Just some random thoughts

Well, I’m at chapter 174 right now, 19% finished, and as far as I’ve seen it’s just about Muir vs. Io … and it ends with an strange attack from Muir (remember the last skill mentioned in her status? Something with 1000 hits of the silver lightning or stuff? It wasn’t that one. Just trolling, judging from the first lines of chapter 175 its Thunderclap conversion ^-^)

So, what I’ve wanted to say, the 3vs3 is far from being finished, even if 175 (or was it 176?) is named 2vs2 …

Why am I writing this? well, its kinda like … I had to write a post or my front page would be emty. So I decided to post some spoilers, just for trolling anyone who would read this. If anyone reads this … well, I guess it doesn’t matter, my front page isn’t empty anymore, so I reached my goal ^ω^

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