An Explanation

— Even though I think it isn’t needed. Well, I did say “probably friday” – but that ment that there was a probability of it not being friday. Well, long story short: I did translate it yesterday, but I didn’t finish it completely.

My imouto went on a flight to England yesterday, and I completely forgot about it beforehand. I know, I’m terrible.

So, I came back from school after 3pm (because I’m counting the time we needed to arrive back home as well, and we stopped at the shopping center in between. Well, of course we did. She needed some stuff for her travel, after all.)

Afterwards I had some time to translate – 2 hours, 3 hours – and was able to check my inbox as well.

And then – it was around 5:30pm – Someone came into my room, telling me: ‘Hey, you really should help your sister preparing for her travel!’

So, that’s what happened: I helped her to pack her stuff, then I tidied her room with her, and then I saw her goodbye. It was around 11:30pm as I came back again.

And as I was completely tired after too much physical work … I went to sleep immediately after checking my inbox again. And well, now, 12 hours later, I awoke, finally. So I’m gonna do the rest of it now, and it’s still gonna be some time. Thanks to all of you who didn’t ask for reasons – I love your patience ^-^

18 thoughts on “An Explanation

  1. i dont need an explanation as its entirley up to you if you want to translate or not so we dont really need a reason so take your time and do whatever you need to do


  2. The only explanation needed is how did you managed to forget that your imouto was going to England, is your family, at least you should buy her a present..
    The translation is just your hobby so there is not need to explain to leechers like us when you don’t translate, we are more than grateful that you are still translating this webnovel.

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      1. It’s almost the same…
        I do that on test, on special work days and birthday (only the males one, the girls tend to hit me if I do that), but is your own sister flying day, you won’t be seeing her for a long time, at least you should have prepared a fake tear drop.


        1. well, I did help her to get ready and stuff, so I guess I made up for forgetting it. As for girls’ birthdays: Happens to me all the time. I’m just glad my phone reminds me in half of the cases. The other half ….. let’s not talk about it.


          1. Bad memories are usually fun ones when you try to remember it days later, like that time when I got hit right in the nose (knows how to punch hard) for remembering the birthday at last second and I just decided to buy her the first thing that I saw (some ugly plushie), funny as hell when my blood splashed at her new clothes jajajaja.


  3. Unacceptable! use Hiiro powers wordmagic to instateleport your imouto to england and instatranslate the whole WN one shot!

    On a more serious note, Im glad someone is still translating KNW, i finished Altina the sword princess and now im back on the hunt for more LNs WNs to read because im waiting on all the other series to be TL-ed…. and failed to lrn 2 read japanese and tl-ing i tried but failed it was too hard. >.>

    So thanks for translating!

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    1. yeah … life would be soo damn good with wordmagic powers … and I could read all the 750 chapters of KnW in one go … would be fun. And then I’d insta-translate all the other great shows, getting famous for a thousand releases per day, getting drowned in requests – kay, bettter stop daydreaming and get my ass back to the translation now XDD


  4. better treasure your family …
    you don’t know if you might see them again …
    (not cursing, but … really … accident do happen in my family … so …)

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