Ok, don’t mind the title, it’s meaningless. I really wanted to submit chapter 178 today, but I’ve just got about 60% … and its 7pm. Maybe I’m finished until 11pm, if not – tomorrow.

Speaking of it, I’ve got 5 hours of continued free time during my lessons tomorrow. So You’ll probably get chapter 179 soon … well, personally I’m looking forward to 180, Hiiro’s fight.

At any rate, a new season of Anime is gonna start soon, so as the previous one ends I’ll have tons of Animes I’d like to watch – as I’m not watching an Anime until it’s finished. You ask why? Well, I wouldn’t lead this little project if I could wait a week continuously …

Well, see you later, either today if I make it in time, or tomorrow …

11 thoughts on “Madness

  1. You are pretty awesome for doing this! Thanks! Do you think maybe you’ll collaborate with Kiriko and the rest of the group working on this in the future?


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