Just a short update on my progress so far –

— being quite near to zero, sorry. Those last two days were difficult for me, school issues and again not sleeping at all – that’s why. I wanted to say this some hours ago, and now it is already 9pm. I came home from school after 4:30pm and fell asleep instantly. Well, going back to sleep now.

Next chapter release: probably Friday. You’ll hear from me ^-^

31 thoughts on “Just a short update on my progress so far –

          1. c: Just think of me as an imaginary friend that you can’t see, it’ll help you sleep at night. Well…if imaginary friends touch you while you’re sleeping…


          2. oow thanks, I’d take it ^-^

            ((Is it weird that the first thing I thought of after reading your comment was that one side story from Harry Potter about the wizard with the hairy heart? HP sidestories though …))


  1. hey if you think you will still be translating the novel in the future why dont you register yourself on novelupdates.com
    it helps keeping updates of all the novels in 1 place which will still link to you


    1. sounds yummy, tell me more! ^-^

      ((I’ve never heard of it before, but I guess it’s this kind of thing – B is next?))
      Blueberry cake. With caramel topping. And lots of cream. And some ice cream, as well ……


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