking at Leowald standing next to her.

Th-this is….. that person’s….. strength?(Kuk)

 Leowald just stared at Hiiro, making a stern face, not answering in the least.

……. that’s right.(Muir)

 Thereupon Muir seriously answered her. Kukklia also turned around and faced her.

This is…… Hiiro-san now.(Muir)

 However, Muir also admired just how much Hiiro seemed to have grown in the meanwhile. ((Lib.)) Then, the sound of deeply breathing in can be heard from Leowald.

……Kukuku……. Gahahahahahahaha! What a guy! To treat the Three Beast Warriorslike little children! Gahahahahahaha!(Leo) ((seriously, that laugh gives me the shivers.))

 And in his eyes, the face of Mimir still being befuddled is reflected.

Oh? What’s up, Mimir?(Leo)
…………(Mimi) ((I know its “Mimir” – but I shortened it. Deal with it))
Nh? Mimir?(Leo)

 She certainly was mentally slowed down, but her cheeks were stained red as if she was totally impressed. And as his words finally reach her, Mimir returns to sanity.

Ah, father……(Mimi)
What was it, Mimir? Admiring the brave figure of your future husband?(Leo)

 She raised her voice as steam flows from her head. And as he slowly turns his attention towards Kukklia –

Kukklia, you think it isn’t your problem at all, do you?(Leo) ((ED: found a double negative so I eliminated one)) 
If you’re pleased with him, I’m prepared to greet him as husband for both of you.(Leo)
Na-nanananananana!(Kuk)((honestly, I don’t know no other way.))

 In that Moment, Kukklia got a bright red face and started stuttering, helplessly opening and closing her mouth. Mimir also hung her head and made an embarrassed face.

 And yet another girl felt uneasy inside as she was just a single person. This girl was Muir, and as he saw it –


Arnold screamed unintentionally. ((Lib: the last three lines were actually one full sentence without direct speaking, but … it’s better this way.))

 That was because a black aura seemed to emit from around her.

I-it’s no good!(Muir)

 Not being able to stay patient Muir entered the conversation. Leowald first had a blank look, but seeing her facial expression a grin creased in the corners of his mouth.

Hohou, it seems like that guy shouldn’t be underestimated. No way, is it really like that, Mimir?

 As he ascertains Muir’s feeling from Mimir as well – ((ED: “Muir’s feeling in Mimir”gives me a totally different impression than this one))

Gahahahaha! That reaction tells me enough already!(Leo)

 Laughing happily, he returns his line of sight to Muir.

I see, in that case it’s a simple negotiation. Muir will just take Hiiro as her husband as well.
Hohe……… heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!(Muir) ((and again, I don’t know how I should change this. The “…eeeeeh” is pronounced like the e in edge – just extremely prolonged.))
 It seemed as if she didn’t expect that proposal as she cried and made a similar expression as Kukklia before.

What are you surprised about? I think it is only natural for us Gabranthto take possession of our loved ones. And furthermore, it’s a matter of fact that strong men are surrounded by a lot of women! Well, I myself loved just one person in my lifetime, but never mind that! Gahahahahaha!(Leo) ((… I like this idea. And afterwards I take Io-chan for myself as she isn’t included here ^-^)) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
 So to say polygamy was likely less recognized in Passion. ((As in: They don’t particularly care.))

Wa-wait a minute, Papa! D-don’t go and decide on our husband on your own accord!(Kuk)
Kukklia, didn’t I tell you to call me father already? Leaving that matter beside, don’t you favor him, a man of that caliber?(Leo) ((Lib))
Eh, ah, that…..that is……(Kuk)
((con: “didn’t I tell you to call me 父上 (Chichiue) or 父様 (Chichi-sama) already”: both mean father in a really polite and kinda impersonal way. And “Mr. father” would be just stupid.))

 Glancing at Hiiro by accident, her cheek gets dyed with a swoosh.

S-so, as I said previously, I only want to be with the person I fell in love with!(Kuk) ((actually, she didn’t say marry.)) (( ED: took the word marry out))

I know. So let’s not put you under pressure. Moreover, maybe you’ll even fall in love with Hiiro? That being said, as you’re a descendant of mine, I guess you’re already a little bit attracted to him.(Leo)

 As Leowald fixed his eyes on her with a smirk, Kukklia averted her face with a pout. ((TL:  プイッ  would be the pout here.)) ——— —- —— — —— —— —- —- ——— ——- ——– ——– ——– —– – – — – – – –
I don’t know and I don’t care!(Kuk) ((Tsundere incoming.))
Gahahahaha! Well, that aside, the matter is already settled for Mimir and Muir! At this rate, won’t they surpass you at their very young age? Gahahahaha!(Leo)

 Hearing his words, Muir and Mimir once again became bright red and cast their eyes downwards.

