I’m done with RL

I’d like to quit it. Real life, not the series. I’d wanna be an AI or some sort of transcendental internet being … that would be great.

Slowing down a little bit.

First, I’m sorry that I’m that late. I absolutely didn’t anticipate that, but I obviously have (quite some) reasons.

I meantioned in some previous post that my father earns more than average. Well, my mother misuses most of it, so we are in constant need of money nevertheless, but we manage.

Correct that, we managed.

Got a letter from some state office — they claim we didn’t pay enough taxes, an therefore want some 4000 more: 2000 for last year, 2000 for this year. The sooner, the better. And we have to pay first, even if they are wrong; in that case we’ll get the money back later. But we have to pay.

Our house is owned by the bank, and we’re paying it by installments, and we’ve missed to pay the second one in succession now. If we fail to pay the 520, our house is gonna be sold.

Oh, and it may sound like small fry in face of those, but my boss also didn’t pay me yet and I am unable to pay those 900 for my PC right now.

Oh, and then there’s Christmas. Did I tell you about the circumstances of musicians during Christmas time? I’m sure I did.

And I still have to write that scientific report stuff — those 40 pages, remember? 22 days left. And it needs to be printed – trice. So I can’t just start writing in 21 days, and guess who’s paying for printing them …

I started translating chapter 190, and soon after our internet provider cut the connection. Only access possibility left to me: phone. It broke.

And just in that moment I somehow lost half of 189. No problem, normally, but: I couldn’t use the uploaded version and I needed it for reference.

Furthermore, I completely lost interest into KnW for a time; gotta be honest here. I even thought about skipping the next few chapters until it gets (more or less) interesting again, just giving you the gist of the skipped chapters.

Can’t really do that, can I? My mentality doesn’t allow it, even if the majority of you were OK with it.

But I started translating again. Just today … Bear with me. Or rather: if you don’t, you’ll surely learn that karma is a bitch.

87 thoughts on “I’m done with RL

  1. Don’t worry about US. Go at your own pace. You can take care of RL now and translate after. We have all the time of the world and you are in trouble right now, so forget about this for a while and go take care of your life. Be carefull to not pass the limits xD.


  2. Normally I’m respectful and understanding but not the type of leecher to tell you to not worry about us or to focus on your RL cause we can wait (especially when the translator has been MIA for weeks to months without a quick update to let us know he’s alive). But in this case even I have to say handle your shit. At the least, always make sure the house is taken care of. Of couse if you have the time it would be great if you worked on 190 but not if it will fuck you over in real life. Good luck! 🙂

    …..two options, help him from the shadows to pay his bills by any means. Or set him up in another house, get rid of any unnecessary connections like family and friends, give him basic needs like food, water, and video games, and force him to translate KnW uninterrupted for years. Decisions, decisions……


    1. But, but, Novels and Anime are basic needs as well …

      If you just add that and a perfect non-stop internet connection, then substract the “force” thing, and you have my plan for how my future should be. If sweets are included in “food”, that is. Oh, and I’ll need some energy drinks ^-^


  3. Damn, sorry to hear this :/ i know this feeling all to well on my own.

    There i would wish i would be able to help you at least with the translation but sadly i cannot >.<

    hmm i can offer some zwieback if you like xP or some beer if you drink it

    Anyhow, i hope it works out for you. And keep it up c.c dont let those things get the better of you, both mentally and physically.

    PS: Great job on the translations =D


  4. I was like that to at a time when I was living alone. Eventually I started to come with created ways to earn a little extra money and save money. And now I am making very easy income. So do not worry you will come up with a created way to come out of this. And Happy Thanksgiving.

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  5. Internet is a bitch, not free…. Hang in there man, i would suggest using 「Get」 & 「Moneh」
    I sometimes wonder too if i just had the power of hiiro i would just say「Erase」& 「Real_Life」


  6. Ok
    Cheerleechers team, start encouraging!
    Go Go Go, and clean the mess!
    Go Go Go, and translate chapter 190!
    Yeahhhh… Cheerleechers!
    Dont depress and translate!
    Did i said translate?yes? I motivated you? Perfect! Then, Im going


  7. hmm, in my case my dad misuse the money …
    not for gambling or drunk, but he is so gullible that he get tricked by many person …
    (Ex:his friend ask him to take credit from bank, and he accept that just for “friendship” … BAD MOVE … life goes shitty after that)
    he get stressed out himself, lying to himself and his own family …
    get cancer (probably because stress why the world don’t turn into what he want), and pass away …
    he left major debt for his own family (about $ 150,000) … I’m glad all the other chip it in ..
    (bare minimum food, asking leftover from restaurant, etc)

    after several years work, my younger bro, and with my mom can repay it …
    my mom sometimes sad because she can’t have beautiful dress and pretty jewelry, thank god she don’t get obsessed for it …
    now life get better for my family … but I hate my father and most of his “friend” (few still a good people)

    I suggest to NEVER take debt / credit from bank … just from your family and start chip in to pay it …
    (I get 0 interest from my family, but I pay extra anyway since they help so much)
    yeah, I get mocked by few of them, but it’s better than jail at worst …
    and …
    I’m sorry to say this, but your mom might REALLY give you trouble in future if she don’t fix her attitude …


    1. Sorry to hear that, and yeah, I already thought myself sometimes that it’s only gonna get worse with our situation if my mom doesn’t change … but she won’t listen to me, why should she?
      And as long as there is still “money” (called debt) left to spend — I don’t think she will stop.

