Monday Morning~

Up early to work.

I’m short on time, so let’s make this quick.

This is probably the last time I’m posting in the next 2 weeks.

Also it kinda looks like the others are picking up the pace. I don’t know anything yet, but they kinda made 3 chapters in the last ……….. what? 5 days? That’s amazing. Well, they aren’t as alone as I am. Never mind, anyways: I’m ‘gone’ now for 2 weeks.

When I’m back and they didn’t drop the pace I might as well consider my job done – as I am just a reader who got bored – and leave it to them ^-^

Just wanted to say it.

71 thoughts on “Monday Morning~

    1. He did? Well, maybe I should really contact him … sometime I’m less …… KO.

      Damnit, I never knew working for 9 hours would be that hard ….

      well, 9 hours + 2hours of bicycle. I wish I had a licence ……

      In the meantime, could someone tell him that he’s free to use everything I did up to now? I’m pretty sure it isn’t quite perfet, so it’d be great if they could use it to ….. speed up………


  1. well if you realllllllllllyyyyy dont want to finish it you can send… the part you have done… and i can complete it… (cant believe the lazy me said that O.o)


          1. It’s more fun to be the friend of a harem creator in real life, my best pal is actually a dense harem master (not entirely since he has gf, but still doesn’t realize that he is still charming new girls, like catching pokemons) and is fun to hang out with him, specially to make fun of the jeleaous harem girls jajajaja.


  2. started reading ahead whith the method i said before, i know why you have been so slow whith ch184… is not that the action is bad but oh man i couldn care less about the characters


  3. Hey, I love your translation, it feels more human, like a person telling me the story instead of just reading the translation so even if other people starts translating more it would be fun if you keep translating or editing in your boring free time, just for fun.
    I like the word fun so I would keep writing fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun is the nectar and nourishment for my soul.


      1. Well, by free time, I mean after working/studying, your own fun, family time, friend time, GF/BF time, then you can put some notes as an editor note in a translated chapter, just for the fun.


          1. Why you don’t get more money on the weekends?
            Is it stipulated in the contract?
            I think that in almost every country, working on weekends counts as an extra work day so they should give you more money on sundays.
            You can sue them for that.


          2. Also, I translated a short chapter of a web novel today~ it was interesting, it was more or less using the romaji to just translate it with my knowledge and using google translate if I didn’t understand the sentence.since it was my first time it took 4 hrs even thought it was relatively short in my opinion.


          3. Ooh so somebody is using my method btw im in 47 of world teacher and 35 of kenja no mago… yah i have something for op MC


  4. I hope you keep translating KNW, Net blazers have ground to a halt and your speed was much higher. sigh the good ol days when they were doing Shield Bro at a much faster pace! lol


  5. I’m excited to read your translations again after a long wait. I’ve been reading other chinese/korean/japanese novels and even literotica ( they got some very well written stories there ) but I will always come back here for a fresh KnW chapter. Thank you and keep yourself healthy.


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