 And Arnold, watching this kind of conversation in silence, had his own thoughts.

Hiiro…… what an enviable guy.

 Actually, the fact that he got the kings permission was quite shocking. ((Permission for harem.)) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
However, I’ll absolutely not let him have his way with Muir!)

 As he looks into Hiiro’s direction he clearly emits thirst for blood, but suddenly his face got serious.

However, it’s entirely true, that idiot entirely surpassed us…….

 In no way he could believe how high he ascended in a mere half year, and thus he clearly received a shock. Even Arnold had been frantically training. And he was proud that he became stronger to that extent.

 But as he saw Hiiro’s overwhelming strength, he dropped his shoulder heartbroken. Thereupon, a hand was placed on his shoulder. It was Rarashik.

Shi-shishou?(Arno)((means “master”… as you should know already.))
I see, desperately trying to catch up.(Rara)
…..that’s how it is. Really, he runs ahead at ridiculous speed.(Arno)
However, continually being left behind, isn’t it a reason to apologize?(Rara)((Lib))

 His powerful gaze met her eyes. Thus, laughing –

In that case it doesn’t matter if you’re strong or not. But if you truly want to stand next to him, having a half-hearted resolution won’t work. However, you can say his magic is truly a habit of foul play.(Rara)
Haha, you can really say that.(Arno)

 Staring at him with immobile eyes, without fail he determined to catch up with Hiiro’s strength.



 Hiiro’s magic was undone and Crouch escaped from the restraint. And Putis was freed as well and returned to the ground.

It’s my win again, Nyanko-bastard.(Hiiro) ((btw “nyanko” means kitty cat. But as it’s not only a pun on her visuals but also on her way of speaking …))
Don’t call me-nya a bastard now-nya!((… and I’ve got serious problems with translating it.))

 Thus Hiiro came to think about it again, as her current form was that of a little girl again. ((And we all know that he can’t withstand to fulfill little girls’ requests))

That reminds me, you did say it was your original form.(Hiiro)
That’s right-nya! Were you surprised-nya?

 Although she spoke with utmost pride, he answered her with his basic indifferent manner –

Well then, Miss Nyan.(Hiiro)
You are still using that-nya!?

 As she got yet another nick from Hiiro’s wicked naming sense, she certainly received a large shock.


 Barid called out to him. It seems he recovered consciousness after being waken up by Putis. And judging from his mortified face one could guess that he noticed their loss.

Why do yo call me, isn’t a win a win?(Hiiro) ((Lib))
………no, I’m not going to object to the battle.(Barid)

 This was a little surprising. He surely thought that they would be dissatisfied to some extend.

We certainly were defeated by a boy. That’s the result. And the result is everything that matters in battles.(Barid)
…… as one would expect from a man of the military.(Hiiro)

 He said it and shrugged a shoulder at the sportsmanlike thought.

……. can I ask you one single question?(Barid)
As long as it can be answered.(Hiiro)
In case your plot failed, and you hadn’t been able to defeat us individually, when it had become a fight of 3vs1 – what would you have done?

 His question implied the two common soldiers were a force not to be counted in this matter. Certainly, Hiiro did not choose them for war potential.

That’s right, at that time…….(Hiiro)
At that time?(Barid)
…………. just crushing you altogether would have been sufficient. With brute force, that is.
And you are able to do that?(Barid)
Aah, without any problems.(Hiiro)

 Therefore Barid stared at him through narrowed eyes, but in return Hiiro only gazed at him with a feel of ease. Thus Barid’s face suddenly loosened.

I see. No, sorry, I just had one little regret.(Barid)
I just wanted to try and compete in an 1vs1 with you. Hitting each other with one’s best.

 Apparently he was dissatisfied with his share. But his intent wasn’t to condemn Hiiro, but rather just a desire to seriously fight him.

That’s not particularly a problem.(Hiiro)
「……eh? Really?(Barid)

 Barid was taken aback at the Hiiro’s unforeseen reaction.

Aah, but you’d have to pay compensation.(Hiiro)
Of course. Who would work for free.(Hiiro) ((Now here is were one would use a question ma-… never mind.))
………fufufu, I see, you have just the personality that Rarashik described.(Barid)

 Being amazed he smiled wryly, quickly reaching out his hand.

Then, until you have prepared a compensation. I’m looking forward to that time.(Hiiro)

 Hiiro also reaches out, and they firmly shake hands.

Aah, but I won’t do it if it’s a foolish sort of compensation.(Hiiro) ((such as food?))
Haha, I will handle the matter carefully.(Barid)

 As it was, Barid returned back to their encampment directly. Behind him Putis followed, restlessly hobbling around.

Go home already, you guys.(Hiiro)

 Immediately after they became aware that he spoke to them the soldiers became overwhelmed by the shock of Hiiro talking to them for the first time, but soon after they came to their senses and quickly bowed their head, leaving right afterwards.

