Excuse me.

I thought I’d at least finish 177 today, but something unexpected occurred. I was asked about donations due to keeping up the pace, and then I spent some hours figuring out online transactions – meanwhile dropping the pace. Kinda contradicting, isn’t it?

Well, anyway, the author split the chapter into 3 parts, and I gave you the first one yesterday. So naturally, the second one follows today. 3rd part is the fight Rara vs. Shu – probably tomorrow.

Sorry for splitting them up, it wasn’t really my intention … but I’d feel bad for not submitting anything today otherwise ^-^

You can find the first part of 177 here.

And, please keep in head: this is reading ahead at own risk. 
As the name suggests I’m a n00b, and I’m alone, without edit nor proofreading. So currently my success-rate is around 90% – judged from comparing my version of 173 with kirikos. Of course I get experience by doing this, so it might already have increased.
Just wanted to say it again ^-^

Here we go:

An unexpected ill-humored voice came flying against two of the people. As they looked at the face the voice originated from, they saw a bored Rarashik drinking out of her bottle.


 Arnold’s voice became surprised as his eyes hit Rarashik, being mentally overawed by her presence.

….. Well, but as you didn’t know of our win, couldn’t you fight far better? Haa?

 Apparently displeasured, Rarashik was demanding to know why he wasn’t able to pull off a better fight.

Why were you two even allowed to participate? In the end you joint forced, but you should’ve done so far earlier! Because you guys don’t have overwhelming combat experience, I taught you to compensate by cooperating from the start!

 Muir and Arnold couldn’t object to Rarashik’s sudden preaching as they felt despondent. Because what she said was definitely correct. Especially Muir, as she had thought she had to fight alone, not even considering he possibility of merging until Arnold came.

 As a result, she was saved by Arnold as the situation became dangerous. And if they had fought together earlier they should have been able to increase the width of their ways to fight.

 Her desire to take out Ionis alone was a mistake. Even if Arnold came earlier, she had been able to fight one on one for a while. ((Lib.))

 But he came after fighting for a time, as he noticed a sudden reason for why Rarashik told them to fight together, and rushed to Muir’s position in a hurry.

….. Huh, maybe you should have studied a little more beforehand? Especially Muir, you have to analyze your opponent, in order to exactly understand your situation. However, if you just ordinary rush straight forward, that’s gonna be the end of your growth.
I…. Yes. I-i’m sorry……..

 Clearly feeling down, her shoulders dropped.

And Arnold, you too. From what I’ve seen through Yuki-chan, you need to learn to move your body far more flexible instead of only using brute force. You have to watch his slightest movements, predicting his next steps precisely.

 Also being scolded harshly, Arnold leaks an involuntary sigh.

That aside, Rarashik-dono, shouldn’t you already release her?(Silva)

 Hearing Silvas words, Rarashik became taken aback –

Is that so. Well, if you’d declare my victory then?
Oh, that’s right. ………Ahem, then,

 As Silva took a big breath –

Second Round! It’s the Gabranth‘s victory!(Silva) ((0:2 then …))

 Hearing the declaration, Rarashik snapped her finger.

 Gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo! (SFX)

 Suddenly cracks ran through the iceberg, breaking at the top.


 As the iceberg broke down, the one held inside of it was released and fell to the ground. Firmly, Herbreed catches her, confirming her safety.


 Even if her body was wrapped up in ice until a moment ago she mysteriously didn’t lose heat. As he touches her body, there is certainly a normal body temperature coming through.


 It wasn’t known if hearing Herbreed’s words was the trigger to wake her up, but Shublarz slowly opened her eyes.

 And then she raised her upper body, checking on her ambient conditions. And then, lightly sighing –

….. I’ve lost…….(Shu)
Your body….. is it alright?(Io)
…… ah, Ionis? Where is your eye-mask?(Shu)
Un, there were various accidents.(Io)
…… seems so, but first let me say something.(Shu)

 Shublarz lowered her head to the two people in front of her.

I beg your pardon for not being able to get victory.(Shu)
D-don’t say such words! Please raise your head!(Herb)
Un-un(Io) ((Double nodding))

 As their boss apologized that suddenly, they were puzzled and reacted bewildered.

Nay, I fought desperately and became this worn-out, yet I couldn’t get no victory. So really, I’m terribly sorry.(Shu)
Then……. we are also sorry for not rushing to your aid.(Herb)
I’m sorry.

 Shublarz shook her head and smiled lightly.

Nay, but it was my fault that we were defeated. So please accept my apologies. And more, isn’t it embarrassing?(Shu)
………….Un(Io) ((nodding))

 The two of them nodded in affirmation.

B-by the way Shublarz-sama, what the heck happened to you? You certainly were brought down so much faster…..(Herb)

 Moreover, Rarashik was surely the most intact and unwounded one. Although they lost, one would have thought that it would be a far closer decision, but it felt rather one-sided.

….. Oh well, I didn’t know of the Gabranth‘s ace beforehand.(Shu) ((Lib.))

 While saying it she stared at Rarashik. As she noticed the stare Rarashik she laughed with a knitted face and approached.

Right, the opponent was bad if they considered giving up. The top Gabranthparticipating here are all my disciples, so I can’t really afford to lose easily.(Rara) ((sarcasm?))


… and that’s it for today. It’s just for fun – so enjoy it ^-^

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