Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! …

……… so, a few thoughts on that Web novel, as I’ve been repeatedly asked if I’d want to translate it. I’ve answered the question seperately already, but I’ll say it again: I don’t plan on doing so for now, but I’ve considered it, and maybe I’ll do it later on. First off, someone posted a link to chapter 25 that I’d want to share with you, as the web site seems to be quite unknown among the fans of the series.

Thanks to Sora Translations for bringing us chapter 25 of Isekai Mahou. Well, as far as I’ve seen he seems to be at least as unexperienced as I am (even if he shows it far more easily), so you’ll have to decide wether to trust him or not yourself.
Leaving that aside, it’s also not the whole chapter yet, but rather 60% of it. He seems to have split it up into parts, as I did with one of the longer chapters of KnW.

As of now I have my own hands full with KnW, so I’d want to dodge having to translate two WNs at the same time. That’s why I won’t either collab nor read ahead at own accord in regard to Isekai Mahou as for now, instead waiting for him to release his updates.

Well, waiting patiently is kinda out of character for me, so as time passes I might actually casually drop the series at some point. That would be a shame, but inevitable. After all, I hate waiting, and if I refuse decreasing the amount of waiting time myself, it’s best to forget it.

So once the time has come for me to take on something different than KnW – be it because I decided that I went ahead enough or be it because Rainbow translations picked up the pace again – you are free to remind me of this series.

That being said, I don’t think I’ll drop KnW that soon, as the following chapters are quite interesting. And, at any rate, once it comes down to me changing subjects, It could happen that I decide on another topic after all. Depends. On what you suggest me to do, on what I decide to do … On my mood …
I’m not able at all to tell you what might happen in the future.

Oh, and a short not on my progress: 10% – I started only today, and by “today” I mean the time after waking up. Something after 4pm. As usual.

15 thoughts on “Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! …

    1. By “this”, do you mean KnW or Isekai Mahou?
      If you mean KnW – first, kinda the wrong post, second, answer is to be found here.
      Well, and if you mean Isekai Mahou, first, I didn’t translate it, second, answer is to be found here.

      As for my tools, you may want to check my About – Page, as I’m pretty sure I’ve answered that question there already. Well, in short: rikai-kun, Hiragana-megane, knowledge of the series and japanese languege, guessing, probability formulas, the usual stuff.
      Oh, and you might add “computer” to the list above. Judging from the way you commented I’d think you are using your phone. If you wan’t to read ahead yourself, you’re welcome, but I wouldn’t recomment using your phone. Could prove hard to manage.


  1. I’ll just tell you something: Translating Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru is HARD. The author himself recognizes that he makes a lot of kanji mistakes, messes up a lot of dialogue pacing, and screws Latin on a level I’d never thought being possible to.

    Not trying to discourage you, just a warning. If you’re going to translate that, be prepared for the pain.


    1. I did already notice hat – along with the walls of text, a chapter being twice as long as doomned 181 … altogether this difference in level, both in language as in amount of pages, is one of the reasons why I said I won’t do it as for now. And: I’d seriously have to find a conclusion for the latin. I only know, like, 5 phrases? The common sense ones. Fiat lux, Alea iacta est, Veni vidi vici, advocatum diaboli, ad acta, a priorum, anno domini, et cetera. That kind of stuff.


  2. well take your time with translating its not like we the reader are really going anywhere fast so just dont tire yourself out with taking on more then you yourself can do, most translators that take on 2 or more translations at once start to wear themselfs out quickly as it gets hard plus doing both KnW and isekai mahou which from what im hearing is hard for the translators, its never a good idea to take on 2 difficult translations at once that is just insane, ばか (馬鹿), あほ and alot more which i cant be bothered to find but you get what i mean just dont more then you can and im not being mean just stating to you to do one thing at a time, if you do more then that you might end up rage quitting like lots of other people and even tho you might say you wont when it comes down to it later down the track you might so never do more then you can at one given time plus never do 2 hard projects at once that is never a good idea


  3. Hmm I don’t know if anyone has recommended this novel yet but THE NEW GATE is a pretty interesting novel, it even got a manga which’s art is beautifully done. I read a lot of virtual reality novels and martial art ones if you want recommendations of any of them. I recommend THE NEW GATE because of the main character’s attitude: “its not a big deal” and then everyone else is like “IT’S A BIG DEAL”, doing something that’s believed to be impossible or is known as a legend.

    PS: my favourite one right now is Coiling Dragon, its a martial arts novel and has 19/21 books translated. The fact I’m not bored after over 1,000 chapters and eagerly await the next chapter. It has very fast translations, usually 2-3 chapters daily each of which is longer than KnW chapters. God damnit, the translators have time for themselves.

    PPS: If only there was an edit button, I didn’t proof read my post now I’m ashamed lol

    edit: There is.


    1. 2 or 3 daily and longer than KnW @.@

      P.S.: there is a edit button, but I’m the only one who sees it. Well, I guess my editor would see it as well if he ever checked the comments carefully … and I’m also the only person who can directly add pictures to his comments – everyone else has to know the HTML or post the link … being admin rocks.


  4. hey… I am not asking you to translate this one…. but read it!! it is better in place of isekai mahou!!…
    believe me… I like this one … and it was a daily release until the translators got thrown into exams…. and the story is also good!!!

    Mikami Satoru is a successful, 37 year old adult who has two problems: he has never had a girlfriend; and, while meeting his colleague on the street, Satoru got fatally stabbed. The result? He has reincarnated as a slime. Will that be his third misfortune or a blessing?P.S. he got two unique abilities …one is “great sage”(because he was a virgin)…. and the other one is “predator”… as he wanted to predate every girl he encounter…… P.S. no harem (even in ch107)…. no ecchi stuff …. great cast of funny characters…. and the reincarnation is sexless


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