 And for some reason Crouch remained immobile at the spot, just admiringly looking at him.

……. something the matter?(Hiiro)
Tarou…… I meawn, Hiiro!((じゃニャかった … dunno. Also you may have noticed that I’m mostly just adding the nya at the end. Better for comprehensibility ^-^))
Become my subordinate…….

 Turned down right away her face became cheeky. ((orig: it became bigger. As in: she get’s sassy.))

Len, I already told you this the other time, but I won’t work under anyone weaker than me.
T-to say such nya thing! You’re just lucky to work under the Demon Lord-nya!
Wrong. I’m here just simply because of a request. In short, work is work.

 In reality he felt that staying with Maou Eveam brought him a step closer to realize Liliyn’s dream.

Fuun…… whatever-nya, after finishing this duel, come back-nya!
Huh? Visit? Passion?
Correct-nya! And then join the Three Beast Warriors-nya! Oh, wouldn’t it become Four Beast warriors after Hiiro joins?

 As she expressed her trivial troubles, Hiiro distinctly addressed her.

It doesn’t matter, I’m not up to choose an exact permanent residence somewhere yet anyways.
………..is that absolute?(nyanko)
It is.(Hiiro)

 Thereupon Crouch hung her head, and as her shoulders began to tremble –


 And suddenly she began rolling on the ground.

Nyo way, nyo way! Hiiro should come with me-nyaaaaaaa!

 Again she acted just like a common spoiled brat.

Nofo…… this is exceedingly cute……….(H-Butler)

 Apparently the scene was rewarding for the Hentai Butler. But as Hiiro naturally didn’t share his preferences, he solely was shocked by it.

Huh, I’ll go back.(Hiiro)

 As he tried to do what he declared and went to leave, his waist was firmly grasped.


 Her eyes were dripping of tears, as she emitted the attitude of a little child begging for a toy.

Yodare Tori, Baka Deshi, Ao Ribbon, and now this one. Why is every little girl around clinging to me?(Drooling bird, foolish disciple, blue ribbon, and Nyanko. → he forgot Io, Muir and Liliyn… and Rarashik. Well, he probably still hasn’t noticed about Muir and Io – as he is kinda blind in that regard – and Rara is just a guess. But Lily – no way he doesn’t know.)) ((ED: I think he means those that like to touch him))

 Even as he got the title God that brings down little girls, he wasn’t aware of bringing down even one. Becoming aware of being clung to or being overly relied on his respect for the title grew.

I don’t know……… I really don’t know it’s true meaning.

 Clearly, he don’t have such hentai skills at hand to flatter little girls. ((Lib?)) ((ED:please check))

Lolicons like Ossan and Jiisan would surely be delighted with it, however…… Practically right now the Hentai butler is enviously looking at me…….((Ossan=Jiisan=“old man”=Arno&Silva))

 Fixedly staring at her, rubbing her face against Hiiro’s lower waist, Silva watched them.

……huh, anyway, just get away already.(Hiiro)

 Thereupon someone firmly grabbed Crouch’s neck.


 Involuntarily she leaks a voice as her neck tightens.

Nya……… who…..?

 At her rear, stood Putis, who should have gone along with Barid earlier.

Pu-putis?  Nhyat are you doing-nya?
….. come home.

 As she apparently didn’t come back no matter how much time passed, Putis came to pick her up.

Uhtake Hiiro as well-nya!
……Selfish, no good.
No-nya no-nya no-nya no-nya no-nya no-nya no-nya no-nya no-nya no-nya!

 Dosuu! (SFX)

 In magnificent refusal, Crouch’s neck swinging from side to side is hit by Putis.

Funya……(Nyanko) ((well…. spoken SFX?))

 As she got an exhausting feeling like a flower about to wither, Crouch blacked out. Seeing it and finally being freed from his troublesome state at last, Hiiro –

I survived. Thank you.(Hiiro)
…….nothing special.(Putis)

 She seemed strange, wearing that bear costume all the time, but since she helped him she probably was a pretty good fellow.

 As he noticed that for some reason Putis was motionlessly staring at him –

…….what is it?(Hiiro)
…….I wonder…(Putis)
You….. are a mysterious person.

 Told him that much and went back to dragging Crouch behind.
((ED:changed it to behind as they’re going back ))

…..what did she…..?

 Although he met another unusual Gabranth fellow, he went back to his own camp, back to Liliyn and the others.

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    1. Yeah, and that’s the point. She literally says “Papa” (パパ) — it’s even spoken that way — while he asks her to drop that term and use something … if I remember correctly, he asks her to use 父上 -> “Chichi-ue”. Chichi is “father”, and “-ue” is an extremely polite affix, nowadays viewed as outdated.


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