Casual Friday’s post~

PE nearly broke my thumb. Typing speed decreased. Welp~

Finished today’s chapter nevertheless. I’m proud of myself :3

Well, and is seems like someone put me onto WLN Updates? They put 176 as volume though … never mind. I guess my statistic’s gonna spike again …

Now I’m tired, so I’m just gonna take those 4 bags of sweets and lay down in my bed … some entertainment on, I’m off!

Oh, and by the way: I said those lines of “if only Hiiro would comment on this” before I read the next chapter. It’s quite short … and seems easy to translate … would do it right away today, would be finished in around 4 hours – but unfortunately PE violated me.

Lazy mode, activate. Too bad it’s damn cold in my room … I’d have to stand up again and get myself something warm … a blanket … too lazy …

11 thoughts on “Casual Friday’s post~

  1. If you are cold, buy a plushie, those stuffs are so warm and hugging one helps you forget some physical pain (I am a completely straight guy so don’t misunderstand).


      1. If he thinks you’re good enough then that’s a good sign that you’re on the right track with translations and can consider becoming a part of their translation group if you wanted. 🙂

        ….the plan to blackmail netblazer to make those links is a success. If I continue to generate support and make him join rainbow translations, he will be obligated to translate. No more of this lazy mode nonsense. I will make him translate regularly forever….


  2. if you want to get warm immediately …
    Food recipe :
    Milk + Honey + Lemon + Ginger …
    a cup of milk, add a spoon of honey, one squeezed Lemon, and finely cut ginger …
    Ginger need to get burned, skinned, washed and cut nicely …
    heat it together (but don’t let it reach boiling point) …
    this kind of drink will make anyone who cold get warm within less than a minute …
    (as long as you made this correctly)


      1. It was definitely good. If you think Hiiro is OP you’re in for a treat. Each chapter is long but there are only 7 chapters (for part 1). I would pick it up during some free/lazy time.


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