      Nah, I still love her — kinda — but I’m afraid of our future.


  8. If you are done with RL, then join the ranks of the hikikomoris.
    Well, if you are in serious problems you can balance studies with part-time jobs and extra jobs, I know it’s hard, but with a strong mind and a father who earns more than average you can manage it and after a couple of years you can get accostumed to it.
    Talking from personal experience, in my case my father and mother earn less than average, but don’t missue the money, so me and my brother study and work and I do an extra side job of selling home-made lunches at university and it’s only hard at the beginning.
    Keep it up, don’t give up and just steal the scientific report of some random guy.

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    1. well, if you add my mothers income and my fathers income and divide it by two, it’s far less than average XDD

      and I decided to start working part-time as soon as I’m done with school. Just half a year more … but I couldn’t handle school + working T-T


      1. Have you ever thought of taking surveys online like globaltestmarket.com. To earn a little extra money. This is one of the ways I use to earn a little extra money back then when I could not find a job in the town I am living in. They usually are not long and if they are then you are earning points which you could exchange for money to spend on Amazon, E-bay, or others things they have to offer on their website.


      1. if you want i can help you with the hiiro – lewold figth, after that it got pretty boring and was pretty much a chore to read until chap 350 more or less, btw chap 514 rigth now 😀


          1. yeah… rather than boring ill just say that is lacking action, i mean until chap 324 i believe hiiro figths just 1 time… and then is crazyness again


  9. looks like you are in quite the slump, wanna have me help you to finish the chapter? (if so just tell me in which part of the chapter you are and ill finish it for you)


    1. right now I’ve got quite an headache because of those fuckin 40 pages scientific report I have to write — they need to be done at Friday, triple printed, and the printing is tomorrow, and I still need a couple — meaning 30 — of sites, and I’m afraid that the printing company will tell me to fuck off and return after Xmas even if I’m ready by tomorrow, and ………. argh. Well, 10 minute break’s over — bye ^-^


          1. so I’m one year old apart from u hahah I thought u were 15 or something coz high school level in country is at least 12 – 17… well k12 has been recently in us though


    1. may I ask what kind of software u use to translate the text… coz when I use Google translate… all of the grammar and sentences is so wrong….


      1. as far as I understood it he doesn’t use a software to translate, but rather one that transformes the content from japanese alphabets into romaji (our alphabet) — the language still is japanese, but now he can read it without knowing the alphabets ^-^


  10. there are 700 chapter -9 that are little extras here an there (character introductions, popularity rankings, especials) so 691, after that there are 68 extra chapters, and the last 2 were uploaded 2015/12/09 so i guess he is still writing

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      1. yeah well at least it gives some explanation because when it ended i was like O.o what is going on? seriusly it doesnt explain much it just end like “pomp” whitout much of a real clousure, it gives you the clousure the first 5 extra chapters

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    1. well not exactly, i can understand pretty much 95% of spoken japanese (at least in the novels i read and the animes i see) so there is a page that transforms the japanese text in its phonetic romanic form (romaji) and thats what i read, so for practicals efects i think you can say yes


      1. So you already finished the main story?! Great! So, plz just give one, one tinny tinny spoiler! XDDDD Does Hiiro end pairing up with someone?! As a steady couple, or steady harem, whatever lol I just want to know WHO it is!


          1. Personally, I’m not comfortable with posting my email publically. Itisn1tmyname, you can see our emails, right? Would you send it to Ren for me?


  11. hey don’t do that just because hiro is not there doesn’t mean it completely boring u know that……well i can understand what your trying to say coz… well yeah hiro is MC afterall hahha


  12. Loliquent, Kiriko, Xcross, Elyson.
    Long ago, these translators lived together in harmony (more or less).
    But everything changed when the online trolls attacked.
    Only Yorai-kun, master of all translations could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished.
    A few weeks later, the readers discovered a new translator, a novice called n00b (or something).
    Although his translating skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he can save any-… move on to other projects.
    But i believe, n00b can translate them all (KnW chapters)!


    1. hahahah,lol, well good look with that, even if he rises the pace to 1 per week it will still take about 7-8 years to complete the series


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