Today totally wasted me.

As usual, Thursday is my “longest day of the week”. School until 6pm, teaching my cousin afterwards.

Well, I got lucky today, with a total of 3 hours free time between 8 and 6. Did 4 pages. Well.

The first half of those 3 hours was predetermined, I’ve got that usually as well. The second half … was special. Because our literature teacher was absent. Me: finding a couch in the upperclassmen’s resting room, translating. You’ll see it soon – yet not today – in chapter 188 there is a part where Eveam gets flustered.

Annoying. I never like it when characters get flustered – even though Io-chan is really cute in those situations – as it is harder to translate.

Me: full concentration mode. Completely forgets time. Duh.

So I suddenly look at the clock and notice that I’m currently – involuntarily – skipping physics. Shit happens?

Me gets a panic. Preparing to fake a serious illness and go to my teacher after the lesson with something along the lines of: “I suddenly had to puke, but couldn’t go to the doctor because I simply have to attend that english test next period.”

The english test isn’t a lie. It was a quite heavy one, making up 50% of my total semester mark. ’twas a complete joke though, but don’t tell my english teacher. She simply cannot afford to raise the level – poor classmates …

Back to the topic. Me is in the middle of preparing to fake an illness as my cousin drops by.

“I have english now. Sleeping time …”

His words.

Well … I knew he has English lessons exactly when I am having physic lessons.

That stupid clock on the wall was simply still in daylight saving time mode … tch. Stupid clock and stupid caretaker, giving me the shock of the day.

In the end I simply lost precious translating time and attended physics nevertheless. My teacher doesn’t mind me sleeping, but he can’t stand it when I skip classes. We have a kind of history.

First disturbance. Went rather fortunate in the end.

And then there was the second disturbance. Well, you know – I’m not really watching my diet.

Concrete: I don’t really care about food as long as I have some sweets stored and I don’t grow too hungry.

So me was eating nothing but chocolate cookies since yesterday morning. Happens. Well, and my stomach held it up – exactly until the test (you know, the English one, that was totally a joke?) started. Bad luck, I guess?

Well, and now I’m enjoying precious evening free time. Talking of that, I still haven’t played more than 7 hours of Witcher 3, and Fallout 3 … 10 minutes. Preparing my character, that is. It still crashes, even though I installed some inofficial patches …

… and it seems like one of those patches crashes the game upon starting it. Without the patch, it crashes nevertheless. Could be an incompatibility with that character mod …

… but really, that character creation in the main version is sooo 2008 ((you don’t say.)) So I simply had to add it … well. Gonna take some more months of casual spent hours in trying to fix it until it works. Guess I’m gonna stick with Witcher and Rettousei for now. 8th volume finished.

Well, and tomorrow is my “free day” of the school week. Lessons until 11:30. Finishing that chapter should be manageable, maybe even starting another one.

If that “second one” doesn’t appear tomorrow, you’ll probably have to wait until sunday. An old buddy is visiting at saturday, got no time for nothing.

Well, and that’s my day in a nutshell. Nothing out of the ordinary, I guess …

19 thoughts on “Today totally wasted me.

  1. I feel your pain about the games. I’ve been fighting with Final Fantasy XIV trying to get it to work since last Saturday. Combination of slow as fuck load times and horrible server problems. Good luck 🙂

    ….hmm I don’t really have much complaining to do this time. This second personality feels useless…..

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          1. I am now at the water temple. I do not have as much time now then I do in the summer timer. Because of the Fall lineup.


          2. Interesting. So I need to check into inns every once in while in the game to level something up like the title of a character?


          3. Thanks. I have the PS3 version of the game and opening of the game does not have the full song “White LIght” to it. I think it was waste not to put the entire song in it.

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