Meep. (191)

191st episode – To the finals

 When they understood that the fifth round of the tournament ended in a tie, both sides stood gawking with opened mouths as they would never have expected this situation as the outcome.

 Especially the Gabranthside, confident in their Beast King Leowald participating in this round, hardened as they slowly grasped the shocking result.

 However, Rarashik only grinned at Leowald as he returned with Regulus in his arms.

This definitely is the result of your bad habits, Leo-sama. Isn’t it-(Rara)

 Hearing her words, Barid rapidly interrupted her as he found her calm remark quite insulting, but-


 -he was surprised by the apology of the person in question, Leowald.


 Not just Barid, but everyone around focused their sight on him.

In this fifth round, if I started it with full power from the beginning, the outcome might have been different.(Leo)
So it is, isn’t it. But Leo-sama, after the other party passionately showed their true strength just now, we should reconsider observing their base again. That being said, as you said you’d bear the consequences, please do.(Rara)
((changed it a bit:
それがまあ、この結果になった原因て言えば原因ですね ))
……phew, even though everyone fought with all he got up to now for the sake of us Gabranth, I wasn’t able to offer you victory.(Leo)

 Everyone stood in silence as they understood what he said.

Leo-sama, you do know that it isn’t over yet, don’t you?(Rara)
The rules of Agasshi. In case five rounds were fought and the game still ended in a draw, each camp chooses one Representative to fight for them in the final round. So says the rule.(Rara) ((desu.))

 Leowald slowly put Regulus to the ground.

Let me compensate you.(Leo)

 Turning up nearby, Kukklia and Mimir nodded. After Leowald vaguely moved his chin as well, he turned around to look at the others.

This time it is my fault that it ended in a draw. But there is a chance of recovery, so would you please entrust me with the finals?(Leo)

 In response to his words a gap of silence followed, but then somebody shouted Best King-sama!. Hereupon, after it was started, one could hear calls of ‘Beast King -sama’ all around.

We do believe in our Beast King-sama!
That’s right! Our King is the strongest!
The Gabranth‘s fate lies in our King’s hands!

 Several praises of Leowald were to be heard from everyone around. Leowald’s heart grew warm as well again. He seemed to be really grateful that he was trusted to that extend.

But is this truly for the best? Leo-sama participated as a representative in this war twice already, surely even though he has considerably amounts of physical and magical strength he would be exhausted nevertheless, wouldn’t he?(Rara)
We still have a little time until the fight of the representatives begins. Allow me to recover in the meantime. Call the medical treatment section.(Leo)
……I will look after Leo-sama myself.(Rara)
Excuse me.(Leo)

 Thus Leowald raised his fist to the highest. Thereupon the atmosphere was filled with thunderous shouts of cheer once again.

I will grasp victory without fail!(Leo)

 The mood tied them together as one. Leowald’s body stiffened even though there were traces of victory. ((Unsure ’bout last one: あとは勝つだけだとレオウードは身を引き締めた。))

It may be hard, Rara, but please stay right here on the spot until I’m done.(Leo)
Nahaha! No, not at all, this way I am able to obtain a spot of splendid vision!(Rara)

 As she glanced at them, Muir and Arnold once again were focused on Leowald. It seems like she was well able to confirm her disciples’ growth.

But do you understand? In the finals…… the opponent is probably……(Muir)
Yeah…… I think…… it will be that guy.(Arno)
……Leo-sama, why are You smiling?(Muir)
Whoops, was I really?(Leo)

 Just after hearing her remark he tried to put his face into order again. However, watching him, Rarashik smiled as well.

I do understand your feelings. Yet, he indeed is strong…… that Hiiro.(Rara)
……I understand.(Leo)

 The gazes of the two of them once again fixed on the Evilacamp far away.


 The Evilahad rushed over as they saw the fainted Eveam. Marione gently put her down.


 Unlike Regulus she apparently had regained consciousness.

……where…….am I…….?(Eve)

 Seemingly her awareness was still dizzy as her eyes wandered around. And within those eyes, Marine and the other Evilawere reflected.

 When she saw the worry on their faces, she began to realize. Thus, as she caught that they were on the outside of the crater, her eyes went pretty big as she rose her upper body.


 However, her breath was taken away by the terrible pain running through her body.

Your Majesty, please do not move right now.(Mari)
Argh……ah……ahhhaaahaa……Marione…….I……we……(Eve)((she is panting…))

 Hearing the bitterness in Marione’s words, she quietly shook her head. Seeing his state of mind, her face warped in utter despair. Thus he grabbed her hand as her whole body shook of anger and regret.

What……I……in the end……I lost……
That is not the case, Your Majesty.(Mari)

 She blankly stared at Marione.

Surely Your Majesty’s dream of victory was not fulfilled yet, but we are not defeated yet as well.(Mari)
……H-how can that be?(Eve)

 As her tone changed as well, she even forgot to blink, waiting for response motionlessly.

It grew into a draw.(Mari)
A draw……?(Eve)

 As Eveam’s last spell was interrupted by Regulus as its completion drew near the magic spontaneously discharged in an explosion in the end. As the four of them were dragged into the explosion and especially Eveam and Regulus standing near the epicenter were blown away on grand scale while both of them lost their consciousness as they received the shock, therefore losing their ability to continue the fight simultaneously as well, the result was declared a draw.

……So……my wish really isn’t dead yet.(Eve)

 Her voice was filled with much relief. But then again, it was also true that she hadn’t been able to gain victory by herself.


 Enduring the pain, she once again lifted her upper body. Shaking her head in denial in order to prevent Marione from stopping her, she made sure to cling to his body as she stood up and–

……I-i am sorry!(Eve)

 — lowered her head in front of them. Everyone around was at a loss of words.

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  1. Thank you the chapter. And thanks for everything you’ve done up till now, kind of sad that you’re going 😦 But nevertheless thanks for the awesome ride! Arigatou Translator n00b-sensei!


    1. I’m sorry that this got past you, but I’m not translating this series anymore as of now.
      The next chapter can be found at riptranslations.wordpress and afterwards the series is continued by Anri-chan at dekinaidiary.wordpress ^-^


      1. I’m sorry to hear that i love the way you put small inputs in every chp. I’ll miss your transactions… i wish that in the future you could put a small summary of the chp. Like a paragraph but that is just wishful thinking


        1. nah, let’s see, maybe. You never know, do you? There may be a time when I start translating again. And if KnW is free of translators by that time …

          … or I’ll translate something entirely different. In fact, I have already been asked whether I could translate the side-stories of Tate no Yuusha or continue the translation of Gekka no Utahime to Magi no Ou. Still have to read Tate, but Gekkahime seems promising — and hasn’t been updated for, whatwassit? 2 years?


          1. Hey i lost my account and i could not reply earlier. …im happy to hear that you will not disappear on us, and we will be able to enjoy your work. .. please let me know as soon as you start working on a new project and thank you for your efforts.


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